Teen sex dolls

Find the best teen sex doll for your sexy teen fantasy and enjoy realistic sex whenever you want!

I’ve created this ultimate guide to young sex dolls and made a list of the best products in 2023 for you.

The subject is very subjective so I’ve tried to include some for every taste and all the teen dolls on this list is high-quality!

Let’s have a look at some of the best young sex dolls around.

Best teen sex dolls 2023

#1 Missy teen sex doll

Missy is called the innocent teen sex doll by Siliconwives that sell her and I got to agree with them, she looks young and innocent but still ready for sex with you.

Her hazelnut colored eyes match her soft brown skin and her beautiful face.

missy sex doll teen

Missy is made by WM Dolls and has a metal skeleton so you can place her in different sex positions. Her body is made of TPE which is a skin-like material that feels amazing.

You can customize the Missy teen sex doll as much as you like and get a more personal teen doll for you.

Missy body spec:

  • Height – 172 cm. (5ft 7”)
  • Weight – 38 kg. (84 lbs.)
  • Breast size – B-Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral and anal
  • Materials – TPE

I recommend Missy the sexy innocent looking doll that’s ready to please you every night.

#2 Aubrey

Aubrey is a stunning looking young blonde sex doll with a super sexy body and a pair of nice sized boobs ready for play.

She has dark blue mysterious eyes that look deep into yours while you take her for a ride.

Aubrey is made by WM Doll and have the same features and materials as Missy (which is a great thing).

Aubrey body spec:

  • Height – 166 cm. (5ft 5”)
  • Weight – 33 kg. (73 lbs.)
  • Breast size – C-Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral and anal
  • Materials – TPE

Are you after a young blonde sex doll? Look no further, Aubrey is the one for you!

#3 Hannah

Hannah is a hot looking teen brunette that are looking to have some fun with you. Her slim body is nicely shaped with a slim waist and a nice ass that you can slap around.

hannah young sex doll

Hannah is also made by WM Dolls which makes the entire top 3 best teen sex dolls WM Dolls (I guess it’s hard to hide my love for WM Dolls…)

Hannah body spec:

  • Height – 166 cm. (5ft 5”)
  • Weight – 33 kg. (73 lbs.)
  • Breast size – C-Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral and anal
  • Materials – TPE

Hannah is a hot brunette teen with a nice firm ass.

#4 Marie

Marie is a sexy Russian teen style sex doll with big adorable eyes and a detailed face. Her pale skin and small tits fit her style of a sexy shy schoolteacher.

Marie is made by Chinese 6Ye Doll which makes a lot of the Asian style sex dolls that are very popular.

Marie body spec:

  • Height – 158 cm. (5ft 2”)
  • Weight – 30 kg. (66 lbs.)
  • Breast size – A-Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral, and anal
  • Materials – Lifelike TPE

Are you into pale teen girls? Then Marie is the perfect choice for you.

#5 Kitty

Kitty is a beautiful big breasted Asian teenage sex doll that are ready for your wildest dream. She has the same innocent look as Missy and her shy smile is just begging you for sex.

Her sexy body is made from silicone which makes her body firmer and it has a really great feel to it.

kitty asian teen sex doll

Kitty is made by Sino Doll which makes very high-quality sex dolls, they cost roughly $500 more than the other teen sex dolls on this list but the quality is also there so justify the higher price.

Kitty body spec:

  • Height – 162 cm. (5ft 4”)
  • Weight – 28 kg. (62 lbs.)
  • Breast size – D-Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, oral, and anal
  • Materials – Platinum cured silicone

I recommend Kitty if you’re after a young Asian sex doll with big breasts.

Buy only teen sex dolls from trusted websites

You can buy a young-looking teen sex doll on 100’s of different websites and most of them sell good quality products but there are also a bunch of scams going on in the sex toy industry.

That’s why I’ve made a list of some trusted sex doll websites that have great customer service and a nice selection of teenage sex dolls.

