Abella Danger Fleshlight Review

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Review Summary:

I love the Abella Danger Fleshlight and would recommend it to all men who would love to give her pussy or ass a try.

The inner texture feel really good and I get amazing orgasms each time I use it!

The quality is really good and that’s what you’re paying for!

Abellæa Danger Fleshlight review

What you get:

  • Realistic pocket pussy
  • High quality
  • Good support

This is a 100% a recommendation from me – buy from Fleshlight.com and get the real deal!

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Table of Contents

Full review below

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the new Abella Danger Fleshlight sleeve and I’m ready to give it a review score and share my thoughts about it.

fleshlight girl Abella Danger

Let’s first get to know the Fleshlight girl Abella Danger.

Who is Abella Danger?

Abella Danger took the porn industry with storm when she started her adult career in 2016 and won “best new performer” from all the 3 biggest adult shows.

Her impressive number of awards has continued to grow each year and she is really on top of her game with amazing performances.

She is born in Miami but has Ukrainian blood in her veins which is not a bad thing in my mind.

Let’s get into the Zone Fleshlight which is the result of the work between Abella and Fleshlight

Before you start enjoying your brand-new Fleshlight

There are a couple of things that you want to do before you use you Fleshlight to make the experience much better:

  1. Heat it up – Putting your penis into a cold hole is a big turn off for me and for most guys. You can buy a Fleshlight heater or you can simply submerge your Fleshlight in warm water for 15-20 min. before you use it.
    You can do this in a sink and replace the water after 8-10 min. with new warm water. Don’t use boiling water, this will damage it. The Abella Danger sleeve will rise to the top of the water, but you can simply place your bottle of lube on top of it to hold it down.
    This will also heat up the lube a bit and further improve the experience.
  2. Use lots of lube – Using a good lube and a perfect amount is key to a good experience. The amount of lube depends on the inner texture of the sleeve. The more surface area the more lube, it’s quite simple. Start by adding a bit of lube and gradually add more until you feel it’s perfect.
    I’ve made a Fleshlight lube guide if you want to know more about it.

Now we’re are ready to take a deep dive into but Abella ass and pussy!

Abella Danger pussy Fleshlight texture

Abella Danger Fleshlight pussy

The Abella Danger Zone Fleshlight sleeve starts off with a small camber with a bunch of soft nubs to welcome you into her pussy.

The next part is a tighter spot with 3 ripples that suck your penis into the “main chamber” that are 2 inches long and has long a bunch of ridges alone the sides.

At 5 inch in you enter an area with 9 big nubs and at 6.5 inches you enter the final area which is a very tight spot that is covered with tiny nubs.

What do I think about it?

The Abella Danger pussy sleeve is really good if your penis is in the 5 to 6.5-inch range since the area with the 9 big nubs will rub against your glans and make the experience very intense.

My penis is “only” 6.5 inches so I can’t say what the rest of the sleeve feels like but the final part looks way to tight for my taste.

Abella Danger anal Fleshlight texture

Abella Danger anal Fleshlight

The anal sleeve has a tight entrance and it opens up into a large and 3-inch-long chamber that are covered in a range of small and medium nubs.

There are a couple of tight rings from 4-5 inches that separate the first part and the second part of it.

The final part is a tighter chamber with a mesh grid on the side that turns into the final area that has some teeth shaped things on the side.

What do I think about it?

I’m normally an anal kind of guy but I do prefer the Abella Danger pussy sleeve over the anal version. This has properly something to do with the size of my penis and I’m sure that the last part of the anal version is very intense and it would be perfect if your penis in 7.5-8.5 inches long.

You can find our list of the best anal Fleshlight here.

When you’re done

Welcome to the boring but important part of this Abella Fleshlight review – You need to clean your Fleshlight or there will grow bacteria or mold on it!

Sure, you can leave it a couple of time but it’s going to get really gross if you don’t take care of it.

I’ve made a complete Fleshlight cleaning guide that you should take a look at if your new to sex toys and cleaning.

But a quick cleaning routine is:

  1. Remove the sleeve from the case.
  2. Rinse with water.
  3. Use a mild soap to clean the inside.
  4. Dry it – Make sure it’s completely dry before you store it away.

That’s it you’re now ready for next time.

My final thoughts about the Abella Danger Fleshlight

I got to admit that it’s hard to be totally subjective because Abella Danger is one of my favorite pornstars but I really enjoyed testing her Fleshlight.

Both the anal and the pussy versions are really good and the quality of Fleshlights products is as always top notch.

I personally recommend the Abella Danger Fleshlight to all men who would love a night or two (or 100) with her.

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