Moaning sex dolls

Modern sex dolls have a lot of nice features that make it much more pleasant and fun to have sex with them.

The moaning feature is quite a new one but it’s a very welcomed addon that makes it very immersive to have sex with your sex doll.

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moaning sex dolls

But not all sex doll has a moaning feature, let’s take a look at some of the best moaning sex dolls.

Best moaning sex dolls 2023

#1 Aloha moaning sex doll

Aloha is one of my favorite looking sex dolls of all time and she have a lot of premium options to make her more special and personal.

I would personally suggest adding; Body moaning, body heating, and hyper-realism body painting.

You’re going to have one hell of a hot moaning sex doll ready for sex whenever you’re ready for hey juicy pussy.

aloha moaning sex doll

Aloha is made by WM Doll and has a strong metal frame that makes her able to standup and you can put her in your favorite sex position.

Aloha body spec:

  • Height – 172 cm. (5ft 8”)
  • Weight – 38 kg. (83.7 lbs.)
  • Breast size – D-cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, ass, and oral
  • Material – TPE

I recommend Aloha the sexy moaning doll of pure pleasure!

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#2 Lotte

Lotte is a hot blonde doll with beautiful curves and she’ll moan when you put your hard cock in her sweet pussy.

Her body is very well made and her skin looks and feels very realistic and nice.

lotte blonde moaning sex doll

Lotte is made by Sino Doll that are a well-known sex doll maker that are famous for their high-quality silicone sex dolls. She has a fully articulated metal frame for strength and flexibility.

Lotte body spec:

  • Height – 160 cm. (5ft 3”)
  • Weight – 34 kg. (75 lbs.)
  • Breast size – E-cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, ass, and oral
  • Material – Silicone

Looking for a blond moaning sex doll? Lotte is ready to pleasure you night after night.

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#3 Fiona the Asian moaning doll

Fiona is a stunningly beautiful Asian looking sex doll that has that awesome moaning ability that we love.

Her deep brown eyes look deep into you while you enjoy her pussy or ass.


Fiona is made by SE Doll which are known for their fantasy sex dolls and I’m sure Fiona can be a part of your fantasy.

Fiona body spec:

  • Height – 163 cm. (5ft 4”)
  • Weight – 37 kg. (81.6 lbs.)
  • Breast size – E-cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral, and ass
  • Material – TPE

Are you into hot moaning Asian girls? Then give Fiona a go, you’ll get be disappointed.

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#4 Madge the black beauty

Madge is a smoking hot black sex doll that can moan when you enjoy her love holes and take her for a ride.

She has silky soft skin that feels just like touching real skin, it’s hard not to fall a little in love with her beauty.


Madge has a silicone body made by Sino Doll and a flexible metal skeleton that makes her stand and you can easily move her into a sex position.

Madge body spec:

  • Height – 161 cm. (5ft 3”)
  • Weight – 35 kg. (77 lbs.)
  • Breast size – E-cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral, and ass
  • Material – Silicone

Do you fancy a black beauty that moans when you penetrate her hole?

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#5 Kaipo

Kaipo has that pornstar look going on for her and she looks like she is ready for sex whenever you are.

She has a slim waist and a pair of firm tits that are just begging you to slap them around.


Kaipo is made of premium quality TPE by YL Dolls

Kaipo body spec:

  • Height – 170 cm (5ft 7”)
  • Weight – 37 kg. (81.6 lbs.)
  • Breast size – E-cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral, and ass
  • Material – TPE

If you dream of having mindless sex with a moaning pornstar then Kaipo is the perfect sex doll for you.

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Sex doll moaning is a premium feature

The moaning feature is not standard on any sex doll but it’s a premium added feature that you can add to some sex dolls.

Just select the sex doll you wish to buy and go down to the customization options and find “Premium Body Options” and select the “Body Moaning”.

This feature cost an extra $150 but that’s a small price to pay for such a game changing feature.

Sex doll manufacture that offer moaning as an add on

Only 4 out of 20 manufactures make sex dolls with a moaning feature and they are:

But, not all of their sex dolls can have that premium feature added so you have to browse around and hope the sex doll you fancy can.

How does it work?

The moaning is activated when you thrust your penis into the vagina of the sex doll. There are some sensors in the sex doll around the vagina that detect the thrusting and activates it.

Why does some men prefer a sex doll that can moan?

A moaning sex doll is certainly not for everybody, but I find that having sex with a moaning sex doll is a lot more immersive and you’ll get a fuller sexual experience.

It’s just like having sex with a woman that’s completely silent during sex, that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Pleasure is equal to moaning and dirty talk.

Sex doll moaning FAQ:

  • Is it possible to turn it off? – Yes, you can turn it off.
  • Can I reduce or increase the volume? – Yes, you can change the volume.
  • Can I talk with the sex doll? – Yes, but only a few basic things.

Final thought about moaning sex dolls

Sex dolls have come a long way since the early days of blow-up sex dolls that looked like something straight out of a horror movie. Today a modern TPE or silicone sex doll looks very realistic and with amazing features like body heating and moaning we’re getting closer and closer to the perfect sex doll.

I can’t recommend the premium body features enough – most men will try to save as much as possible but they end up with a boring sex doll that they don’t use. Spend the extra money and get a moaning sex doll with a body heating feature and you’ll not regret it!

It’s so much better and makes the whole experience much more fun and realistic.

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