5 Best Penis Sleeves 2023

Finding the best penis sleeve for your needs can be a little tricky with all the different types and materials.

With this guide you’re going to be able to find the right penis sleeve with the right features in the right materials.

I’ve tested lots of different sex toys during the last 12 years in the sex toy world and these are the best penis sleeves.

Mega Mighty

$ 35
  • Add 1-3 inches
  • Great value
  • 5-Colors
The best

Vibro Mega Mighty

$ 40
  • Adds 1-3 inches
  • Vibrating
  • Great value

VixSkin Sleeve

$ 160
  • Adds 1.5 inches
  • Premium quality
  • Realistic looking

Still not sure what to get? Read our full penis sleeve guide below so you can make an educated purchase decision.

best penis sleeves

Table of Contents

#1. Lovehoney Mega Mighty – Best Overall Penis Sleeve

The Mega Mighty penis extension sleeve from Lovehoney is a very popular penis sleeve available in 5 colors including a clear version.

It’s made with soft plastic and it’s quite stretchy which makes it comfortable to wear.


  • 5-inch long (21.6cm)
  • 75-inch circumference (14.6cm)
  • 5-inch internal length (19cm) – Works for 5”- 7.5” penises
mega mighty penis sleeve


  • Extend your penis by 1-3 inches (2.5-7.5cm)
  • Adds extra girth
  • Available in 5 colors, including clear
  • Fairly cheap for the quality


  • Too big for some
  • Not made with silicone
  • Can be a little difficult to put on

My Thoughts about the Lovehoney Mega Might Sleeve

Don’t let the 11-inch length scare you away that last 2.5-inches if for your balls and behind them. It is however not a small sleeve and the 8.5-inch insertable length is something you need to consider before using it.

The overall quality feels great and the price is pretty good for what you get. There are however higher quality sleeves but they all cost a lot more.

I recommend the Mega Mighty penis sleeve from Lovehoney if you want the most bang for your bucks.

#2. Vibro Mega Mighty – Best Vibrating Penis sleeve

An 8-inch-long vibrating penis sleeve from Lovehoney that’s what you’re getting with the Vibro Mega Mighty. It’ll add from 1-3-inches of extra length to your penis and a fair bit of extra girth.

The back has a spot for the included 7-function vibrating bullet that’ll shake things up while you enjoy the extra size. 


  • 8-inch long (20cm)
  • 6-inch circumference (15cm)
  • 5-inch internal length (12.5cm) – Works for 4”- 6” penises
  • 7-Function vibrating bullet


  • Extend your penis by 1-3 inches (2.5-7.5cm)
  • Adds extra girth
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Strong vibrating bullet included
  • Fairly cheap for the quality


  • Not made with silicone
  • Vibrator is not rechargeable
  • No clitoris vibrator

My Thoughts about the Vibro Mega Mighty

The Vibro Mega Mighty is a slightly smaller version of the Mega Mighty but with an added vibrating bullet in the back.

Putting the vibrator behind your balls will reduce the vibration in the entire sleeve but increase the vibrations in your balls which feels really good.

I personally love that fact that they’ve done this because rabbit vibrator style penis sleeves rarely work as intended.

I recommend the Vibro Mega Mighty sleeve if you want the best vibrating penis sleeve for your money.

#3. Vixen VixSkin Colossus Silicone Penis Extension

The VixSkin Colossus is a penis extension sleeve that’s made of silicone and have a realistic look. It fits your penis if it’s between 5 and 6-inches long and around 5-inches in circumference.


  • 7-inch long (17.8cm)
  • 7-inch circumference (17.8cm)
  • 5-inch internal length (14cm) – Works for 5”- 6” penises
vixskin penis sleeve


  • Extends your penis by 1.5-inches (3.8cm)
  • Thickens your penis
  • Realistic look with veins and lots of details
  • Made with high-quality silicone
  • Available in 3 colors


  • It’s super expensive
  • A little hard to put on
  • Don’t stretch the ball ring too much

My Thoughts about the VixSkin Colossus

This is the best quality penis extension that I’ve ever tested and the look and feel of it screams quality. It does however come with a hefty price tag which is also the reason why it’s sitting down in the third spot.

You can get it in 3 different colors so you should be able to find one that matches your skin tone.

Overall, the VixSkin Colossus is a great way to extend you penis in a natural looking way.

I recommend the VixSkin Colossus if you want the best high-quality penis extension sleeve.

