Bathmate Anal Training Kit Review

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The Bathmate Anal Training Kit is a high-quality product that works great if you’re an anal beginner and wish to train for anal sex.

I love that the smallest plug is so easy to insert which makes it very comfortable to use and you can slowly build up to the biggest plug.

Overall, a really great anal training kit that gives you high-quality for a fair price.

Bathmate anal training kit review

This is what I like about it:

  • Great anal training kit for beginners.
  • The build and material quality are very high.
  • The bulb shape makes it very easy to insert.
  • The strong vibrating bullet with several settings.

I recommend the Bathmate anal training kit if you want to prepare your butt for anal sex or other anal toys.

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Bathmate are mostly known for their amazing penis pumps but they have expanded their product lineup to include various sex toys.

Today I’m taking a look at the Bathmate Vibe anal training plug kit and giving them a try for the first time.

bathmate vibe

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What is an Anal Training Kit?

An anal training kit is a group of products that’s going to help you and/or your partner preparing for anal sex or other anal sex toys.

Most kits contain several different sizes of anal plugs or anal dildos which you can then work your way through to slowly expand yourself.

You can read a lot more about anal training kits here if you wish to expand your back hole a little more.


The kit comes in a nondescriptive cardboard box so you don’t need to worry about your privacy.

What’s in the Box?

  • 3 Anal training plugs
  • A vibrating bullet (rechargeable)
  • Charging cable
  • Storing bag
  • Instruction manual

Let’s Get Started with the Anal Training Kit from Bathmate

My first impression of the Bathmate anal training kit is pretty good. It feels like very high-quality silicone and there are no visible defects on the surface which is very important for sex toys.

The 3 anal training plugs have a diameter of 1”, 1.25”, and 1.5” which should make the smallest very easy to insert even if you’re a complete anal newbie.

Charging up the Vibrating Bullet

My vibrating bullet came with a charge but I would recommend you to charge it up completely before using it so it doesn’t die right in the middle.

The charging port is located under the lid which can be unscrewed, it’s also necessary to remove the white ring before you’re able to turn it on.

Testing how powerful the vibrating feature is:

Clean yourself before starting

You don’t have to clean yourself but I would highly recommend it or at least use it in the shower.

I would recommend getting the Bathmate anal douche together with your anal plug kit. It’s an anal cleaning device that makes it very easy to clean yourself in a matter of seconds.

Using the Bathmate Anal Training Kit for the First Time

  1. Start by inserting the vibrating bullet in the anal plug that you plan on using.
  2. Apply water-based lube on both the anal plug and in and around your butthole.
  3. Slowly insert the plug and let it sit with the vibrator along your buttchecks.
  4. Turn the vibrator on by pressing the single button on the end of the vibrator.
  5. You can change the vibrating setting by pressing it a single time again or turn it off by holding the button down for 2 seconds.
  6. You can pull it out and insert it back in for penetration training or simply leave it there for however long you wish.
  7. Do you find it too easy? Why not pull it out and move up to a bigger Bathmate anal training plug.

How Does the Bathmate Vibe Anal Training Plugs Feel?

The plugs themselves feels really good and they are very comfortable to insert and pull out due to their bulb design.

They get really slippery when you use a healthy amount of water-based lube which is perfect for anal play. Remember you can’t use too much lube!

What I like About it:

  • Great anal training kit for beginners.
  • The build and material quality are very high.
  • The bulb shape makes it very easy to insert.
  • The strong vibrating bullet with several settings.

What I Don’t Like About it:

  • The jump between the middle and the biggest feels quite big.
  • The “neck” part of the Bathmate anal training kit is very thin and does hardly any stretching.
  • A thin “neck” is also not that great at transferring vibrations from the vibrating bullet to the bulb.

Taking Care of it

The Bathmate Vibe anal training plugs are made of high-quality silicone which is very durable and can handle high temperatures. This is ideal for anal sex toys which require a bit more careful cleaning both before and after use. You can add the plug/plugs to boiling water for a few minutes to kill all bacteria.

You should also inspect the plugs for fractures and other defects in the silicone after and before each use. It’s important that you don’t use them if that’s the case.

Don’t store them with other silicone sex toys and please don’t use them with silicone-based lube. This can ruin the surface and leave them unusable. Use the included sex toy bag which prevents them from sticking to other sex toys.


A: You should work your way up slowly to be able to have anal sex or enjoy larger anal toys like anal dildos and prostate massagers. It is however recommended to use it right before anal sex to stretch your butthole and it has the added benefit of applying lube inside you butt which makes it a lot more enjoyable later on.

A: You can use whatever you have just as long as it’s water-based. If you’re planning to get new lube then go for something that’s a little thicker so it doesn’t run off as easy.

A: You don’t need to, just use mild soap and don’t use alcohol or acetone to clean it with.

A: No, but I would highly recommend it. Take it very slowly if you don’t plan on any anal training beforehand.

A: Yes, the Bathmate anal plugs can be used by all sexes.

My Final Thoughts About the Bathmate Anal Training Kit

Using an anal training kit is a great way to get into anal play and the kit from Bathmate is really well designed and the quality could not be better.

So, if you’re planning to enjoy some anal sex or anal sex toys then get yourself this kit get ready.

I recommend the Bathmate anal training kit if you want to prepare your butt for anal sex or other anal toys.

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