Alien sex dolls – When earthlings just aren’t sexy enough

The possibility of extraterrestrial life has fascinated mankind for 100’s of years.

Where are they? Are they intelligent? What do they look like?

Are all questions we ask ourself and of cause the inevitable question – Can we have sex with them?

We might not get an answer to any of the questions in our lifetime, but some have attempted to create their own version of alien sex dolls from their own fantasy.

There are not a lot of alien sex dolls and toys for that matter, but let’s take a look at the few we have.

alien sex dolls

Let’s start off with the best alien sex doll around.

Update 2023 – I just found an amazing looking Alien like sex doll called Myrtice which is also surprisingly cheap for the great quality and it’s sold by a US company. You can check it out at

The best alien doll is called Navi

This alien sex doll is based on one of the female characters from the movie Avatar and I got to be honest and say that see look pretty sexy.

alien sex doll Neytiri

Some of her features:

  • Made from premium quality Themo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) which makes her skin very soft and life-like. She has a metal skeleton which makes her very flexible and you are able to put her in a wide range of sex positions.
  • You can enjoy all her 3 holes with different texture, depth and tightness.
  • Don’t like the way she looks? Don’t worry it’s fully customizable and you can go wild on all her features and change it to fit your fantasy.

Here are some of the stats of Navi:

  • Height 156 cm (5 foot 1.42 ins)
  • Weight 35 kg. (77 lbs.)
  • Skin color blue
  • Mouth depth 13 cm (5.1 ins)
  • Vaginal depth 17 cm (6.7 ins)
  • Anal depth 15 cm (5.9 ins)

The ordering process of Navi is simple, safe and discreet

  1. Find Neytiri on
  2. Select “Same as photo” if you want the standard version or click the “custom made” for a wide range of options.
  3. You change head/get more heads (you can easily change it), change skin color, eye color and much more.
  4. Add the alien sex doll to cart and fill in your details.
  5. Pay with your favorite credit card, PayPal, PayPal Credit (finance option), or with cryptocurrency via Coinbase.

Note about shipping and privacy

Shipping is free and sexdollgenie handle all customs clearance and any paperwork that come with international shipping.

You will not see any sex doll information on your bank statement or any of the other payment options. It will simply just say x amount transferred to SILVERS.

Your privacy is very important to sexdollgenie and that’s one of the reasons why we recommend them at Kinkycow.

Save money with dicount code: SDGLOVE

Customize your own alien sex doll

Almost all sex doll stores give you the option to make a custom sex doll but not all offers the same range of options and we need some special features when we’re going to make an alien lookalike sex doll.

We are however stuck with a human like shape no matter what we pick.

SM Dolls give you some of those options, you can find SM dolls on a wide range of stores, but let’s stay with Siliconelovers as our example.

custom alien sex doll

Let’s get creative

  1. First go to and find SM Dolls under “Brands”
  2. Pick a base model that you like. I’ve taking the Elf-like Elora.
  3. Now select the “custom made”
  4. I love the look of the green hair at option 54 so that’s what I’m going for.
  5. Select the eye color of your choice, there are the normal variations but that’s not what we’re after. I have taking the purple because it looks awesome.
  6. Now you have the skin options and they have all the “normal” colors but also green and blue. They cost a bit more, that’s highly likely because they don’t sell a lot of them, but that’s what I’m going for. Green it is for me.
  7. You can now select some of the smaller things such as breast type, vagina options, nail colors and so on.

What I ended up selecting looks pretty alien like in my mind.

Alien blow up sex dolls

Well this is a massive let down – I could only find one product and it was “currently unavailable”. I tried sending the seller and the manufacture an email about future availability, but I’ve yet to receive a reply.

One might think that the recent “raid” on Area 51 has spiked the interest in alien sex dolls or the aliens might simply have bought the entire Amazon alien toy stock.

The reviews on Amazon is pretty hilarious 😊

Anyways, we hope they get back in stock soon because they look freaky as hell.

You can check out the product here.

Are Elf’s aliens?

Some might argue that Elf’s are aliens since they are not “from” earth but I’m not kind of down with that idea.

There are however a lot of different Elf sex dolls so I’ve decided to create a whole article about Elf sex dolls that you should read if you’re into that.

Other alien sex toys

There are a ton of different alien sex toys for women and a few male masturbators. It’s looks like there are some dedicated people on Etsy that make a ton of awesome alien looking toys.

alien sex toys

Take a look at all their options and support them by picking up one of their products. Many of them are just small single person operations and many of the products are unique and quite beautiful.

Fleshlight even has an Alien Fleshlight that you can buy in there October/November Freaks sale so you’ll have to wait for that. 

alien fleshlight

My final thoughts about Alien sex dolls

I know this is kind of a small niche in the sex doll industry but I feel like there are room for a few more products.

If there are any sex doll manufactures that reads this then get back in touch with Kinkycow and let’s work together on some awesome new dolls.

But for now – There are really only a few good options to choose from.

If you have Twitter then go and follow some of the sex doll manufactures and make sure that they know that the world needs more alien sex dolls!

You can always check out our ultimate sex doll guide if you wish to lean more about sex dolls.

Or why not head over to our guide on Fantasy sex dolls which has some wierd and crazy looking sex dolls.

I recommend the Neytiri alien sex doll


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