Small breast sex doll

Being attracted to girls with small breasts is very common and most guys I know would always go for well-placed small breasts compared to big unnatural breasts.

That’s why there are many different sex dolls with small breasts that you can choose from.

But not all small breast sex dolls are produced the same.

Below is a list of the best small breast sex dolls that are all made of good quality materials and made to look like a real girl.  

Best small breast sex dolls 2023

#1 Mbali

Mbali is a smoking hot small tits sex doll that will not disappoint you. She is ready for sex every night for as long as you can last!

Her nice A cup tits are ready for your hands and feels very natural and realistic. You can even change the nipple size and other breast features when you buy it.

Mbali the best small breast sex doll

She is 158 cm (5ft 2”) tall and has a weight of 30 kg (66 lbs.). All Mabli’s 3 holes are ready for you and they all have different textures and size so you can play around.

I recommend Mbali small breast sex doll.

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#2 Svetlana

Svetlana is your eastern European looking blond sex doll with blue eyes that are looking at you begging for more sex.

She has small firm breasts that fit perfectly in your hands and a nice firm ass to play around with.

Svetlana with small tits

All her measurements are the same as Mbali above and they are both based on 6Ye Premium’s bestselling sex doll.

I recommend Svetlana if you love small tits and that east European look.

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#3 Flor

Flor is a sexy looking Asian doll with small breasts and nice curves. Her pale skin looks stunning and beautiful just like a real pale Asian girl.

You can enjoy all hey tight holes that are extra tight to fit her Asian style.

Flor is with premium TPE by XY Dolls which makes very good quality sex dolls. She is 152 cm (4ft 9”) tall and weigh 26.5 kg (58lbs.) and has a nice A cup bra size.

Asian sex dolls with small breasts are very popular and Flor is a good choice

#4 Christie

Black/ebony girls rarely have small tits but Christie is a true gem in the regard. She has tiny tits but her sex appeal is very strong and that’s why she is a true winner in my mind.

Her love holes are a bit deeper compared to other sex dolls which fits perfect with her African looks.

Sarai is the best black sex doll with small breasts

Christie is made by my favorite sex doll producer WM Doll. She is 168 cm (5ft 6”) tall and weigh in at 28 kg (62lbs.) so she is a little lighter compared to the other dolls on this list.

A gorgeous black sex doll with small tits – A true winner in my mind

#5 Tien

Tien is my final sex doll on this list and it would be wrong not to include a sexy redhead with a beautiful smile and small firm boobs.

She is going to be the perfect partner in your bed and she never say no to sex in one of her 3 love holes.

small breasted sex dolls

Tien is made by 6Ye Premium and has life like skin look and feel because of the high-quality TPE.

She is 158 cm (5ft 2”) tall and weigh 30 kg (66lbs.).

Tien is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a red-haired sex doll with small breasts.

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You can get a lot more small-breasted sex dolls if you have a look around. I’ve made a list of some good websites that you can buy safely from.

Buy sex dolls with small breasts from:

Avoid getting scammed and buy from a reputable website from a known manufacture. We at Kinkycow have years of experience with sex toy websites and how they operate and we’ve made a list of some great options for you.

Stay safe and buy your next sex doll with small tits from:

  • YourDoll – have a large selection of different color/shape/sizes of sex dolls all with small breasts.
  • Joylovedolls – Not the largest selection but they have a good number of high-quality products.

Buy from any of the websites above and you’re in good hands.

Customize your own sex doll

Did not find a nice-looking A cup sex doll but don’t like the hair color or skin tone? Well why not customize it and make it look like your dream girl.

customize your teen sex doll

All the stores on the list above give you the option to customize your favorite doll and make it just like you want it. There is 100’s of different options and you can mix and match different styles and find the perfect style for you.

Customize the breasts

I love WM Dolls and use them as an example here, they are sold in a lot of stores and at you are able to customize the breasts so much!

  • Areola color – Select between skin/pink/light tan/dark tan, you should try to match the skin color of the doll you select to make it look more natural, but you can go crazy if you like.
  • Areola size – You can even choose a different diameter of the areola area (3cm, 4cm, or 5cm).
  • Breast filling – This is a very important one and it’s important to choose a filling that matches your preference. You should get the “Solid TPE” if you love firm breasts, or “hollow” if you love natural breasts or “gel-filled” for bouncy breasts.
sex doll breast customization

Important shipping information

It’s super important that you know about your country’s custom rules regarding sex dolls and import tax in general. Make sure that you can even import a sex doll, most Islamic countries reject all sex toys in custom.

I got my brand-new sex doll with small breasts – What now?

Getting your first life-size a cup sex doll can be a bit overwhelming. It’s big and heavy, how do I move it around? How do I assemble it? What should I know before using it?

There are lots of questions and they all have different answers depending on what material/size/manufacturer you choose.

Make sure you read the full instruction before you attempt anything. Most sex dolls require a lot of lubrication while others have a self-lubrication feature where a tiny bit of water on your penis will active it.

Cleaning and overall maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a small breasted sex doll are easy and you should follow the cleaning instructions from the seller/manufacture. The only downside of this is that you have to clean it after each sex session to avoid bacteria growth – It does not have to be a full body cleaning but just the vagina/ass/mouth.

That’s why I would always recommend a removable vagina that you simply pull out and clean/dry and put it back in.

I’ve made a full cleaning guide if you which to know more about it before you get your own sex doll with small breasts.

Final thoughts about sex dolls with small tits

There are a lot of different options when it comes to sex dolls with A cup size breasts and even smaller, you can go all the way to a flat chested sex doll which I’ve made a complete guide to.

But, be careful when you select your sex doll and only buy it from a reputable website from a good quality sex doll manufacturer.

You’re on a good track by reading this right now!

Buy from one of the sites that I listed above and you’ll be in good hands.

I personally love the small breast sex dolls from WM Dolls as they produce high-quality products that look and feel realistic.

I recommend Mbali for all your small breast lovers

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