The Ultimate Japanese Sex Doll Guide 2023

Finding the best Japanese sex doll for you can be very challenging since there aren’t a lot of walk-in sex doll stores in the world.

You’re forced to make a decision online which can be difficult, but that’s why I’ve made this guide.

I’ve over 10 years of experience in this space and has gone though 100’s of different Japanese style sex dolls and found a selection of the best.

There are a few different styles of dolls on the list so there should be something for you.

All the dolls have been judged on their:

  • Build quality
  • Material quality
  • Features
  • Price

The Best Japanese Sex Dolls

japanese sex dolls

Table of Contents

#1 Yui the Most Realistic Looking Japanese Sex Doll

Yui is made by Gynoid which make some of the absolute best and most realistic looking Japanese sex dolls.

She is based on their model 6 which works perfectly for Japanese/Asian style sex dolls.

The details on her body and face are incredible and it’s easy to forget that you’re with a doll and not a real human.

Yui is made with the best quality platinum cured silicone which makes her stronger, more durable, and easier to clean.

Yui realistic japanese sex doll
japanese silicone sex doll

What you get:

  • Very high-quality build + materials
  • Very realistic looking sex doll
  • Super fine details
  • Amazing paintjob

Body spec:

  • Height – 160 cm. (5ft2”)
  • Weight – 30 kg. (66 lbs.)
  • Breast size – E-cup
  • Love holes – vagina and butt

Yui Conclusion

Gynoid has always been known for their superior quality and realistic looking Japanese sex dolls and Yui is no different.

Her sexy body has so many small details that makes her look like a real person, all the small details and the high-quality materials does come at a hefty cost.

But if you’re looking for a realistic looking Japanese sex doll then Yui is the one to get, you can always customize her to your personal taste.

I recommend Yui if you’re looking for a super realistic Japanese sex doll.

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#2 Mertie Hentai Sex Doll

Mertie is a Japanese Hentai sex doll from Sino Dolls which makes high-quality silicone dolls.

She has large blue/green eyes and a set of large L-cup boobs that’s really hard to resist. Take a look at the video with her boobs where you buy her in the link below, they are amazing!

You can of course customize lots of her colors if you wish a special looking Anime character.

Mertie hentai sex doll
Mertie japanese anime sex doll

What you get:

  • High-quality build + Material
  • Quality Japanese Hentai sex doll
  • Lots of fine details
  • Big soft tits

Mertie body spec:

  • Height – 155 cm. (5ft)
  • Weight – 34 kg. (75 lbs.)
  • Breast size – L-cup
  • Love holes – Oral, vagina and butt

Mertie Conclusion

Mertie is one of the highest-quality Anime sex dolls that I’ve ever seen and the price is not too high considering what you get.

Sure, you can get a lot cheaper dolls but they’re not worth it in my mind and I’m sure you’ll agree once you get a good one like Mertie.

I recommend Mertie if you’re after a good-quality Japanese Hentai sex doll.

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#3 Saya the Geisha Sex Doll

Saya is made by IronTech Doll and has been shaped like a cute looking Geisha girl ready to serve you.

She is made from the best quality TPE which makes her price very low compared to the dolls in the top 2 which are made of silicone.

Saya can be heavily customized for your personal taste, make sure you select the “Gel-Filled” option under “Breast options” if you want extra soft tits to play with.

Saya Japanese geisha
geisha sex doll

What you get:

  • Good quality build
  • Japanese Geisha sex doll
  • Lots of customization options
  • TPE material

Saya body spec:

  • Height – 153 cm. (5ft)
  • Weight – 37 kg. (82 lbs.)
  • Breast size – C-cup
  • Love holes – Oral, vagina and butt

Saya Conclusion

Geishas have always had a mysterious sexy aura surrounding them and Saya is no different with a sexy cute smile and innocent looks.

You’re getting a good quality Japanese looking Geisha-style sex doll with Saya and she is quite affordable.

I recommend Saya if you’re after a cute Geisha looking sex doll at a good price.

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#4 Jerica the Tall Japanese Doll

Jerica is the tallest of all the Japanese sex dolls that I’ve put on this list and she is also the most expensive doll.

She is based on the model 10 sex doll from Gynoid (same manufacture as Yui) which is their tallest model. Jerica is a pale looking slender girl with lots of style and high-class look.

Make sure you can handle her if you got the cash to spend on this luxurious Japanese sex doll.

Jerica silicone doll
Japanese tall sex doll

What you get:

  • Very high-quality material + build
  • Tall and pale Japanese sex doll
  • Lots of fine details
  • Beautiful paintjob

Jerica body spec:

  • Height – 172 cm. (5ft6”)
  • Weight – 36 kg. (79 lbs.)
  • Breast size – D-cup
  • Love holes – Vagina and butt

Jerica Conclusion

Jerica is not for everyone, her height and cost is enough to scare most men away, but she is perfect for the few who want the best of the best and not afraid to pay for it.

She is going to serve you well in bed and always ready to spread her long beautiful sexy legs and let you inside her warm vagina or ass.

I recommend Jerica if you’re after a tall realistic looking Japanese sex doll with lots of style.

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#5 Lorna Japanese Pornstar Doll

Lorna is a traditional Japanese looking pornstar sex doll that’s ready to make your life a whole lot more exciting.

Her cute face and curvy body are made to please you and for fill your sexual fantasies.

