Most Realistic-Looking Sex Dolls 2024

There has only been one option when it comes to hyper-realistic sex dolls for many years and that’s the RealDoll.

The competition is catching up, but RealDoll still has an advantage so that’s your best option right now. Their dolls are costly because they are handmade in the US. You can see their different options at

I’ve tested several high-quality realistic sex dolls during my work at Kinkycow and below is a list of the most realistic ones:


$ 8750
  • Premium quality
  • Hyper-realistic
  • Handmade silicone


$ 1775
  • High quality
  • Realistic
  • TPE


$ 5740
  • Premium quality
  • Hyper-realistic
  • Silicone

It’s hard to judge sex dolls objectively because it all comes down to personal preferences. There are however sex doll brands that make their sex dolls more realistic than others. I’m going to recommend some different brand options and you can pick a sex doll that fits your preferences from those brands.

Most realistic sex doll brands:

  • RealDoll – A small selection of ultra-high quality handmade sex dolls made in the US.
  • Gynoid – Large selection of mostly Asian-styled dolls with incredible realism.
  • WM dolls – Huge selection of all types of sex dolls, their quality and realism are lower than RealDoll and Gynoid, but they cost a fraction of the money. This is your best budget-friendly option.

Below is a list of my favorite realistic-looking sex dolls that I’ve tested over the years.

All the dolls on the list have been judged by their:

  • Build-quality
  • Material choice
  • Features and customization
  • Price and support

Just to be clear, all the products on the list are really good and I recommend them all, it’s more about the different styles.

Table of Contents

The Best Realistic Sex Dolls 2024:

#1. Yasmin – Premium Option

Yasmin is part of RealDoll’s newest series of sex dolls which has some incredible details. You can customize her just the way you like with their body-type selector, skin tones, vagina looks, and so much more.

Just a small warning – Yasmine is expensive, very expensive. RealDoll does offer $1000 if you buy her standard configuration which can be yours for $8750.

Yasmin realdoll profile
Yasmin realdoll closeup


  • The most realistic-looking sex doll on the marked
  • You can customize it just the way you like
  • It’s made with high-quality silicone
  • Gel-filled butt and breasts for a realistic feel
  • Handmade in the US


  • Expensive
  • 6-8 months manufacturing time

Yasmin Conclusion

It’s hard to see all the details in the pictures of Yasmin, but there are so many fine details when you look at her in person. Take a look at the shaving spots around her vagina, it’s details like that, that separate RealDoll from the remaining competition.

One major downside to RealDoll is the manufacturing time which currently is 6-8 months. Their dolls are hugely popular and handmade by skilled workers, which is equal to long delivery times.

Do I recommend Yasmin (or any other RealDoll) to everyone looking for a highly realistic-looking sex doll? No, it’s simply way too expensive for the average consumer.

But if money isn’t a problem, then yes – There is simply nothing that comes close in terms of quality and looks.

I recommend Yasmin from RealDoll if you want the best of the best and money isn’t a problem.

#2. Zhane

WM Doll makes Zhane with their unique TPE blend which makes her feel very realistic.

The skin feels soft and has some real features, making it feel very natural.

Zhane has long sexy legs and a pair of good places D-cup tits to grab your attention.


  • High-quality build
  • Premium TPE
  • Feels like real skin
  • Looks like real skin
  • Lots of customization options


  • TPE is not as durable as silicone
  • She lacks details compared to RealDoll and Gyniod dolls

Zhane conclusion

I have to admit that I’ve been heavily influenced by my own preference for what sex dolls should look like when I picked Zhane. But all the dolls below are just as good, this is just my personal favorite.

Her skin feels great and so do her love holes which are always open and ready for more.

You’re getting a lot of sex doll for your money when you get a WM doll, it can’t compare to RealDoll and Gynoid in terms of quality, but their prices are very attractive.

I recommend Jojo if you’re after a budget-friendly sex doll with realistic features.

#3. Fleur – Asian Option

Gynoid has been pushing its development methods and its newer dolls like Fleur do come close to RealDoll in terms of quality and realism.

You can change pretty much anything you like when you order Fleur and the price is roughly 40% less than RealDoll.

fleur gynoid profile
fleur gynoid closeup


  • Premium-quality Asian-style sex doll
  • Realistic details on all body parts
  • Fast manufacturing time
  • Made with premium-quality silicone
  • It costs 40% less than Yasmin


  • It’s still expensive
  • Only Asian-style sex dolls available from Gynoid

Fleur Conclusion

It’s a shame that Gynoid only focuses on the Asian-style marked right now because their sex dolls look amazing. I guess it’s just a matter of time before they jump on the Western-style market.