#4. Mega Mighty Sleeve Kit

This is a 6-in-1 penis sleeve kit that included a range of different sleeves, a vibrating bullet, and an adjustable penis ring.

All the sleeves are made from clear soft plastic and are very stretchy.


  • 4 penis sleeves
  • 1 vibrating bullet
  • 1 adjustable penis ring
mega mighty sleeve kit


  • Lots of sleeves
  • Penis extension
  • Vibration
  • Texture adding


  • Only available in clear
  • Not made of silicone

My Thoughts about the Mega Mighty Kit

This is a serious penis sleeve kit and well worth the money if you know that you like using sleeves. I would not recommend this as you first penis sleeve product but pick a single sleeve product so you don’t waste a lot of money on sex toys that you don’t like.

I do however recommend it if you wish a good range of different penis sleeves that seriously can change things up in the bed room.

I recommend the Mega Mighty penis sleeve kit if you want a great bulk option with a lot of cool stuff.

#5. CalExotics 3-Piece Textured Sleeve Kit

The set from CalExotics is made of soft clear plastic and contain 3 different penis sleeves with different textures on them.

Your penis is going to be extended by 1 inch in length and 1 inch added to your penis circumference.


  • 3 Different textured sleeves
  • Adds 1-inch length
  • Adds 1-inch in circumference
  • Made of TPR
  • No length requirements
calexotics 3 textures


  • You get 3 different textures
  • Very easy to put on
  • Enjoy your 1 inch longer and thicker penis
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Very cheap


  • Not made from silicone
  • Won’t last as long

My Thoughts about the CalExotics 3-Piece Textured Sleeve Kit

I love to add different textures to my penis with sleeves and this CalExotics set allows me to choose between 3 textures that each feels and stimulates in its own unique way.

It’s not top of the line in terms of quality but the price is very reasonable and you’re going to love it for the small price you pay.

I recommend the CalExotics 3-piece set if you’re after different textures to add to your penis as well as some length and girth.

What Types of Sleeves are There?

As with all popular sex toys, penis sleeves come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and with special features. Which one you get is entirely up to you depending on the reasons why you’re a penis sleeve in the first place.

Different penis sleeve types:

  • Penis extender sleeves – As the name clearly suggest, these sleeves are made to extend your penis longer. I’ve made a complete guide to the best penis extender sleeves if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • Penis girth sleeves – Making your penis look and feel thicker is the purpose of penis girth sleeves. Just to be clear, you can get penis sleeves that both make your penis thicker and longer. You should have a look at my guide to the best penis girth sleeves which ranked all the best ones if you’re after a girthier penis.
  • Texture sleeves – These of often quite thin and don’t add much in terms of size, they do however add a special texture to your penis which is a great way to spice things up with your sex partner.
  • Vibrating penis sleeves – With a sleeve that vibrates you’re able to turn your penis into a monster vibrating cock and satisfy even the most demanding woman. I’ve made a complete guide to the best vibrating penis sleeves if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Open ended penis sleeves – An open-ended sleeve sits on your penis shaft and adds girth and texture to your penis. These are very easy to put on and a fun way to enhance your penis.
  • Realistic penis sleeves – A realistic looking penis sleeve can used to extend your penis and gives the impression that you’re having a larger penis.
  • Penis head sleeves – A penis head sleeve is a small sleeve that just goes over your glans. Its main purpose is to reduce stimulation and add texture to your penis head.

What Material is Best?

You can get penis sleeves made of a lot of different materials but common for all of them is their stretchiness.

These are the most common materials used:

  • Silicone – Silicone is none porous, body-safe, strong, and the preferred material.
  • Soft Plastic – Soft plastic got one advantage over silicone which is that it can be clear.
  • TPE – A lot softer than silicone and very stretchy. Not the ideal material since it porous and it’ll not last as long.

How do I put it on?

It’s pretty easy to put on with a stretchy penis sleeve, simply put two fingers in it and expand while you push your penis inside it.

This might not be possible with thicker sleeves so you’ll have to put lube on your penis to be able to get it in.

How Does the Sleeve Stay on My Penis?

