Mature sex dolls – Life experience is sexy as hell!

Finding a mature woman with lots of sex experience can be a real win for you.

It’s not easy and most time it stays as a fantasy.

But now you can have your own mature sex doll and outlive your sexual fantasy every day.

mature and granny sex dolls

I’ve made a list of the best mature looking sex dolls for your pleasure

Best mature sex dolls 2023

#1 Rayen

Rayen is truly a work of art and a tribute to how far we have come from the old plastic blow-up sex doll days.

Her body scream of mature sex all the way from her beautiful facial features to her huge breasts and lovely curves.

She is simply begging you to use her vagina, ass, and mouth right now!

rayen the best mature sex doll

Rayen mature sex doll is made by YL Doll which makes top-quality sex dolls out of lifelike skin materials called TPE.

I recommend Rayen for you the mature women admire.

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#2 Dallas

Dallas is a beautiful sex looking mature brunette with natural curves and body features, no crazy stuff here, just simple and natural beauty.

She is 167 cm (5ft 6”) tall and weigh 42 kg (92 lbs.) so this is quite a large and heavy doll but that makes it that much more life-like to have sex with it. Make sure you buy the premium heating for that extra touch of realism.

Dallas mature sex doll

Dallas is made by SEDoll which makes very high-quality mature sex dolls that I can only recommend.

I recommend Dallas mature sex doll for all men who want a sexy mature brunette.

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#3 Morna

Morna has a sexy mature school teacher look that all the boys in the classroom dream about. She can be all yours and she will always be ready for your fantasy, all her 3 holes are just waiting for you.

morna mature school teacher sex doll

Morna is made by 6YePremium that make premium sex dolls in all shapes and sizes.

I recommend it if you’re after a mature school teacher look.

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Websites that sell mature sex dolls

There are quite a few websites that deal with mature silicone sex dolls, some of them have good quality products with amazing customer service while others have knock-off brands and bad customer service. The websites on the list below is all websites from the first category and websites you can trust.

  • – YourDoll is a USA based website with 100’s of mature sex dolls to choose from. They are a really good option of you live in USA/Canada and they ship to Europe/Asia as-well.
  • – They are another USA based company with a wide range of mature looking sex dolls that I do recommend.
  • – Get your Mature sex doll from Joylovedoll – select from over 100 different mature dolls and find the one that fit your fantasy or customize it for that perfect fit.

Why are there not any older looking sex dolls?

Almost all high-quality sex dolls are made from TPE or silicone. They are both great materials for flawless and smooth skin, but as soon as you start making wrinkles and grooves on the skin then the materials start to flake off and get damaged.

Right now, we simply don’t have the right materials to make a realistic looking granny sex doll or anything wrinkly like that.

Mature looking features

The way the mature looking sex dolls are made right now is by replication some of the other mature body features besides wrinkles. This is done in a number of ways and the results are quite good.

Another and important way it the makeup/painting that each doll gets from the manufacture. This is an easy way to made the doll look older and a good way to add skin imperfections that done compromise the quality and longevity of the product.

You can find a lot more different kinds of sex dolls if you would like to learn more or find the best sex doll for you.

Mature sex dolls are okay, but I really want an old granny sex doll?

You can find old women blow-up sex dolls but they all have terrible reviews and I would highly advice you to avoid them at all cost!

dont buy cheap granny sex dolls

They might be cheap but if you’re only able to use in one time before it makes, then you might as-well save your money and wait for some high-quality products to arrive.

Okay let’s get back to the mature sex dolls

Cost and shipping plus all the other boring but important stuff


Mature sex dolls are not cheap! Most of the mature silicone dolls cost around $2000 and you can easily end up around $2500 if you add some of the premium features. Most legit sellers offer some kind of payment plan so you pay a small amount each month, or you can simply just pay it all up front and avoid all the fees.


All the good/trusted sellers offer insured shipping with known shipping companies like DHL, FedEx or UPS. The shipping time can be up to a month if you buy a heavily customized mature sex doll or as little as a few days of you buy one that’s in stock.

Make sure that the website will sell to your county, most sellers will not send sex dolls to Islamic countries and Africa.

Import tax

You might end up paying a lot of import tax if you buy from another country. I would always advice to buy from your own continent so you avoid this and avoid long shipping time.

Using a mature looking sex doll and the after-match

There are only a few things to keep in mind when you’re going to have sex with your brand-new mature sex doll and that is:

  • Do NOT wear any metal (or sharp or pointy) objects on your body! This will damage the material and leave marks on it, so take off your watch and/or jewelry.
  • Use a lot of water-based lube! Sex dolls do get drier compared to us humans. Read more about what kind of lubrication products you can use in the sex doll instructions that come with the sex doll.

Cleaning the good old sex doll

Cleaning your mature sex doll is really important and you should follow the instructions carefully. This can improve the longevity of your product if you maintain and care for it.

My final thoughts about mature sex dolls

We have come a long way from ugly plastic blow-up granny sex dolls to where we are right now, but we have hit the limits of what we can with our current materials.

There goes a lot of money and time into material research and one day we might find the perfect long-lasting awesome feeling material that can push the products to new heights.

If you’re okay with non-wrinkly mature sex dolls then go ahead and get one today! They are an amazing way to enjoy mature sex without having to deal with a real human.

I recommend the Rayen mature sex doll

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