Fantasy sex dolls – For all your crazy sexy fantasies

Having a sexual fantasy about a fictional character is nothing new and you’re not alone.

That’s why there are 100’s of different fantasy sex dolls to choose from.

Finding the best fantasy sex doll for you is based on your personal preferences which is why I would recommend you browsing a few of the best sex doll stores.

  • – American based sex doll store with high-quality dolls and customer service.
  • Another great option with LA based warehouse and showroom.
fantasy sex dolls

I’ve made a list of the best ones here, based on pure product quality and I’ve picked one product from a wide range of fantasy categories.

Best fantasy sex dolls 2023

#1 Moon Hentai sex doll

Moon is a hentai sex doll that fits most of the anime styles that men like. She has big beautiful boobs, curvy ass, and large blue eyes.

moon hentai sex doll

Moon is made by Sino Doll and they make top quality sex dolls that have amazing features and realistic feeling skin.

You can customize Moon as much as you like and add more features and style.

If you’re into Anime/Hentai then I would recommend Moon to you.

#2 Wonder women

Wonder women is a true lady warrior who can handle any man or women – But can you handle her?

wonder women sex doll

She is made by WM Doll, one of my absolute favorite sex dolls manufactures which makes hyper realistic feeling/looking sex dolls.

If you feel like taking on a true female warrior then I recommend Wonder women sex doll.

#3 Xena Elf sex doll

Xena is one sexy looking elf – She is not very tall but what she lacks in height she makes up for in breasts and ass size!

Her shiny white cat eyes look deep into your soul when you fuck her in one of her 3 wonderful holes.

xena fantasy elf sex doll

Xena is made by YL Doll and have a huge selection on customization options that you can take advantage of and make her into your dream fantasy girl.

#4 Nia the vampire sex doll

Nia is my vampire sex doll of choice – If you have a fantasy about getting a blowjob from a vampire then this is your chance!

Enjoy all hey 3 holes if you dare to enter!

nia the vampire sex doll

Nia is made by YL Doll so she has all the same customization options as Xena above.

#5 Neytiri the alien sex doll

Neytiri is a character from the movie Avatar, she became very popular among fantasy lovers and now is your chance to have sex with her.

alien sex doll Neytiri

All the way from the planet Pandora we precent this sex doll made by SM Doll.

Is alien sex something you fancy? Take a deep dive into Neytiri

What are fantasy sex dolls?

Fantasy sex dolls are based on characters from movies, games, cartoons, and other non-real persons. They often have human like shape with special features that humans don’t have.

The dolls can have a wide range of special looks:

  • Anime – This is the most popular form of fantasy sex dolls and there are a lot of different anime sex doll options. I’ve written an entire guide on anime sex dolls here and a seperate guide to mini anime sex dolls here.
  • Elves – Elves have some unique physical features that makes them very sexy and appeal to many men/women. You can read our guide to elf sex dolls here.
  • Vampire – Vampires are very fascinating and mysterious creatures, who wouldn’t want a night with a sexy young vampire chick? Read my vampire sex doll guide here.
  • Super heroes – Do you fancy a night with Wonder women or another super hero? You have the change now.
  • Aliens – I know, they might exist, but they properly don’t look like the ones from Avatar or ET. We’ve written a guide to alien sex dolls if you want some alien sex.

Before you buy please make sure you buy from a trusted website

Buy high-quality or don’t buy at all!

It’s pretty simple, I would not recommend that you buy cheap fantasy sex dolls although it’s very temping when you see the price of some of the “real” sex dolls.

You will most likely end up with a bad looking/feeling product that might break really fast and the materials could even be untested and unsafe for your body.

You’ll be so much happier if you save up and buy the real thing – Just the feeling of one of premium fantasy dolls are worth it all!

Trusted websites/stores

There are a few websites that will try to scam you and send you cheap counterfeit product, even though they charge you for a premium product.

Do your own research or use the list below for a good reference point.

  • – Browse over 30 different fantasy sex dolls and 60 anime sex dolls. They are located in Los Angeles but ship worldwide with DHL or FedEx.
  • – They don’t have the biggest selection of fantasy sex dolls but what they have is good quality.

Final thoughts about fantasy sex dolls

We all have our own fantasies about fantasy characters and now we have to possibility to make them come true.

Do what you always have dreamt of and engage in wonderful sex with your very own fantasy sex doll.

I can only recommend that you try it!

You can also have a look at out ultimate sex doll guide if you want to learn more here.

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