Lorna can be made more personal if you wish to chance some of her features.

Lorna japanese pornstar doll
Lorna doll

What you get:

  • Good quality Japanese pornstar sex doll
  • Quality TPE by IronTech
  • Lots of custom options
  • Cheap

Lorna body spec:

  • Height – 159 cm. (5ft2”)
  • Weight – 38 kg. (84 lbs.)
  • Breast size – D-cup
  • Love holes – Vagina and butt

Lorna Conclusion

She looks just as good in real life as on pictures and it’s going to be hard to resist her beauty and sexy body once you’re around her.

The quality is top notch for a TPE doll and the price is fair so most men can afford her.

I recommend Lorna if you’re looking for a traditional Japanese pornstar sex doll at a good price.

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The Best Place to Find the Perfect Doll for You?

There are many sites that sell Japanese-style sex dolls and most of them sell genuine products of high-quality, but there are unfortunately sites that sell counterfeit dolls of low quality.

It’s generally advised to avoid any sites where 3rd party sellers can operate because the site don’t control what products are being sold.

So, please avoid getting your next Japanese sex doll from sites like; Amazon, e-Bay, AliExpress, Alibaba, and other sites like them. The same is true for most sex toys unless you can confirm that it’s the official company that you’re dealing with.

Where can I Safely Look for a New Japanese Doll?

I’ve dealt with countless sites in my over 10 years in this industry and here are a few of sites that I recommend you shopping with:

  • YourDoll – This is one of my all-time favorite sex doll stores with quick support and good service. They have over 400 Japanese/Asian-style sex dolls and a lot of Anime specific dolls.
  • Sexdollgenie – A relatively new company that has a huge selection of Japanese and Asian sex dolls. They have a very transparent ordering process and a good service.
  • Siliconwives – There are 42 Japanese sex dolls at Siliconwives website at the time of writing and there is added new on a regular basis.

There are a lot of other sites that have great service and high-quality dolls but these are some that I can 100% recommend. Make sure you do your own research if you buy from other sites.

The Difference Between TPE and Silicone

There are generally only two material options when it comes to high-quality sex dolls and that’s thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone. There are different types of silicone but the one that’s used in sex dolls is called platinum cured silicone which has better durability among other positive features.

TPE sex dolls are much cheaper but the durability is not that great compared to silicone. TPE does feel really nice to the touch and it wobbles like crazy which makes it great for boobs and butts.

Platinum cured Japanese sex dolls are much more expensive but their longevity is greater than that of TPE dolls. The increased strength means that it’s easier to make fine details especially around the vagina/butt area.

They are both great materials with pros and cons

You should get whatever your wallet can afford since they’re both great sex doll materials and I’m sure you’ll be happy either way.

Different Styles of Japanese Sex Dolls

A Japanese sex doll can mean a lot of things depending on where you come from and what you’re looking for. Let’s have a look at some of the different meaning and maybe I can direct you to a more suiting sex doll.

  • Sex dolls made in Japan – There are a few Japanese sex doll companies that makes a wide range of different sex dolls with both wester, black, and eastern looks.
  • Japanese looking sex dolls – Sex dolls that looks like Japanese this is mainly what this article focus on.
  • Anime and Manga – Both Anime and Manga are super popular around the world and a whole new genre of sex dolls have appeared around that Japanese looking style with big eyes are large tits. I’ve written guides to both life size Anime sex dolls and to small mini-Anime sex dolls if you want to learn more about them.
  • Sex dolls for Japanese men – Most Japanese women have small tits which has sparked a subniche of Japanese sex dolls with super large tits which a lot of Japanese men love.


A: There are a lot of different reasons why they are much more popular compared to other country specific sex dolls. One of the main reasons is the physical appearance of Japanese women, they are petit, innocent yet sexy looking. Anime and Manga has only added to their popularity.

Another yet important factor is the weight of the doll which is a direct result of its size. A normal sex doll can easily weigh around 35 kg. (77 lbs.) but you can get a Japanese life-size doll at around 25 kg. (55 lbs.).

A: There are several ways to store a sex doll and a few things you should avoid.

  • Get a hanger or a hook for your new doll and store in away in a closet.
  • Store it in a big box that has been made specially to store sex dolls.
  • Use a super soft mattress to store it, be sure that there are no hard spots on it.

A: You should only use water-based lubrication with any sex dolls or use plain water if it has a self-lubrication feature.

A: It’s not just Japanese sex dolls that are popular. Japanese Onaholes are another sex toy that has grown in popularity in the West over the last few years. 

There is 100’s of different sex toys for men to choose from if you wish to explorer your possibilities then I would recommend you taking a look at this list of the best sex toys for men.

Final Thoughts About Japanese Sex Dolls

Japanese pop culture is everywhere in the world with Pokémon, Anime, J-pop and other phenomena. This increased exposure to Japanese women which are often overly sexually displayed means that there is a huge demand for Japanese looking sex dolls.

There is also an increase in Japanese men who decide to live with a sex doll instead of a real woman. This is predicted to increase further when A.I. becomes more advanced and you can have a real conversation with your sex doll.

If you’re looking for the best quality Japanese sex doll then get yourself a Yui doll and enjoy her sexy body whenever you feel like it.

I recommend Yui if you’re after a high-quality realistic looking Japanese sex doll.

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