Not that I don’t like Asian dolls, because they look amazing. Especially Fleur’s smile which I find sexy and it’s impossible not to be turned on by it.

Gynoid offers a similar style of configurations to RealDoll and VM Doll and they are shipped way faster than Real Doll. You can expect to get your doll within 4-6 weeks.

I recommend Fleur from Gynoid if you’re after a premium-quality realistic-looking Asian sex doll.

#4. Sheela

Sheela is made of the best quality materials and shaped by experienced hands to make the most realistic-looking sex doll for you.

You can customize her looks a lot and completely change her head if you want another style of head. Or you could just get an extra one and change things up, it’s feels like having two different dolls, just make sure you get heads with the same skin tone.

Sheela’s tits are just gorgeous and they are begging you to play with them when you enjoy her vagina or ass.


  • Good build quality
  • Premium silicone
  • Massive I-cup tits
  • Lots of custom options


  • Expensive
  • 32 kg. (70.5lbs)
Elodie big tits

Sheela Conclusion

True-looking sex dolls with big tits are super popular and I’ve written an entire guide to sex dolls with big tits if you wish to learn more about them.

Sheela’s tits are no doubt going to draw your eyes and hands attention when you have it naked in bed and they feel truly amazing to play with.

I recommend Sheela if you want a real-looking sex doll with massive tits.

#5. Grady

Grady is a stunning-looking Japanese sex doll from Sino Dolls’ “Top” product line which is their most realistic and best quality dolls.

It has all the newest features that you could want and the skin has been painted to match real skin colors and shades.

You can customize almost all parts of it and even get softer material for her vagina, breasts, and ass.

Sino Dolls are known for their superior quality silicone dolls and their very lifelike skin finishes.  


  • Quality build by Sino
  • Platinum silicone
  • Lots of custom options
  • Long durability
  • Easy to maintain


  • Very expensive
  • 34 kg. (75lbs)
grady japanese sex doll

Grady Conclusion

It’s hard for me to hide my love for Sino Dolls but they are truly amazing and a real work of art. The pictures do not do enough justice.

I know that the price tag will scare most buyers away and I agree, $4000 is a lot of money, but this is what the best of the best looks like.

Quality does cost and it’s in my mind a better option to save up the money rather than going for a mediocre doll that you’re not 100% satisfied with.

I recommend Grady if you want the most realistic-looking Japanese sex doll.

#6. Maha

Maha got a body to die for with a set of nice D-cup breasts and a small tight ass. All this is made from premium quality TPE from WM Dolls which feels truly amazing to the touch and looks just as good.

You can enjoy all 3 holes and customize it to your personal taste and fantasies.

Maha is a tall sex doll at 172 cm. (5ft8”) which means she has long sexy legs that you can spread and admire.


  • Quality build by WM Dolls
  • Beautiful teen-looking features
  • Cheap compared to silicone
  • Enjoy all her holes


  • TPE
  • 38 kg. (84lbs)
Ronda realistic teen sex doll

Maha Conclusion

Do you dream of a sex teen girl? Well, you’re not alone, Maha is a sexy-looking young doll with features that would make most men go crazy. She can be all yours for just $1775 which is quite cheap for a life-size real-looking sex doll.

I recommend Maha if you’re after a smoking hot teen sex dolls to fill your sexual fantasies.

#7. WM 162E

This might sound like a weird name for a lifelike sex doll but it’s simply a blond base model from WM Dolls. The 162 refers to the height in cm (5ft4”) and the E is the breast size.

WM Dolls has specialized in making TPE sex dolls with their own unique blend of materials. This blend makes it feel very natural when touching and the doll and the skin look amazing.


  • High-quality build by WM Dolls
  • Quality TPE
  • Soft and nice feeling
  • Long blond hair
  • Cheap compared to silicone


  • TPE is not as durable as silicone
  • 35 kg. (77lbs)
WM Doll 162E

WM 162E Conclusion

This doll model looks and feels like the ultimate blond girl that you’ll never get in real life. But here she is, just waiting for you to enjoy all her holes and never say no to sex.

TPE sex dolls are a little more fragile compared to silicone dolls, but they only cost half.

I recommend the VM 162E doll if you’re into hot blond girls with large perfect sitting breasts.

#8. Tyler

Tyler is a really sexy-looking mature doll that can be bought with a hyperrealistic makeup job. This option does not a fair bit of money, but it makes it so much more realistic looking and you will not regret getting it.

