Sex dolls for sale online

Buying sex dolls online has a lot of advantages for you compared to getting one from a walk-in store.

The assortment if far greater online and you’re much more likely to find a sex doll for your style while enjoying the privacy of shopping online.

You can still shop sex dolls somewhat local if you choose a sex doll online store in your country or part of the world.

I’ve made a personal recommendation for each region that I know have excellent customer support and delivers the best quality.

sex dolls for sale

You can also find sex dolls for sale with different looks here.

Sex dolls for sale in North America (My personal recommendation for USA)

SexDollGenie is based in Miami Florida and they have one of the biggest selections of sex dolls on this planet. Their transparent order/manufacturing/shipping makes it clear that they are very serious about giving you the best possible buying experience.

SexDollGenie has a rating of all the different sex doll brands that they sell which is very useful and transparent.

I’ve written a full review of SexDollGenie that you should read if you have any questions about them.

YourDoll is located in Southern California and they have an exhibition hall in LA where they have around 50 different sex dolls in stock. You can collect any sex dolls they have in stock here by arranging a collection time with them.

They ship all around the world and they are one of my favorite sex doll sellers with a huge selection and their support is always helpful.

Take a look at my YourDoll review if you want to learn more about them.

Real Love Sex Dolls is located in Austin, Texas and have been serving the sex doll hungry world since 2015.

They have lots of different sex dolls for sale from a wide range of brands and price points.

Silicon Wives does not have the largest selection of sex dolls but they have amazing customer support and very high-quality sex dolls.

They are located in USA and offers worldwide shipping and if I would suggest that you take a look at their Japanese style sex dolls if that’s your style.

You can find my full review of the Silicon Wives online sex doll store here.

Joy Love Dolls is located in Wilmington Delaware where they ship their sex dolls and other sex toys from.

They have some really nice sex dolls from WM Dolls if you wish to get a premade one with fast shipping.

You can read my full review of the sex doll store here.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls is yet another US based company that sells sex dolls. They have a lot of more special looking sex dolls so is the place for you if you’re into something special.

Their customization options are a little hard to figure out but their support is always helpful and ready to assist you.

You can find my Sexyrealsexdolls review here if you wish to use their online store and want to know more about them.

Dollsclub is a German sex doll seller with warehouse in both USA and Germany including some premade dolls that you can choose from if you want extra fast delivery.

They have a really cool 3D Gallery of their WM-Doll body selection that you should check out.

Sex dolls for sale in Asia

Uloversdoll is located in Shenzhen China but they also have a warehouse in California so you can expect fast shipping times if you order from any of their locations.

They have around 20 already made sex dolls on each location for super quick delivery or you can use their customization and get a more personal sex doll.

You can read my full review of the sex doll shop experience here.

Zlovedoll is located in Guangdong China but they offer worldwide shipping.

They are currently experiencing problems with their online store so I would not recommend them currently.

Tips for buying sex dolls online

  • Do your own research (You’re already doing that by being here, nice!) and make sure you get all the visual details of the doll correct since the body can’t be redone.
  • Delivery time for customized sex dolls is often around 1 month. If you want to get a sex doll very fast then buy one of the premade ones, there are a lot of great options and it can often be a little cheaper compared to the more customized dolls.
  • Make sure everything is okay when you get the shipment. Avoid removing the hygiene film and take pictures/videos of the problems and contact your sex doll seller.
  • Not all countries allow sex dolls, so make sure you check your local laws before ordering. You can also contact the seller if you’re in doubt.

Final thoughts about buying sex dolls online

The ordering process and the customization of sex dolls can be a little intimidating when you’re shopping around for your next sex doll.

Most sex doll sellers have amazing customer service that are super helpful if you have any questions or any specific preferences that you would like.

I’ve written reviews of most of the sex doll sellers and they are almost all really great so you should have no trouble finding a seller that has a sex doll for sale that matches your preferences.

You’re always welcome to get in contact with me if you want a second pair of eyes on something or if you represent an online sex doll store that you wish to include on Kinkycow.

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