Fleshlight Quickshots Reviewed and Tested 2024

The Fleshlight Quickshot is as the name suggests a quick and easy-to-use male masturbator.

It’s super easy to clean due to its open-ended design with a vagina entrance on one end and a butt entrance on the other.

There are 4 different Fleshlight Quickshots that you can read all about below and find the one that will give you the most pleasure.

Fleshlight Quickshot reviews

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Fleshlight quickshot

Riley Reid Quickshot

The Riley Reid Quickshot has two different entrances which are molded after Riley Reid’s pussy and butthole.

It’s made of clear “super skin” so you and/or your partner can enjoy watching your penis thrust back and forth.

The inside has a lot of different textures to make your experience feel better.

Riley Reid Quickshot


  • Entrance molded after Riley Reid
  • Both Vagina and butt
  • Clear “super skin” material
  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean


  • No way to tighten the feeling

Should I get the Riley Reid Quickshot?

This is by far my favorite Quickshot product that has all the qualities of the newer models and still have the vagina and butt entrance of the old models.

It’s unique texture also makes it more interesting to use and you get different sensation depending on which way you use it.

I recommend the Riley Reid Quickshot if you’re after the best Quickshot with real looking orifices.

Quickshot Stamina Training Unit

This is the original short version of a Fleshlight before they where even called Quickshots. There are a few differences between this and the rest of the Quickshots.

The main thing is that it’s not transparent, the “flesh” part is pink and the outer case is in golden plastic. You can also get the Stamina Training Unit in a special version with a mount and butt entrance.

Quickshot Stamina Training Unit


  • Mouth/butt option
  • Vagina/butt option
  • Cheap
  • Good quality


  • Non-transparent
  • Porous material

Is the Quickshot STU For Me?

The Quickshot STU is an old product but it’s still a great product that feels amazing and you can get a mouth version.

The vagina, butt, and mouth holes have different tightness which is really nice.

I recommend the Fleshlight Quickshot STU if you’re after a blowjob Fleshlight or just want a non-transparent Quickshot.

QuickShot Vantage

The Quickshot Vantage is a clear masturbator with a neutral hole in both ends, so no pussy or butt entrance.

It has a swirly inner texture and it’s made of the patented “super skin” material that feels super soft and pussy like.

The Vantage was the first clear Quickshot and launched together with the first clear Fleshlight.


  • High-quality masturbator
  • Clear “super skin”
  • Nice texture
  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean


  • No vagina or butt entrance
  • No way to squeeze it for more tightness

Is the Vantage For Me?

The Vantage is great if you’re after a less intense masturbation experience that will make you last a little longer. It’s also great if you want a neutral entrance on both ends and a similar experience from both ends.

I recommend the Vantage if you want a less intense masturbator.

Quickshot Pulse

The Quickshot Pulse has 3 rings on the inside as a texture which gives it a pulsation feel when you use it.

It’s made of the same “super skin” material as the other clear products which feels amazing to the touch.

The Pulse have neutral entrances without any different in texture feel from one end to the other.


  • Clear “super skin” material
  • Quality product
  • Feels like a real soft handjob
  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean


  • A mouth or vagina entrance would be nice
  • No way to tighten the handjob

Should I get the Pulse?

The Quickshot Pulse gives a pulsation sensation in your penis when you use it or somebody use it on you. It feels very nice and very handjob like.

I recommend the Pulse if you love a good handjob.

Quickshot vs. Fleshlights

You might be looking at both a full Fleshlight and a Quickshot but can’t decide which one to get.

Let me help you by setting up a few reasons why you should get one or the other.

Quickshot pros:

  • Super easy to use with minimum preparation
  • Very good with a sex partner
  • You can get a Launch for your Qs
  • A lot cheaper than a Fleshlight
  • Small and compact easy to hide away
  • Very easy to clean because of its open-ended design

Fleshlight pros:

  • Give you a full penetration experience
  • Great for solo play
  • You can adjust the suction with the backlit
  • A lot more textures to choose from
  • Variations in colors and textures

Fleshlights are a lot more difficult to clean but they can also give you a much fuller experience. But a Quickshot is so fun to play with if you have a sex partner. You can read some of our Fleshlight girl reviews if you want to know more about the different options.

Quickshot Accessories

You can get a few nice accessories that will make your whole experience a lot more pleasant. Let’s take a look at some of them and find out if you need them.

The Launch

The Quickshot Launch is by far the biggest, most expensive, and most exciting accessory that you can get. This is quite an expensive upgrade, but it’s also able to transform your masturbation into a hands-free experience.

Quickshot Launch

The Launch has two handles with control buttons on each, a mount for a phone entertainment (porn, or whatever turns you on), a mount for your Quickshot.

You can change the stroke length, the speed and which part of your penis it should focus on. You can enjoy up to an hour of fun on a full charge or plug it into the wall and enjoy it as long as you want.

You can get the Launch by it self or get it with a Quickshot of your choice and save a bunch of money.

The link below is to the pack with the Launch, The Riley Reid Qs which is my favorite of them all.

Shower Mount

This is the same shower mount for Fleshlights and you’ll need an adaptor to make the two fit together.

I wish they would have made another simpler solution but that’s what we got to work with if we want to enjoy it handsfree in the shower.

shower mount vantage

Below is a link to a combo pack that includes both a Qs Vantage, Shower mount, mount adaptor, and a bottle of lube.

This is a great pack if you want to use it hands-free in the shower and don’t have the mount from a Fleshlight already.

Quick Connect

This is just a simple clear piece of plastic that can connect two Quickshots to give you more like a Fleshlight experience.

Sleeve warmer

The sleeve warmer works by heating up the Qs from the inside out. You simply plug it into a power-outlet and put the Qs on the heading element and leave I there for 15-20 minutes until it’s warm.

A warm Qs is so much nicer to put your cock into compared to a cold one.

You can simply submerge your Qs in warm water if you wish to get the same effect and save the money.


A: You should clean it with warm water and soap or an anti-bacterial cream. Make sure you don’t scrub it too hard since the material is porous and easily damaged.

A: The material that is used in all Fleshlights/Quickshots gets sticky when cleaned and you should use renewing power on it once you’ve dried it off.

You can buy some renewing powder from Fleshlight.com or simply use cornstarch from your local supermarket.

A: No, they have discontinued the Fleshlight Launch for some unknown reason and this one does only work with Qs.

A: Use a good water-based lube, you can get combo packs at fleshlight.com that include lubrication and other stuff to make it easier to use.

My Final Thoughts About Fleshlight Quickshots

The Quickshot lineup might look like a budget Fleshlight but you couldn’t be more wrong. The products in this category have a lot of advantages over the normal Fleshlights and they are much cheaper.

A Quickshot is in my personal opinion a lot more fun to use for couples since you can watch what is going on and the penis head sticks out so you can give a blow-hand-job all at once. You can also enjoy and see that glorious cum shot at the end.

I recommend the Riley Reid Quickshot if you want a fun little toy that can be used by yourself or with a sex partner.

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