Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight Review and Test 2024

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Review summary:

Eliza Ibarra is a young petit pornstar with Mexican roots and a sweet innocent smile. Her Fleshlight sleeves are called Ethereal and Enchanted and they both offer strong stimulation and a tight feeling.

They are great for a quick masturbation session or can be used to train your ability to last longer.

My personal favorite is the Ethereal which is her pussy Fleshlight which is very interesting to use and offers great stimulation.

Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight review

This is what you get:

  • A molded version of Eliza Ibarra’s vagina or butt
  • High-quality male masturbator
  • Lots of accessory options
  • Great customer support and discreet shipping

I recommend the Ethereal Fleshlight if you’re a fan of Eliza Ibarra or simply want an amazing male masturbator.

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Full Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight Review Below:

Fleshlight just announced the next Fleshlight girl on Twitter and that’s the beautiful Eliza Ibarra. I’m looking forward to giving the new Fleshlight sleeves a try and giving it my rating.

But first, let’s get to know Eliza Ibarra a little before taking a deep dive into her pussy and butt.

Who is Eliza Ibarra?

You’ve properly seen her work before you know her name and story as it is with most pornstars. She is half Mexican and American with a tiny petite body and a beautiful innocent smile.

Eliza Ibarra

She kind of reminds me of a brunette version of Paris Hilton in her twenties and she has much more of a model look rather than a pornstar. This is not a bad thing to be clear!

Eliza was born in Riverside California on March 22, 1997, and got into porn at the age of 21. Her adult career is just getting started but she has already been nominated for several adult video rewards.

If you want the latest and greatest from her life then give her a follow on Twitter and get daily pictures and videos.

Okay, enough about Eliza, let’s get to know her inside a little more.

Eliza Ibarra Ethereal Fleshlight Sleeve

Eliza Ibarra ethereal sleeve

Her vagina sleeve is called Ethereal which means extremely delicate, it could be a reference to her petite body.

The front part is a molded version of her vagina with all the small details and her signature next to the entrance.

Her labia are quite big and have a beautiful butterfly shape that’s ready to welcome your hard cock.

It has a nice soft brown color similar to the Autumn Falls Fleshlight.

How Does the Ethereal Sleeve Feel?

It’s time to give it a test for the first time and I’m as ready as I can get. I prefer a thick water-based lube that I put on my cock and get as far in the Fleshlight as possible with 2 fingers.

The entrance feels nice and the first part of the Ethereal sleeve twists a lot with a ripple pattern on the inside for extra stimulation.

The middle opens up and the sides are covered with a lot of different textures that give your penis head a lot of stimulation. My cock is 6” long so I’m not able to reach the end, but it looks like it narrows in and ends in a super tight spot.

It feels a lot like the Mia Malkova lvl up pussy sleeve which has that same style of twisting first part.

You can adjust the suction by turning the lid on the Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight, give it a try, and find the perfect stimulation level for you.

It’s up there among the best Fleshlight sleeves.

The Ethereal sleeve is a really good sleeve for guys who enjoy tight and high-intensity sex.     

Eliza Ibarra Enchanted Fleshlight Sleeve

Eliza Ibarra enchanted sleeve

Her butt sleeve is called Enchanted, which is quite obvious why when you take a look at her beautiful butt. It’s hard to let go of the sight and you almost feel enchanted 😊

It’s made with the same soft brown material that feels so soft and skin-like once you put a bit of lube on it.

The Enchanted sleeve is also signed by Eliza and molded from her real butthole.

How Does the Enchanted Sleeve Feel?

Let’s give her butt sleeve a try – First off, the entrance is very tight and you can see why in the cross-section picture above.

The Enchanted Fleshlight sleeve has lots of textures that go around the inside in circles, you can feel that when you thrust your cock back and forth.

You can compare it to Kimmy Granger’s Revel sleeve which has the same kind of textures and tightness.

It kind of feels like your cock is getting milked due to the super tight entrance, not a bad feeling at all.

The Enchanted sleeve is like what anal sex feels like; super tight beginning and strong stimulation.

Get the Ethereal Combo Pack

You can get Eliza Ibarra’s vagina Fleshlight in a combo pack that included all the essentials to get started. It’s not necessary to get all the things, but it will make your experience a lot better and you can keep your new sleeves feeling new with the renewing powder.

Eliza Ibarra ethereal combo

The following are included in the Ethereal Fleshlight combo:

  • The Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight
  • Renewing powder
  • Anti-bacteria wash
  • 8oz water-based Fleshlight lube

Want a Hands-Free Experience With Eliza Ibarra?

You can now get the Eliza Ibarra pussy Fleshlight including the Universal Launch which will transform your Fleshlight into an automatic masturbator.

You simply strap your new Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight in the Universal Launch and let it stroke the Fleshlight.

Eliza Ibarra fleshlight launch

You can control the speed and stroke length with the controls on the Launch itself. This is taking your masturbation to a whole new level.

It’s also going to cost you a lot of money, but if you want the absolute best masturbation experience then this is the way to go.

Get It From Fleshlight.com and Stay Safe

You can only get the new Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight from Fleshlight.com right now, they ship from both the EU and the USA in discreet boxes.

One often overlooked advantage of getting your Fleshlight from the official website is that you avoid the risk of buying a counterfeit product. This is unfortunately a problem in this industry where well-known brand gets copied and sold cheaply on eBay, Amazon, and other websites that allow 3rd party sellers.

My Final Thoughts About the Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight

There is no question that Eliza Ibarra is going to be one of the biggest adult stars in the next years and becoming a Fleshlight girl has just proved that.

The quality of the molding has gone up in recent years and it keeps getting better and better, and Eliza’s Ethereal sleeve is a good proof of that. You can see all the tiny details in and around her vagina which is amazing.

I personally love her pussy Fleshlight with its twisting entrance and strong stimulation. If that’s your kind of style then the Ethereal sleeve is perfect for you or if you’re simply a big fan of Eliza Ibarra’s work.

I recommend the Ethereal Fleshlight if you’re a fan of Eliza Ibarra or simply want an amazing male masturbator.

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