Celebrity Sex Dolls

Haven’t we all had a crush on a celebrity at some point in our lives?

I know I’ve had that and I’m not alone.

A celebrity sex doll would be one way to experience having sex with a celebrity, but there is a problem!

Are Celebrity Sex Dolls Even Legal?

Let’s jump straight to the important and sad part of this article – No celebrity sex dolls are NOT legal.

Unless the celebrity agrees on being made into a sex doll and this has not happened yet (Let’s hope this changes in the near future).

Best Celebrity Sex Dolls

So that’s it then? Don’t worry I’ll give you some other options.

Other Ways to Get a Celebrity Sex Doll

#1 Customize Your Own Sex Doll

This is the best option and the one we at Kinkycow recommend.

All of the sex doll manufactures give you the ability to customize your sex doll. I love the WM dolls so I’ll use them as an example.

WM Doll offers 23 realistic base-models (more are added regularly) with different heights, breast size,s and body types, and you have the options to change:

  • 3 Different skin colors
  • 3 Different eye colors
  • 15 Hair styles
  • 2 Nail styles (+13 different colors)
  • 4 Pubic hair options
  • 36 Different sex doll heads (You can buy extra if you want to diversify your doll appearance)

That’s almost one million variations! You should be able to find a detailed description of any celebrity online, including their height, breast size, eye color, and so on.

I’ve just made a few different versions so you can see how they look.

celebrity sex dolls

I’ve tried to make Ariana Grande and Britney Spears.

I know it’s not dead on but this is your best option for the time being.

Buy clothes that fit their style

You can also make them look even more realistic by getting clothes that the person would normally wear. That’s one of the advantages of getting a life-size sex doll, all normal clothes work perfectly.

This option is expensive but good

How much will this option set you back – Just a cool $2850. I know this is a lot of money but quality does come at a cost and if you treat your sex doll with respect and care then it’s going to last you years and years of fun.

I personally find it way easier to engage in sex with a sex doll if it feels and looks realistic compared to a mediocre one (see other option below) with no personal details and feel.

I would recommend that you take a look at some of the shops below, they all offer great products that are highly customizable.

The second option for a celeb sex doll is not recommended but it’s just 1/3 of the price

#2 Dodgy Sex Doll Websites

Some sites sell celebrity lookalike sex dolls and they have gotten away with it by naming their sex dolls something very close to a celebrity but they never use the real name.

You can find dolls named:

  • Kylie Jennex is clearly trying to look like Kylie Jenner but fails miserably.
  • Angelina Jolix looks like a random sex doll with bigger libs… Again, a horrible attempt.
  • Scarlett Johanssox looks paler and more boring than a peeled cucumber…

And the list goes on and on with half ass attempts to create a decent sex doll that looks like a celeb.

“But I want one, and they are not that expensive compared to normal high-quality sex dolls.”

Should I buy one of them?

No, it’s as simple as that. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid it:

  • Bad quality without details – I don’t know if they do this on purpose to make them look less realistic and thereby have a higher chance of making it through border customs. But the fact is that they are all made very poorly and with limited details. This is properly one of the reasons why they can sell them at a low price.
  • Your celeb sex doll might not make it to your house – Customs might seize your product since sex dolls made to look like a celebrity are illegal. This would be a massive waste of your money.
  • They are not that cheap – Most of the “fake” celebrity sex dolls cost around $1000 which is a lot of money for something that you’re likely to get tired of or break due to bad quality. You are much more likely to enjoy a more realistic-looking/feeling doll. Save your money and get a real one is my best advice.

#3 Virtual Reality Celebrity Sex

Update April 2024: Okay, things have moved fast the last year and things have gone pretty crazy with the Apple Vision Pro and other high-end VR headsets. We are now at the point where AI and VR can make anything happen!

We are not quite there yet but we are getting closer and closer by the day to being able to experience having sex with a celebrity in a virtual reality world.

This is most likely going to be a combination of a wide range of products and technologies to give you a close-to-reality sexual experience.

virtual reality sex toys

We still need approval

But we run into the same problems as earlier that we need celebrity approval before they can be made into a virtual sex object. This has however not stopped people from creating deep-fake porno movies where the faces of celebrities have been swapped with a pornstar.

Some of the videos look so realistic that it’s impossible to tell if they are real or fake. This is not something we recommend you do since it’s illegal!

There are products based on VR that use pornstars and I would guess that we are a few years away from some amazing products.

You can read Kinkycow’s guide to Virtual reality sex toys here.

The perfect virtual reality celebrity sex toy

Let’s imagine it’s 2025, the latest sex doll has been released and it has 1000’s of different touch sensors all over the body. It can of course talk to you with the built-in A.I. and it will be able to respond to you with moaning and sex talk when you touch the right places and penetrate it.

Combine all the above with a virtual reality headset that has so high-quality video that you can’t tell if you’re in the real world or the virtual world.

We still need that approval, but it finally happened the hottest new movie star/pop star has agreed to become a virtual sex object for all her/his fans to enjoy.

My Final Thought About Celebrity Sex Dolls

Being a celebrity is not always easy and I do understand why none of them have approved being made into a sex doll. It’s likely going to happen sooner or later but all we can do now is wait.

The technology and the materials get better and more realistic each year and we are at the point now where some have made Instagram profiles with sex dolls and people didn’t even realize that it wasn’t a real person.

I look forward to the future of sex dolls and hope that it’s the celebrity that I fancy that decides to approve the creation of a sex doll. You can read more about sex dolls and find the best doll here.

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