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Review summary:

The original LELO Sona has a lot of years on its back and it really shows. All the newer models have better performance and features that take things to the next level.

It is however still a decent clit sucking vibrator and it’s heavily discounted and you might get it for less than half the price of the newer high-end models. You can also find some great new clit suckers that are fairly budget friendly on my clit sucker review list.

You can find more information about clit suckers if you don’t know what it is and want to lean about this relatively new kind of sex toy.

LELO Sona clit sucker

This is what you get:

  • Good quality clit sucker
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Sonic wave design

I recommend the LELO Sona if you wish the first version of LELO’s popular clit sucker series.

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This article will specifically talk about the Lelo Sona review. Here, we will be looking at the product’s initial impressions, pros, cons, and customer feedback.

lelo sona review

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Let’s take a look at the LELO Sona

The uprise of tech-savvy sex toys in the market makes orgasms an experience unlike any other. The kind of technology it utilizes may even revolutionize what pleasure products can become in the future – a testament to how great it is.

Furthermore, these new sex toys stray away from the usual mechanisms you see in vibrators. Instead of using vibration, these products create airwaves around the clitoris to suck it upward, stimulating it more than you can ever think of.

One of these products is a sonic vibrator manufactured by Lelo, a company in charge of making some of the most high-end pleasure toys in the market.

The Lelo Sona is a sonic massager coated with sleek pink and gold. It contains different intensity settings and a variety of vibration modes. It also has a head that looks similar to a small mouth. To use it, all you have to do is place the mouth over the clitoris, and it does the job for you.

lelo sona box

Initial Impressions

Upon first glance, the Lelo Sona grabs your attention by its rather unorthodox shape. While it is unlike any vibrator you’re typically used to, its abstract appearance still comes off quite sophisticated and is topped off with a premium finish.

89% of testers find its overall design appealing, stating that the toy looked more attractive than they had expected. Its size and shape were also suitable for the testers since they claim that it only takes a relatively short amount of time to position correctly.

Its good range of settings comprising eight vibration patterns and eight speeds to choose from was also particularly convenient for the users.

What I like about the original Sona

The best and most distinct feature of the Lelo Sona is how it’s a sonic clitoral massager. This means that instead of using vibration, the toy utilizes pulses and sonic waves.

Furthermore, its Control technology automatically reserves 20% of the product’s full power for backup in case the motor begins to drop when it’s pressed firmer against the body. The user won’t have to worry about the toy slowing down during the most important times with this feature.

lelo sona clitoris sucker control

Other sonic sex toys like the Satisfyer and the Womanizer usually vibrate very softly since the suction is their main function. Because of this, the toy feels like it’s reaching deep in your core as it elicits an orgasm out of you.

On the other hand, the Lelo Sona feels more like a vibrator than other sonic pleasure products. This is because the Lelo Sona provides powerful vibrations on the clitoris’s surface, which can be an incredible experience for most.

Additionally, its sonic vibration was good in that it created a prolonged climax immediately following the sensual buildup. To elaborate, it felt like the magnificently drawn-out orgasm that still gives you the tingles even minutes after. Unlike other vibrators, the Lelo Sona mainly focuses on sustained pleasure instead of getting women off quickly. More than that, it does a pretty great job at it too.

Users claim that they tend to have orgasms ranging from four to five minutes instead of two, all while following a distinctive arc. Around a minute before the climax, the vagina will start having singular contractions that are spaced in between seconds – all of which feel like mini orgasms by themselves. In a nutshell, the entire experience feels more like an upward trek on a hill than a mountain with a sharp peak.

What I don’t like about it

Even with the mind-blowing experience that Lelo Sona can provide you, it also has evident downsides. Firstly, unlike other sonic sex toys, this one isn’t suitable for attempting multiple orgasms.

The vibrations it elicits are usually so powerful that you won’t even find it in you to try one any further. This is especially true if you put the Lelo Sona in its highest setting simply because it felt like the nerve cells in your clitoris were being desensitized.

Not only that, but the design of the toy can be uncomfortable at times. The nozzle, for instance, is hard plastic, which means you have to exercise cautiousness when using it since it can get painful when you’re going for a strong vibration.

In terms of performance, the toy also received a mixture of opinions. Some didn’t exactly find it pleasurable to use, mainly because of how loud it is while using it. Even so, there’s still a considerable number of users who enjoyed the Lelo Sona, so it may be up to your discretion and experience.

lelo sona

My final thoughts about the LELO Sona

The Lelo Sona brings a new wave of distinct innovation to vibrators by utilizing pulses and sonic waves for stimulation.

Despite users being divided about opinions regarding noise level and impact on orgasms, the Lelo Sona still proves to be a strong performer in terms of pleasure stimulation.

It is however getting a little old and tired so I would recommend taking a look at some of the newer versions in the Sona series.

I did a LELO Sona 2 Cruise review a few months ago which is LELO’s top of the line clit sucker product and it’s clearly a huge improvement over the old Sona model.

You can also take a look at the LELO Sona 2 which is the none “Cruise” model which is fairly cheap.

There are also a lot of other clit sucker options if you’re looking for some cheaper products compared to LELO’s. I’ve made a list of the best clit suckers which has a couple of great budget friendly options on it.

I recommend the LELO Sona if you wish the first version of LELO’s popular clit sucker series.

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