There are 2 main ways that a penis sleeve stays on your penis during sex and that’s:

  • Friction – By far the most used method is simply friction between the sleeve and your skin. This does however cause issues if you’re penis is too small/thin for the penis sleeve you’re using. It can simply fall off during sex or you end up having sex with the sleeve inside the person you’re having sex with. Removing a fallen off penis sleeve from a vagina can be tricky and not a great way to end sex with (Or even worse, trying to get it out of someone’s ass).
  • Ball ring/penis ring – Some penis sleeves have a ring at the base which goes back around your balls or one that sits at the base of your penis behind your balls. These methods er very effective but it requires your penis sleeve to be the right length in order to work properly.

Benefits of Using a Penis Sleeve

There are a lot of benefits to using a penis sleeve but it all comes down to which kind of penis sleeve you’re wearing.

penis sleeve benefits

The benefits of using a sleeve during sex:

  • Your penis gets bigger – Some sleeves can add as much as 2 inches of extra length to your penis and an inch thicker which should be enough for most users. It’s a great way to transform your penis so you can satisfy your sex partner better.
  • Adds texture to your penis – Adding a different texture to your penis will make it feel completely different and it’s a great way to add some variation into your sex routines. This is especially true if you’ve been in the relationship a long time and with to spicy your sex life up. There are lots of different textures to choose from and getting a few different ones is the way to go.
  • Vibrating – A vibrating sleeve can be used to stimulate your partners clitoris or g-spot depending on the type of vibrating sleeve that you get.
  • Less stimulation – How could that be a benefit? If you’re struggling to last lost longer before you cum then less stimulation during sex will increase the time before you orgasm. This could also be bad if you’re having problems keeping it up.

It’s unfortunately not all great and you might run into a few problems when using penis sleeves.

Problems That You Might Run Into

Buying and using a sleeve on your penis for amazing sex sounds very simple and straightforward, but the reality is a little different.

Just to be clear – I’m not trying to scare you away from getting a penis sleeve but I just want to make sure that you do know about the issues that you might run into.

Problems with penis sleeves:

  • Hard to get it on – Putting on a penis sleeve can be quite the challenge especially the thicker penis extender sleeves. I’ve written a how to use a penis sleeve guide if you’re having problems with it. It’s not a major problem and you should be able to avoid it completely by trying to put it on/off a few times before hand so you know what you’re dealing with.
  • Staying hard – Even the thinnest sleeves are 100’s of times thicker than a condom which reduces the stimulation you’re getting while having sex. This might result in a softening of your erection and the sleeve might end up falling off. You can avoid this by using a penis ring which should keep you hard.
  • Finding the right size – Some sleeves are made with very stretchy materials and you can get away with a lot in terms of size difference. But it’s super important that you get the right size when shopping for penis extender sleeves. They are much less stretchy due to being thicker and they are often attacked with a ring around your balls which has to sit in the right way.
    I’ve included penis size range to all the different products on the list of the best penis sleeves.
  • Using the right amount of lube – Lube is necessary for putting on the extension sleeves, but don’t use too much since you’re just going to slide out of it. It can be a bit of a trial-and-error thing and practice makes perfect.
  • Tearing – Penis sleeves made of TPE or similar materials do tear quite easily and you should discard it if that happens. You can avoid most tearing by not stretching the sleeve too much when putting it on and cleaning it.


A: It’s simply just another name for a penis sleeve.

A: Technically yes, a head sleeve and an open-ended one for your penis shaft.

A: Sleeves are way too soft to be used as dildos and they’ll just bend when you try to penetrate with it. You could however use one on a couple of fingers but that might be too awkward of a position to be able to enjoy it. But hey, give it a try and comment below if that’s something you would recommend to others.

A: No, a penis sleeve is not made to prevent any semen from getting through or prevent it from coming out from the sides. Please use a condom!

A: It depends on the material but follow the included instructions that came with the sleeve or simply use warm water and mild soap. Remember to rinse off all soap with cold water before you leave it to dry.

My Final Thoughts About Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are a great way to extend your penis or add some texture or other features to it. You can get a decent sleeve for around $10 and it’s a great first-time sex toy if you’re looking to get your feeds wet.

I personally love the vibrating sleeves which adds an extra layer of stimulation for both you and your sex partner.

If you have any questions about penis sleeves then post a comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

I recommend the Mega Mighty penis sleeve from Lovehoney if you want the most bang for your bucks.

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  1. I wanted to know if they make a open end penis sleeve that the girth would be a inch or smaller.? My wife can’t handle the 2 and 3 inch girth ones. Also looking for some Quality ones. Could you please help me with this?

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