Flat chested sex doll

Being attracted to girls with a flat chest is nothing out of the ordinary. I would personally much rather have a girl with a nice ass compared to big tits.

There are a large number of sex dolls with small breasts but unfortunately only a few that are flat chested.

I’ve put all my over 10 years of sex doll experience to work and come up with a list of the best flat chested sex dolls.

Best flat chested sex dolls 2023

#1 Lilith

Lilith is a flat chested beautiful sex doll that would be perfect for most men. She has a well-curved body and a nice bouncy ass that you can slap around with.

You can of cause customize Lilith as much as you like and make her into your wildest dream girl!

Lilith a flat breasted sex doll

She is designed by SRSD and manufactured by SM Dolls which makes high quality TPE sex dolls that looks and feels hyper realistic.

Lilith body spec:

  • Height – 160 cm (5ft 3”)
  • Weight – 41 kg. (90.3 lbs.)
  • Breast size – A-Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral and anal

If you’re into flat chested girls then Lilith is the perfect sex doll for you.

#2 Lucie

Lucie is an Asian looking sex doll with a hint of anime style and a pair of gorgeous flat tits. She is truly stunning looking and a must have if you’re looking for a flat chested Asian sex doll.

lucie flat chest anime sex doll

Lucie is made by Sino Doll that makes premium flat chested sex dolls and much more. You can also customize Lucie most parts of her body and features and buy an extra head for her.

Lucie body spec:

  • Height – 158 cm. (5ft 2”)
  • Weight – 30 kg. (66 lbs.)
  • Breast size – B – Cup (looks more like an A – Cup to me)
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral and anal

Do you fancy a sexy flat chested Asian sex doll? Then Lucie is the right choice for you.

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#3 Megan

Megan is a steaming hot red-haired girl with beautiful flat tits that sit in the perfect place. She is tall and slender and have the body of a super model and this is properly the doll I would personally go for.

fraya flat chest sex doll

WM Doll had made Megan and the make some of the best sex doll bodies in the entire world. They use a premium quality TPE and a strong metal base skeleton that makes their sex dolls very flexible and strong.

Megan’s body spec:

  • Height – 172 cm. (5ft 8”)
  • Weight – 38 kg. (83.7 lbs.)
  • Breast size – B – Cup (Looks more like an A – Cup)
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral and anal

The perfect red-haired flat chested sex doll for your pleasure.

#4 Saya

Saya is a pale looking Asian sex doll with some tiny tits and a beautiful mysterious smile that makes you want to have sex with her again and again.

Saya is made by Irontech Doll and has a lifelike skin made of TPE and a metal frame so you can shape her into your favorite sex position.

Saya body spec:

  • Height – 165 cm. (5ft 5”)
  • Weight – 33 kg. (72.8 lbs.)
  • Breast size – A – Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral and anal

Get the mysterious looking Saya if you’re into pale Asian girls.

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#5 Missdoll

A list of the best flat chested sex doll would not be complete without a hot looking blond girl with blue eyes – I present to you Missdoll!

Her shiny blue eyes will be looking at you while you enjoy her warm pussy and she’ll be begging you for more.

Missdoll is made by SM Doll and it’s an exclusive to Sexyrealsexdolls.com.

Missdoll body spec:

  • Height – 160 cm (5ft 3”)
  • Weight – 41 kg (90.3 lbs.)
  • Breast size – A – Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral and anal

Is a hot looking blond girl with flat chest and blue eyes you cup of tea? Then pick Missdoll and enjoy her warm pussy every night.

Avoid getting scammed when buying a flat chest doll

Whenever there is a popular product there will be people trying to take advantage of you and I really want you to get a good first sex doll buying experience.

So, I’ve put my experience to good use and compiled a list of some online stores that sell flat chested sex dolls with good customer service that you can trust.

  • YourDoll – Yourdoll.com has one of the largest ranges of sex dolls with a flat chest and there is properly more than one that you would love to spend a night with. I’ve only had great experience with them and their customer service.
  • Sexyrealsexdolls – They don’t have a very good selection but there are some really nice once between them.

Customize it to your personal fantasy

Most of the sites that sell sex dolls with flat tits offer some kind of customization. You can customize almost all parts and features of the sex doll to make it very personal to you.

customize your teen sex doll

The only downside of doing this is the increased waiting time since the mods/addons will take time to make. You’ll be able to find the shipping time for a customized one where you order your doll.

What materials are the best for sex dolls with a flat chest?

Flat chested sex dolls are a bit special when it comes to material choice since breasts are some of the features that work really well with TPE and not silicone.

TPE pros:

  • Very skin-like texture
  • Cheap
  • Perfect for ass/tits

TPE cons:

  • Easy to stain
  • Hard to clean
  • Not as strong

Silicone pro:

  • Very strong
  • Easy to clean
  • Much better longevity

Silicone cons:

  • Not as natural feeling
  • Expensive
  • Too firm for soft body parts

There is no perfect choice here but none of the choices are bad for a sex doll with a flat chest so I would advise you to just pick the one that you thing looks the best.

It’s really expensive and what about import tax?

Yes, I agree – high-quality sex dolls are expensive both with or without boobs!

There are a few options, let’s take a look:

Buy a cheap off-brand product

Most premium life-size flat chested sex dolls cost around $2000, but there are other options where you can get one for as little as $700.

This is not an option I would go with since the materials and build quality is simply not worth it. You might end up with a broken doll after a few days and the materials are sometimes not even tested for non-safe chemicals.

Buy a flat chested mini sex doll

Yep that’s right you can buy a small version of a sex doll and the reduced material price is enough to cut the price in half. You will however not get the “full” sexual experience that you get from a life-size sex doll.

Get a payment plan

Most trusted sellers offer some kind of payment plan where you pay for the doll every month, this is more expensive compared to just saving it all up first, but it’s a great way to get one right now!

Woohoo I got my first sex doll – Is there anything I need to know before I go crazy?

I know, you’re very excited when you get your sex doll and just want to jump straight to bed with it and enjoy amazing sex with it, but there are a few things you need to understand first!

  • Sex dolls are more fragile – I know the technology has come a long way and the materials that are used today are really good, but they are still fragile and can be easily damaged. Please avoid any metal on your body when you handle or use it. A sharp metal edge will cut into the TPE or silicone and make permanent damage to the doll. Avoid jewelry and watches.
  • Use a good lubrication – Most sex dolls do not have a self-lubricating feature and you can damage the material if you use it dry. Use a lube that’s recommended by the seller/manufacture.

The future is bright for sex doll and ai

The future for smarter sex dolls is quite bright there is a lot of money going into research and development in both Ai systems and new materials.

In a few years you will be able to get a sex doll that you can have a full conversation with. You will be able to bond with it on a whole new level.

My final thoughts about flat chested sex dolls

A flat chested girl can be very sexy and a lot of men are turned on by that. But getting hot sex partner with a flat chest is not easy for most men and that’s where sex dolls with flat chests come in handy.

I would recommend a full-size doll to you if you’re able to effort it. It’s a truly amazing feeling to have sex with it and it will give you the full sexual experience as with a real girl.

I recommend Lilith – You will not be disappointed


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