Big Booty Sex Doll Guide 2024

A big-butt sex doll is a great way to enjoy unlimited sex and today’s material and quality make it feel very realistic.

Especially the booty and breast areas feel amazing when you slap and play with them.

The guide and recommendations are based on over a decade of experience with sex dolls.

The products on the list below have all been judged by their:

  • Build-quality
  • Materials quality
  • Special features
  • Price and support

All the sex dolls on the list have large asses and they’re all great in their own way.


$ 2,195
  • Premium quality
  • Anal, vagina, and oral
  • MILF-style


$ 1,875
  • Premium quality
  • Anal, vagina, and oral
  • Latina-style


$ 1,825
  • Premium quality
  • Anal, vagina, and oral
  • Caucasian-style
Big booty sex doll

Table of Contents

The Best Sex Dolls With a Big Booty 2024:

#1 Carmel

Carmel is a brunette silicone sex doll with a set of nice big tits and a big ass. She is made by Irontech Doll which makes some of the best-looking and feeling silicone sex dolls on the planet.

You can customize Carmel a lot to make a more personal and one-of-a-kind which I personally love. You can get a second head for free (which would normally cost $599) when you order it, there are many great options but remember to pick one that matches the skin tone you select.

carmel booty

This is what you get:

  • High-quality silicone sex doll
  • Very realistic looking
  • Massive tits and ass
  • A second head for free

Body spec:

  • Height – 162 cm. (5ft4”)
  • Weight – 41 kg. (90 lbs.)
  • Breast size – I-cup
  • Love holes – Mouth, vagina, and butt

Carmel Conclusion

Irontech Doll has made a nice-looking doll that feels amazing when you give her ass or tits a little slap. The silicone is of the highest quality and you’ll be getting a lot of fun for your money if you treat her well.

I would recommend the “Gel butt and Gel breasts” if you’re after a more authentic feel when you touch and grab. This is a little more expensive but it makes a lot of difference and is well worth it.

You can select many different options, and many of them are free, so go nuts and personalize her just the way you like her.

I recommend Carmel if you’re after a super high-quality sex doll with big booty and tits.

#2 McKenzie With the Massive Thighs and Ass

McKenzie has thick thighs and a massive ass that you can spread while you enjoy her pussy or ass.

She is made by WM Doll and is made of TPE which makes her cheaper than Carmel in the first spot. TPE also has the advantage that it wobbles more than silicone and it’s super nice for a big butt.

You can change her head and body color if you don’t like the way it looks right now and make it fit your style more.

mckenzie big butt

This is what you get:

  • Good-quality TPE doll
  • Massive thighs and booty
  • Lots of custom options
  • Fairly cheap

Body spec:

  • Height – 163 cm. (5ft4”)
  • Weight – 48.5 kg. (107 lbs.)
  • Breast size – H-cup
  • Love holes – Mouth, vagina, and butt

McKenzie Conclusion

McKenzie is quite a big doll so make sure you can handle her weight which is just as big as her ass and breasts.

The details are not as high as the more realistic-looking silicone dolls but it’s good for the price.

Make sure you check out the “additional accessories” when you order her, there are some really good options to make the whole experience easier and more pleasant.

I recommend McKenzie if you’re looking for a TPE doll with huge thighs and booty to play with.

#3 Tierney the Curvy Beauty

Tierney is a thick girl with lots of curves in all the right places that will make you want more and more.

She has massive tits and a huge ass that you can customize like crazy to make her fit your preferred look.

WM Doll is behind Tierney and they are known for their good quality for a fair price.

tierney sex doll
Tierney big booty sex doll

This is what you get:

  • Quality-build by WM Doll
  • Thick curvy body
  • Massive tits and butt
  • Cheap

Body spec:

  • Height – 163 cm. (5ft4”)
  • Weight – 48.5 kg. (107 lbs.)
  • Breast size – H-cup
  • Love holes – Mouth, vagina, and butt

Tierney Conclusion

Her body feels soft and like real skin which makes it easy to forget that it’s a doll. Buy her with the EVO skeleton so you can put her on the knees and bend her ass back up, this is an amazing position if you love a big wide ass.

Make sure that you select all the free items that can come with her, there is no reason not to do that.

I recommend Tierney if you’re after a thick white girl to make all your dreams come true with big ass and tits.

#4 Dominique

Dominique is a very popular sex doll because of all her nice features and curvy shape. You can bend her over a lot and expose those big thighs and butt cheeks.

