Best Realistic Dildos 2023

Finding the best and most realistic dildo is not an easy task.

The sex toy marked has been flooded with poor quality products in the recent years and you have dig around before you find the best products.

I’ve put all my years of experience in the sex toy industry to good use and made a list of the most realistic dildos for you.

The dildos have all been rated according to:

  • Build-quality
  • Materials
  • Features
  • Price


Let’s have a look at the best realistic dildos.

Table of Contents

What is the Best Realistic Dildo?

#1 Johnny Sins dildo – the best choice

The Johnny Sins dildo is molded after his cock so you’ll get to experience how it feels down to tiny details.

It’s cast with Platinum cure silicone which is the best material to use in realistic dildos since it feels like real skin.

Its length including the balls is 8.12-inches of which 6.6-inches is insertable and the circumference is 6-inches which makes it a good size for most users.

the best realistic dildo Johnny Sins dildo


  • Very well build
  • Premium material
  • Good curvature for G/P-spot massage
  • Cheap


  • You need to buy suction cup separately

Johnny Sins realistic dildo conclusion

This is just an overall great realistic looking dildo that fit most women and men. It’s made with the best quality materials and it has a lot of details you can enjoy when you use it.

I recommend the Johnny Sins dildo as the overall best realistic dildo.

#2 Milan Christopher realistic black dildo

You’re getting a huge realistic black dildo with the Milan Christopher dildo which is a true size replica of his cock.

It’s made from the best quality Platinum cured silicone which gives it a nice skin like feel.

You can enjoy 7.25-inches of this massive 9-inch dildo and that should be plenty for most.

Milan Christopher realistic black dildo


  • High-quality
  • Looks and feels very realistic
  • Platinum cured silicone
  • Cheap


  • It does not include a suction cup by default

Milan Christopher dildo conclusion

The Milan Christopher dildo is such a classic big cock dildo and the small details makes it feel and look super realistic.

It’s made by Fleshlight which are known for their high-quality pocket pussies, they have used that knowledge to create an awesome line of dildos.

I recommend the Milan Christopher realistic black dildo to you if you’re after a big black realistic looking dildo.

#3 RealCock 2 the most realistic looking dildos

The RealCock 2 is a whole lineup of different sizes, shapes, and colored realistic looking dildos.

This is a very premium product and the ones that look and feel the most realistic of all the products on this list.

You should be able to find a dildo that has the perfect dimensions and color for your preferences.


  • Hyper realistic looking
  • Best quality material
  • Very well-made
  • Lots of size and color options
  • Does work with a standard strap on harness


  • It’s really expensive

RealCock 2 conclusion

The RealCock 2 is by far the most realistic looking and feeling dildo that’s available anywhere in the world right now. So why isn’t it number 1 one this list? The RealCock 2 has one massive drawback and that’s the price that goes from $499 to $799 for a single dildo.

This is way out of budget for most people and the only reason why it’s not on the first spot.  

I recommend the RealCock 2 if you got the money and simply want the best most realistic dildo in the world.

#4 Kingcock Strap-on realistic dildo

The Kingcock is quite a big strap on dildo so make sure your sex partner is well lubed up and ready to take on this 8-inch of realistic looking dildo.

It has veins along the slightly curved shaft and a big penis head to touch all the right places.

The strap on harness is easy to adjust with Velcro straps and an O-ring to mount the dildo.  

Kingcock Strap On Harness With 8 Inch Dildo


  • Big and curved realistic looking dildo
  • Easy to use strap on harness
  • Cheap for the stuff you get


  • Not the most durable materials

Kingcock realistic strap on dildo conclusion

This is a great strap on set with a huge realistic dildo that’s both firm yet flexible. You’re getting a lot of good stuff for a good price with this kit.

The Kingcock dildo is quite big so it’s certainly not for everyone, but there is lots of smaller options available.

I recommend the Kingcock realistic strap on dildo set if you’re looking for a large strap on dildo that looks real.

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#5 The D-Perfect Ultraskyn realistic vibrating dildo

The D-Perfect realistic vibrating dildo is made in the USA by Doc Johnson. It’s made of their Ultraskyn material which is a mix between TPE and PVC which makes it feel like touching real skin.

It has been molded after a real penis and it has veins down the shaft and a set of real looking balls.

The outside layer feels super soft and the inside is firmer so you’ll get the best of both materials.

You can twist the suction cup base off and access the vibrator inside. You’ll need to get 2x AA batteries which is not included.

The D Perfect D Ultraskyn Vibrating 8 Inch Dildo w Balls


  • Decent build quality
  • Realistic looking
  • Vibrator in shaft
  • Dual density
  • Compatible with O-ring harnesses


  • Not the most durable materials
  • No batteries included
  • No curvature

The D-Perfect realistic vibrating dildo conclusion

This is a great realistic looking dildo with a vibrator in the shaft and all the features you would want from a dildo. The dual density with different materials is a great touch and one that I wish more would make.