Sino Doll is the manufacturer of Tyler and they stand for high-quality products with lots of unique features.


  • High-quality build
  • Premium silicone
  • Premium body and head makeup options
  • You can add body heating


  • Expensive
  • 28 kg. (62lbs)

Tyler Conclusion

Most men had a crush on one of their friend’s mom and you’re properly not any different. Tyler is a hot-looking woman that a lot of young boys would have a crush on.

Now is the time to finally fill that fantasy and get a hot full size realistic-looking milf sex doll.

I recommend Tyler if you want a good-quality sexy looking milf ready for your pleasure all the time.

#9. Tyra

The Tyra sex doll by DS Doll looks like a real black pornstar called Ana Foxxx and that’s a great thing in my book. I did an Ana Foxx pussy toy review a while back if you want a look and feel of her pussy.

DS Doll makes high-quality realistic-looking sex dolls of silicone and that’s also the reason why their dolls are more expensive compared to the TPE dolls. You do however get a product with much greater longevity and it’s easier to clean.


  • High-quality build
  • Long-lasting silicone
  • Lots of custom options for extra realism
  • Enjoy all her holes


  • Expensive
  • 29 kg. (64lbs)
Tyra realistic black sex doll

Tyra Conclusion

The Tyra sex doll looks very lifelike especially if you get the extra makeup applied. You can always do your own makeup if you wish to change the look of the head.

I personally love what they have done with this product and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too.

I recommend Tyra if you’re into Ebony girls and want a sex partner that never says no.

What is the Best Place to Buy a Super Realistic Sex Doll?

There are a lot of different online stores where you can buy realistic sizes and looking sex dolls and a few walk-in stores if you live in a big city.

Most of the online stores are legit and offer great products and services, but there are also quite a few sites that try to take advantage of your needs.

I would strongly advise you to avoid any of the big marketplaces like; Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and AliExpress.

They have no control over what products are being sold on them and to be honest, they don’t give a shit as long as they make money.

You might find a “good deal” and save a lot of money, but you might end up getting; a second-hand product, a counterfeit product, or nothing at all.

I’ve made a list for you of some of the stores that sell real quality sex dolls that have quality control and good customer service.

Buy From Here:

You can safely buy from any of the sites above if you’re looking for a good quality real-looking sex doll.

What Feels Most Realistic? TPE or Silicone

This is not something that has a clear answer because it depends on a lot of variables.

TPE is softer than silicone which makes it perfect for breasts, butts, and non-skinny sex dolls.

Silicone is good for skinny and/or muscular sex dolls and for heads. You can get sex dolls that are made of TPE but with a silicone head.

But there is more to it than looks and feels.

Silicone is a lot more durable and is generally the preferred material when it comes to sex toys. Silicone is however a lot more expensive compared to TPE and the reason why TPE is way more used.

Make It More Lifelike With Custom Addons

Most doll manufacturers have a lot of custom features that you can add on when you purchase the doll. Some of the features are small and cheap while others are large and expensive.

What features you get is all up to your wallet size and your personal needs – You must take the time and find all the features since most of them are impossible to add on once the doll is made.

Features you can add:

  • Skin tone
  • Hairstyle
  • Eye color
  • Breast style (solid, hollow, gel)
  • Nipple style
  • Vagina hair

There are a lot of other features and it varies from vendor to vendor, but these are the most common things to change.

Other Popular Sex Dolls That Are Not Realistic-Looking

You can get so many different sex dolls that look amazing, but it might not be what you’re looking for. You could have a special fantasy about Anime and would love a realistic-looking Anime sex doll.

Guess what?

There are hundreds of different fantasy sex dolls that all look realistic in their own way and style.

Some of the most popular fantasy sex dolls that we’ve covered on Kinkycow are:

It’s no shame to fantasize about a made-up character, most men do that and it’s perfectly normal.

Final Thoughts About the Most Realistic-Looking Sex Dolls

Real-looking sex dolls are very popular but also among the most expensive sex dolls. It turns out to no one’s surprise that a very detailed paint job and good materials simply cost more.

I would always recommend that you get the extra realistic paint job done if it’s available for the doll model you want. It does cost a fair amount of money but it’s well worth it if you want the most realistic-looking sex doll.

Why did I end up recommending a TPE sex doll when silicone is more durable? It all comes down to price, and silicone is just so much more expensive which scares off a lot of men.

I think that all men, who want to experience what it feels like owning a realistic sex doll, should have the option, and TPE is the way to go for most men.

I’ve written a guide to the best sex dolls if you want some more options.

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