Sex doll shop reviews

Finding the best sex doll websites is not easy since there is 100’s of different sites that sell sex dolls online.

It’s quite easy to setup a sex doll website and offer high-quality sex dolls and then deliver low-quality knockoff products and take a massive profit.

All the different sex dolls that we recommend on are sold by sex doll websites that pass our quality guidelines and offers good customer support and service – especially after a sale.

sex doll website reviews

This is what we judge online sex doll shops on:

  • Sex doll quality – This is ultimately what it all comes down to if you get what you pay for. If you’re paying $500 for a full-size sex doll then you’re going to get a low-quality sex doll and that’s not a problem. The problem is when you pay $2500 and get a counterfeit low-quality sex doll without any change of a refund or support.
  • Customer service – The customer service and support during and after a sale is very important since it’s quite a large investment which can’t be changed once produced. It’s a bit like buying a car, you want support incase something breaks or if you simply need some advice.
  • Transparency – Online sex doll shops know that having a physical location in EU/USA creates a lot of trust so the sites that are after scamming you will often not have a location on their website or a fake location. We dig a lot around when reviewing sex doll websites and transparency if often a problem.

Below are all the sex doll websites that we’ve reviewed:

Silicon Wives review

Silicon Wives Review

Silicon Wives Review Go to Read full review of Silicon Wives here Silicon Wives was founded in 2015 and is located in New York.