The vibrator is good, but my only complaint is the lag of rechargeable batteries which would have been sweet.

You can also use this in a strap-on harness turning it into a vibrating strap-on dildo.

I recommend the D-Perfect Ultraskyn vibrating dildo if you’re looking for a realistic dildo with a vibrator in it.

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#6 Max Konnor 8-inch realistic dildo

The Max Konnor dildo is made by Fleshlight and they have used the best quality platinum cured silicone for this beauty.

It has been molded after his award-winning cock and you get to enjoy all the small details of this massive 8-inch beast.

It does not come with a suction cup base, but there is a small silicone plug that you can remove from the base and insert a suction cup that you can buy separately.

Max Konnor Black Dildo


  • Very high-quality product
  • Platinum cured silicone
  • Lots of details
  • 8-inch long


  • No suction cup by default

Max Konnor 8-inch realistic dildo conclusion

The Max Konnor dildo is such a great and very detailed product that would fit well in any sex toy collection.

I recommend the Max Konnor realistic dildo if you’re after a big fat black dildo.

#7 Jake Bass 6-inch realistic dildo

The Jake Bass dildo is a molded version of his cock which has all the same details on both the cock and balls.

It’s one of the smallest dildos on the list with 6-inches in length and 5-inches circumference at the base of it.


  • High-quality product
  • Platinum cured silicone
  • Lots of small details
  • 6-inch


  • No suction cup by default

Jake Bass 6-inch dildo conclusion

This is the smallest true looking dildo on Kinkycow’s list of the highest rated realistic dildos. It’s a great option if you’re new to dildos or you’re simply not that big inside.

Its curvature makes it a really good G-spot/P-spot massager.

I recommend the Jake Bass dildo for all beginners and G/P-spot massagers if you’re into that.

#8 John Holmes 12-inch monster dildo

The John Holmes dildo is made after the legendary pornstar John Holmes cock and there are a lot of great details. The entire dildo is 12-inches long and is has a massive 2.5 diameter which is very thick!

Doc Johnson is behind this massive beast and they have included their suction cup base, but it’s not going to sit on and walls since it’s simply too heavy to hold. You can however use it on a smooth floor and sit one it (if you dare!).

Make sure you warmup before you start using it and use plenty of water-based lubrication.

John Holmes Realistic Dildo


  • Well-made with lots of details
  • Suction cup
  • Handmade
  • Cheap


  • Too heavy to use suction cup on walls

John Holmes dildo conclusion

Yep, the one and only John Holmes has gotten himself a 12-inch monster dildo made so you can enjoy his massive cock.

This is only for the few female sex toy extremist out there and it certainly require a lot of training to be able to handle this huge realistic dildo.

I recommend the John Holmes dildo if you’re after the biggest realistic dildo out there.

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Realistic vs unrealistic dildo

An ultra-realistic dildo can look and feel amazing but a normal penis is sometimes not enough. You might have special fantasies that require special sex toys or simply just crave a bigger dildo than any realistic looking dildo.

Different definitions of realistic

A realistic dildo is one that feels and looks like a real cock, but what about a dildo that’s molded after a real cock but made with unnatural colored materials? It’s all about the realistic feeling in my world but your view on it might be different.

Unrealistic dildo pros:

  • You’re not limited to the human physic
  • Strange textures and patterns can feel wonderful
  • They can be quite beautiful
  • Better for G-spot massagers

I’ve made a lot of guides to different special dildos that you might get inspired by:

Okay enough talk about unrealistic looking dildos, let’s have a little FAQ that I often get.

Realistic dildo FAQ

A: Go for a small and thin dildo if you’re new to dildos. I would personally pick the Jake Bass dildo which is “only” 6-inches long and “only” 5-inches around the base of the shaft.

A: The number 1 spot is Johnny Sins dildo since it has a nice curvature that makes it super easy to massage your G-spot. It’s also a quite large dildo which does the trick for most users.

A: The best and most durable material is Platinum cured silicone which holds it shape really well which preserves all the details of a real cock when it’s used in a mold.

A: Only use water-based lubrication with your sex toys – unless they are made of glass or metal.

A: Yep, just go for it, but make sure you warmup and use plenty of water-based lubrication.

Final thoughts on realistic dildos

A big realistic dildo is very high on the popularity list of dildos and I can only agree that the feel and looks of a well-made realistic dildo is truly amazing.

There are so many great options that looks fantastic so it’s just about picking one that fits your need and your budget.

I would love to recommend the RealCock 2 to you as it’s hyper realistic but the price tag is simply too high for my recommendation.

If you have the money to spend $499 on a realistic dildo then sure go ahead and get it, but some of the other options are really good for a fraction of the price.

If you want to know more about dildos then head over to my guide here.

I recommend the Johnny Sins dildo for you if you’re after a realistic dildo with a good price tag.

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