Kira Noir Fleshlight Review

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Review summary:

Kira Noir is the 3rd ebony adult performer to have a Fleshlight made of her pussy and butt.

I really like the vagina version, which is called Spellbound, because of the incredible realistic look and feel of the sleeve.

It’s a soft stimulating experience that will make you cum back for more and more.

Kira Noir Fleshlight Review

This is what you get:

  • You can enjoy Kira Noir’s pussy or butt
  • A very realistic looking and feeling toy
  • Super high-quality pocket pussy

I recommend the Kira Noir Fleshlight if you’re looking for an amazing feeling ebony Fleshlight sleeve.

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Full Kira Noir Fleshlight Review Below

Yes – It finally happened! Fleshlight got their heads out of their asses and found a beautiful ebony girl for their Fleshlight Girls series.

I’ve been bugging them on Twitter for a while for that and it finally paid off with the addition of the stunning Kira Noir.

Here is a little about Kira Noir for the couple of men out there who don’t know who she is (You really should).

Who is Kira Noir?

Kira Noir is an American born adult performer from California that started her adult career as a stripper right after high-school.

She got into porno when she moved to LA when she was 20 years old and have not looked back since.

Kira Noir is her performer name that she chose because of her favorite Anime character is called Kira and the French word for black is Noir. Her birth name is Jada Simone Walter which was given to her when she was born on July 16 1994.

If you’re into girl-on-girl sex then I would recommend her scene for Lesbian Fantasies with Ana Foxxx. But you can find her doing all sorts of porno including double anal and much more.

You can follow Kira Noir on Twitter right here.

who is kira noir

Let’s Take a Look at the Spellbound Sleeve

Alright enough talking let’s take a look at her vagina Fleshlight sleeve which is called Spellbound.

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate the level of details on the new Fleshlight sleeves. It has really come a long way since the first Fleshlight Girls over 20 years ago. It does really look like the real thing and the newest Flesh material makes it feel like the real thing.

kira noir fleshlight pussy
spellbound sleeve texture


  • Super detailed vagina mold
  • Flesh-like material
  • 3 Internal textures for various stimulation
  • You can enjoy Kira Noir’s pussy


  • You need more than 6” to reach the last texture
  • It’s kind of expensive
  • Bulky compared to other pocket pussies

My Thoughts About the Spellbound sleeve

My expectations where super high when Fleshlight announced Kira Noir as their new Fleshlight Girls and the Spellbound sleeve did not disappoint one bit.

It feels really good with a nice soft stimulation that can be turned into a strong stimulation by turning the back lid to increase the suction.

Overall, a really nice sleeve that I would recommend the all Kira Noir and/or ebony lovers.

And the Bewitched Sleeve (butt version)

Kira Noir’s butt sleeve is called Bewitched which is properly what will happen to you if you tried having anal sex with her.

And again, the details are amazing on the butt version which is a perfect mold of her ass for you to enjoy.

kira noir fleshlight butt
bewitched sleeve texture


  • Detailed butt mold of Kira Noir
  • Flesh-like material
  • A single Internal texture for a uniformly stimulation
  • You can enjoy Kira Noir’s butt


  • It’s expensive
  • Bulky compared to other pocket pussies
  • The texture could be more interesting

My Thoughts About the Bewitched sleeve

It’s very interesting that Fleshlight have chosen to use a single type of texture all the way internally on the Bewitched sleeve.

It does have some rounded bumps on each side to make it feel a bit more interesting. But I wish they would have included some narrow gabs along the way but that’s just my personal taste.

That being said, it’s still a nice sleeve that’s really good and recommended if you want to give Kira Noir’s ass a try.

What Alternatives is There to the Kira Noir Fleshlight?

As mentioned before, I’ve been bugging Fleshlight for more ebony/black Fleshlight Girls for a while now and there are really only two other options in this category.

The first one is the Ana Foxxx Fleshlight which I think is an absolute master piece that really looks and feels amazing. And then we have the old school Misty Stone who was the first black girl to join Fleshlight.

I’ve made an article about black Fleshlights if you wish to know more about the topic.

But I don’t really see why you would want an alternative to the Kira Noir Fleshlight because it kind of checks off all the boxes for a great Fleshlight.

The Spellbound Fleshlight Combo Pack

Yep, you can get Kira Noir’s pussy Fleshlight with a bottle of water-based lubrication made specially for Fleshlights which will enhance the stimulation.

It does also include a bottle of Fleshwash and a renewing powder to prevent it from being sticky.

All these items are great if you’re new to Fleshlights and don’t have any lubrication or other products for cleaning and maintaining your Kira Nori Fleshlight.

Kira Noir Fleshlight combo pack

This is what you get with the Spellbound Combo:

  • Kira Noir Spellbound Fleshlight (vagina version)
  • Fleshlube water-based lube 8 f. oz. (237ml)
  • Fleshlight Wash for cleaning 4 f. ox. (118ml)
  • Renewing powder 4 oz (118ml)

You can buy the Kira Noir Combo pack from the link below.

Taking Things to the Next Level with the Launch

If you’re an experienced Fleshlight user then you properly remember the Fleshlight Launch which was discontinued, but they are back with another version, the Universal Launch.

This is really for the extreme users who which to experience Kira Noir’s Fleshlight handsfree. It’s expensive and very bulky but it does feel amazing to use and it can’t really be compared to using a Fleshlight or any other male masturbator for that matter.

universal launch kira noir fleshlight

This is what you get with the Kira Noir Launch pack:

  • The Universal Launch automatic masturbator
  • Kira Noir Spellbound Fleshlight (vagina version)
  • Fleshlube water-based lube 8 f. oz. (237ml)

My Final Thoughts About the Kira Noir Fleshlight

I have really enjoyed giving both the vagina and butt version of the brand-new Kira Noir Fleshlight a test and evaluating it against the competition.

I’m really pleased that Fleshlight got Kira Noir on the team as the third black girl and those the new molding techniques work so well. The number of details is insane and it’s hard to imagine it looking any more realistic in the future, but we’ll see about that.

If you want to get some more information about Fleshlights in general then head over to Kinkycow’s Fleshlight guide.

My favorite is the Spellbound vagina sleeve which looks so good and the stimulation feels so nice.

I recommend the Kira Noir Fleshlight if you’re looking for an amazing feeling ebony Fleshlight sleeve.


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