Elf sex dolls

Elf sex dolls are very popular and have been since the early 2000’s where the first “Lord of the Rings” movie came out. They somehow managed to create a whole species of extremely sexy looking things.

There are currently only female elf sex dolls available but let’s hope for a male version one day.

elf sex dolls

The list of the best elf sex dolls below is based on high-quality dolls only!

The best Elf sex dolls 2023

#1 Mylene

Mylene is a beautiful forest elf doll that will blow your mind! She is made by YL Doll and that’s a guarantee for good quality and amazingly feeling sex dolls.

She has a height of 168 cm. (5ft 6”) and had a weight of 36 kg. (79lbs.) so this is a true life-size sex doll that makes sex much more natural with her.

ocean elf sex doll

If you’re after a forest elf sex doll then this is it!

You can always customize her if you want a different look or body type.

What are Elf sex dolls?

Elf sex dolls are sex dolls that have the same character traits as elves have. There are a lot of different things but here are some of the ways they differentiate from normal sex dolls:

  • Almost all elves have long hair and some hair even glow in the dark (pretty cool feature).
  • Their eye colors are bright and colorful and not just limited to human eye colors.
  • Long and curved ears that end in a small point, this is properly the most well-know difference.
  • They have no body hair what so ever – Yes, we love that!!!
  • Their noses are small and pointy

You properly know exactly what you love about elves and now is your time to shine and customize your own version of a sexy elf.

Make your own custom Elf doll for your sexual fantasy

There are 1000’s of different variations to each elf sex doll and you will always be able to make one that fit your type and style and you can be pretty sure that it’s the only one in the world that look exactly like that.

You can customize the following features:

  • Skin color – There are 4 different from white to dark tan
  • Eye color – 4 different colors
  • Breast size, how soft and squeeze they are, and nipple size
  • Labia color and pubic hair

And there are premium options of you want to go crazy:

  • Auto blowjob feature
  • Self-heating element (at $150 this is defiantly a must have in my book)
  • The doll can moan when you have sex with it
  • Self-lubricating vagina

Are you more attracted to dark elves, good news there are a few options for you?

Dark elf sex doll

We are not all attracted and fascinated by the bright side of like, there is something mysterious about the dark side, this includes dark elves.

The best Dark elf sex doll

#1 Princess Samantha

This dark elf princess sex doll has lifelike skin made from TPE material, it’s hard to feel the difference between real skin and this doll.

I got to admit that she has kind of pulled me over to the dark side! Not that the lighter versions look bad, but this dark beauty has some kind of mysterious aura surrounding her that I can’t resist.

dark elf sex doll

You can of cause customize it completely to your fantasy.

If your going for the dark side then I would recommend Princess Samantha Dark Elf sex doll

Are you not ready to commit to a full-size doll?

Why not take a look at some of the mini elf sex doll options? There are a number of reasons why you would want a smaller version of an elf sex doll.

A big elf doll is very heavy and hard to move around when you have to clean or store it. A mini version weigh just around a ¼ of a normal full-size doll and it’s much easier to move around and place in a good sex position.

We can’t forget the huge price difference between the different sizes.

A life-size elf sex doll cost around $2000 and a mini version can be yours for around $700.

The best mini elf sex doll

#1 Arwen mini elf sex doll

Arwen is a lovely small elf sex doll that has the breast and butt size of a normal sex doll, but the rest has been downsized to 2/3 of for a full-size.

At a height of 105 cm. (3ft 5″) and just 14 kg. (30.8 lbs.) this is a small and easy to manage size.

arwen mini elf sex doll

This is by far the sexiest option in my opinion and the quality is very good.

A recommendation from me.

Only buy from trusted websites

There are unfortunately some websites and manufactures that cut corners and make cheap and low-quality dolls. You should avoid that at all cost, not just because their dolls look bad and might break really fast, but because they use cheap unsafe materials.

You really don’t want to get an allergic reacting on your entire penis because the material they used what not body safe.

You’re good if you buy from any of the links in the best lists on this page.

How to get the most out of your new elf doll

Finally getting your brand-new elf sex doll is going to be one exciting day for you, but what now? Is there something I need to know or do before all the fun begins?

  • Cleaning – I know this is not very exciting, but I really want to emphasize the importance of cleaning you doll and keeping it in good shape. I’ve made a complete sex doll cleaning guide that you should that a look at when you have your doll.
  • Use lube – Use plenty of lubrication, try sex is not nice and you might end up damaging yourself and/or your elf sex doll.
  • Sexy clothes – One of the advantages of having a life-size elf sex doll is that you can buy clothes for it in a normal store. You can find all the measurements of the doll where you buy it so you can find perfect fitting sexy outfits for it.

Final thoughts about sex doll elves

Having a sexual fantasy about elves or other fictional characters is quite normal hence the reason why there are so many great elf sex toy options for men.

We should all be glad that we live in a time where this is possible and we can dive deep into out fantasies and enjoy them in real life.

Act on your sexy elf fantasy and get the perfect elf sex doll for you – It’s amazing!

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