This is yet another WM Doll on this list, it’s hard for me to hide the fact that I love WM Dolls. There is just something about their design that makes them so popular.

Make sure you take full advantage of her custom options so you get the right configuration for your sexual fantasies.

Dominique thick sex doll

This is what you get:

  • High-quality TPE sex doll
  • Thick thighs and butt
  • Large breasts
  • Fair price

Body spec:

  • Height – 163 cm. (5ft4”)
  • Weight – 48.5 kg. (107 lbs.)
  • Breast size – H-cup
  • Love holes – Mouth, vagina, and butt

Dominique Conclusion

I can see why she is so popular and I’m also pretty hooked on her style and features.

You can even get heating for her so she’s nice a warm when you want to enjoy her huge ass.

I recommend Dominique if you’re after a pale sex doll with a large ass and lots of curves.

#5 Lavonne with the Big Brown Ass

Lavonne is a dark brown sex doll with wide hips and a set of big boobs that complement her big ass.

She is made by 6Ye Premium which has specialized in making Asian/ebony sex dolls of TPE.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality TPE sex doll
  • Brown sex doll with large ass
  • Fairly cheap

Body spec:

  • Height – 157 cm. (5ft1”)
  • Weight – 51 kg. (112 lbs.)
  • Breast size – D-cup
  • Love holes – Mouth, vagina, and butt

Lavonne Conclusion

Lavonne has a cute mysterious smile that’s hard to resist and her beautifully curved body is amazing to lay down on and have a go at.

I recommend Lavonne if you’re after a dark brown beautiful sex doll with a big booty.

Places to Browse For Sex Dolls With Big Butts?

You didn’t quite find what you were looking for? Don’t worry there are lots of sites where you can browse around and see lots of different sex dolls with big booties.

The most natural thing for especially Americans would be to go to Amazon and have a look, but please stay away from any sites that sell 3rd party products. So, sites like Amazon, e-Bay, AliExpress, Alibaba and many more.

They have no control over which products are being sold and there are unfortunately lots of low-quality counterfeit sex dolls that might look right in pictures but can turn out horrible when you get it (if you get it).

I’ve dealt with lots of sites and manufacturers during the last decade and have made a short list of some of the best places which you can get a big booty sex doll from.

  • YourDoll – One of my favorite sex doll stores with thousands of different products including a large selection of sex dolls with a large butt.
  • Sexdollgenie – One of the newest players on the sex doll market but with a good collection of different extra thick sex dolls with huge booties and hips.
  • Siliconwives – A small store with a good reputation and a very high service standard.

Other places have a good selection of sex dolls with big butts but these are 100% safe to buy from.

Always make sure you do your own research before buying.

Pros and Cons

There will always be pros and cons no matter what type of sex doll you choose and sex dolls with big booties is no different.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of owning a big-ass sex doll.


  • Unlimited access to sex with your favorite body shape.
  • It does not move away from you when you penetrate it. This is a problem with smaller lighter sex dolls.
  • No complaints when you slap her ass around.


  • A sex doll with a big ass often has big thighs and big tits, this all adds up and they become very heavy and hard to handle.
  • Larger body parts mean more material used which makes the price a little higher compared to other smaller sex dolls of the same quality.


A: Yes, the dolls are all waterproof, they are however easy to damage when heated especially the TPE dolls. I normally only recommend taking a shower/bath with your doll if it’s made of platinum cured silicone just like Rikke on the list. TPE does not fair very well in hot water and soap, this could damage the skin.

A: I nice big ass require a lot of lube and you should only use water-based products since silicone-based products can damage the surface of the doll. I would personally recommend lubing up your dolls butt cheeks and enjoy them shiny for extra visual pleasure.

A: You need to be a little more careful when you want to store your sex doll with a big ass since hard or sharp objects can damage the doll even more because of the extra weight.

Make sure you get a good case, hook, or another storage tool to store it in a proper way.

Final Thoughts About Sex Dolls With Big Butts

Finding a nice girl with a big butt that you can enjoy everyday is not an easy task and a big booty sex doll is in some ways a much better choice.

A sex doll is always ready for sex and as long as you treat it with respect and care it’s going to give you a lot of pleasure.

I hope you found your big booty beauty with the help of my guide; you can always take a look at my ultimate guide to sex dolls if you wish for some different types of sex dolls.

I recommend Carmel if you want a realistic-looking sex doll with a nice big ass.

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