  • Siliconwives – At Siliconwives you’re able to find 100’s of young-looking sex dolls and there is a great chance that you might find one that fit your personal taste there.
  • Sexyrealsexdolls – They don’t have the biggest selection of teen sex dolls at Sexyrealsexdolls.com but they have some good options for you.
  • YourDoll – This is one of my favorite sex doll stores and they have a lot of teen sex dolls that are ready to be customized and send to you.

You can safely buy a teen sex doll from any of the stores listed above.

Make your young-looking sex doll more personal

All the websites that sells young-looking teen sex dolls have the option of customizing your sex dolls so they become more personal and unique.

I suggest that you pick a teen doll that looks very attractive to you and then give it a little twist with a few customizations.

The only downside to this is the extra time it takes for the manufacture to make your custom teen sex doll and ship it to you.

But I love the idea that nobody else have that exact same sex doll as you and you feel it’s a bit more personal.

customize your teen sex doll

There are 1000’s of different variations of each sex doll as you can see.

TPE vs. Silicone – Which one should I choose

There are a number of different reasons why you should pick one over the other but it all depends on your personal preference and the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two most popular sex doll materials.

TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer):

This is by far the most popular material for teen sex dolls and that’s because it offers a great skin like feel and the material is cheap compared to silicone.

The down side is that it’s easily strained and it’s not as durable as silicone, but nothing to worry about if you take care of your teen sex doll and treat it with the respect it deserves.


Silicone is the more expensive option that is used in more high-end sex dolls and you’re generally looking at a price increase over TPE at around 50% extra.

There is also a small downside to silicone and that’s the firmness of the material which is good for body/face parts but if it’s not that great for a big ass or a pair of bouncy boobs.

Most sex dolls have both

Most modern young sex dolls have a silicone head and a body of TPE so you get the best of both worlds.

Material conclusion – They are both great materials and nothing to worry about.

Is it wrong to fantasize about young teen girls?

No, there is nothing wrong with that and most men (Some prefer mature women) feel some kind of sexual attraction to teenage girls.

One thing is thinking the other thing is acting on your thoughts and that’s where teen sex dolls come into play.

A young-looking sex doll is a great way to experience sex with a much younger looking girl. We got to be honest with ourself and realize that getting a sexy looking 18-year-old girl is not that likely when we’ve hit the 40-year mark.

Most countries do not allow sex dolls with childish features and the teen sex dolls on Kinkycow does all look +18-year-old so they don’t get rejected in customs.

Spending that much on a sex toy is scary

Yes, I agree – I was shocked the first time I looked at sex doll prices and I ended up getting a doll from an unknown brand and the disappointment was huge when I got it. There were hardly any details on the doll it-self and the overall quality was just bad and I ended up not using it as much as I would have liked.

Things have changed and I’ve moved on and I’m now the proud owner of a Sino doll and a WM doll, they are both amazing and feels so realistic and they are worth every dollar.

There are however other options if you wish to step it down a bit. You can follow Kinkycow’s guide to the best sex toys for men if you want to have a look at some of the most popular options.

You can get a payment plan

I know that saving up $2000 or even more for a sexy teen doll is hard and can take a long time, but most stores/online-sellers does fortunately have payment plans so you can pay it off one month at a time.

Before you jump on your new sexy teen doll

There are a few things you need to know before you go wild in the bedroom with your brand-new teen sex doll.

Sex dolls are more fragile than a human and a small cut can develop into a big cut if it’s not fixed quickly.

  • Always use a good amount of lubrication to reduce the friction between your body and the sex doll.
  • Don’t wear any sharp objects when you handle and use your teen sex doll. This could be jewelry, watches, piercings, clothes with zippers or other metal parts.

And make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions once you’re done having fun.

My final thoughts about teen sex dolls

Most men are attracted to teenage girls (+18) but very few get to try having sex with a young hot girl. A teen sex doll is a great way to have that amazing experience and you’ll be able to use it night after night.

I can only recommend that you give it a try, you’ll not be disappointed!


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