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Review summary:

The Melt clit sucker from We-Vibe is an overall good clit sucker but the price is simply too high compared to the competition.

I would only recommend the Melt if you really need the app-controlled feature that let your long-distance partner control it. I personally thing this feature is pretty useless in a clit sucker since you actively need to hold it on your clit to benefit form it. It works way better as a butt plug or penetration vibrator.

We-Vibe Melt clit sucker

This is what you get:

  • A decent quality clit sucker
  • App controlled
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic charging port

I recommend the We-vibe melt clit sucker to all the long-distance couples who wish a clit sucker.

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Full review of the We-vibe Melt below:

Are you looking for a more powerful clit simulator that can bring intense orgasm in minutes? We-vibe melt is the first pleasure air simulator for couples. It surrounds the clitoris with pulsating waves and high-intensity levels to provide the right sensation. Here is our detailed We-vibe melt review.

we vibe melt review

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Let’s take a look at the features


The first thing you’ll notice is the ergonomics. It’s carved, and the handling is easier. What’s more, the tip is flexible and can be pressed against the head.

And it can fit in the clitoris of any size. Unlike other contactless clitoral stimulators, We-vibe lets you choose a mode the suits you best.

This is different from the traditional vibration. Generally, your clit is surrounded by a 360-degree airwave.

we vibe clit sucker

We-vibe comes with a sleek body that allows you to enjoy any sex position. It stands out as you draw it from your drawer, thanks to the pink color. Plus, this sex toy is soft, so you can enjoy multiple orgasms without feeling any signs of discomfort.


We-vibe is made of silicone and leaves no unpleasant surprises. It’s dull, soft, and rarely catches dust. And because it doesn’t contain silicone or latex, it’s healthy for the body. Furthermore, you can press on the contact area without hurting yourself and adapt to the curvature of the clitoris.

App-controlled with Weconnect

We-vibe melt lets you play anywhere – it’s compatible with other We-vibe products. You can even adjust your desire to your preference. There are two features on the We-vibe app: standby or extend sleep mode and security function.

In the standby mode, the Melt will be ready for four hours before actually stopping. The security function ensures other Bluetooth signals don’t disrupt your connection.

One feature that makes this sex toy stand out from the competition is the long-distance control for couple play. The app control function takes the fun to the next level.

You can even add more We-vibe toys for additional fun. As long as your partner had the app, he or she can control the toy irrespective of their location.

Another perk that comes with the app is that you can know the amount of battery left. This makes the playtime even more enjoyable.

We-Vibe Melt in manual mode

The manual mode doesn’t involve the use of a smartphone or the We-connect application. If you want to increase the stimulation intensity, you should press the plus (+) sign. For lower intensity, you ought to press the – button.

When you use, We-vibe manually, you should prepare the lube. Then, you should press the + button. You can play around with different intensity levels until you find one that suits you best.

Because this toy features a slim body, you’ll enjoy the stimulation no matter the sex position – cowgirl, missionary, or doggy style. You just place the toy on your clit, and it will do the magic. Some users say that they always achieve orgasm at the same time with the partner, thanks to We-vibe.

If you’re using, We-vibe melt, you should go through the We-connect application. It’s compatible with Android 5 or higher or IOS 10. Besides that, the smartphone should use Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

we-vibe melt weconnect

When pairing the Vibe with the app, you should turn on the Bluetooth function. The process can take about two minutes. Once paired, you can enjoy the toy however you need it.

What makes We-vibe unique is the fact that you can connect with your partner by clicking the `connect lover’ tab on the menu. Your partner will click on the link sent via message or email for a guide. It’s worth mentioning that you have full control in your hands.

We-vibe melt has 12 intensity levels for your satisfaction. And it can satisfy even those with a sensitive clitoris. If you set it to the max, you’ll have multiple orgasms. Since a clit is a very sensitive area, you should start up low and build up the intensity as you go higher.

According to the manufacturer, the intensity of the airwaves feels like someone is sucking your clitoris.

Unlike other clitoral simulators, this toy performs well irrespective of the area of intensity. For smooth intensity changes, the app is more effective.

Ergonomic lift

This product is specifically designed for couples, so it perfectly fits on the palm. You can use it without problems.


We-vibe clitoris simulator features a waterproof rating of IPX7. You can use it in the shower or bathtub. Who doesn’t fancy underwater play? Furthermore, water acts as a natural lubricant and makes the process comfortable.

Remember to clean your We-Vibe Melt clit sucker

Let’s face it: cleaning is the most boring part of a sex toy. Since We-vibe is waterproof, you can submerge it in lukewarm water. You can even use a little soap when cleaning.

The only downside when cleaning is that the Q-tip is not removable. With this in mind, you should ensure you wipe any water before you use it. Some areas on the suction head take time to dry.

Keep the Melt charged and ready for action

This toy comes with a magnetic USB cord. It takes 90 minutes to charge and can run for two straight hours. When charging, the LED light will blink. But once the charge is full, it remains fixed.

we-vibe charging

The lithium-ion battery can stay on standby mode for four hours. While a low battery function is rather practical, you should keep the toy charged all the time. Of course, you may want to check the battery level before you take your sexual kinks to the next level.

Noise level

Considering the intensity level this toy embraces, it’s not noisy. Even when you set it to the max, the quietness level is a real plus. The noise level is rated at 60 decibels, but when you attach it to the clit, the level goes down to 50.

 Which lube should I use with melt?

Since this toy uses air pleasure technology, you don’t have to use a lubricant. However, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, you can add some lube. Water-based lube can be a good fit.


  • It comfortably encloses your clitoris
  • Comes with 12 intensity levels
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows for different sex positions
  • It’s waterproof
  • Has intense suction power
  • Rechargeable and long battery life


  • Limited app functions

My final thoughts about the We-vibe Melt clit sucker

We-vibe is a powerful and versatile clit simulator that guarantees intense orgasms. Even in a long-distance relationship, you can take your fun to the next level but a clit sucker does not really fit this kind of use case.

I understand that We-Vibe want all their products to be on their app but the added cost of this feature makes it a really expensive clit sucker that are competing with lots of other products that does the same for far less money.

I would suggest taking a look at my list of the best clit vibrating suckers where you can find lots of better options.

I recommend the We-Vibe Melt if you really need the remote-controlled feature.

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