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The newest Fleshlight Girl is Luna Star and I’ve had the honor to give both of her Fleshlights a try.

I personally liked both the vagina and the anal version but with a slight lean towards the vagina Fleshlight.

It got a really nice pop to it just like when you’re penetrating a vegina for the first time.

Luna Star Fleshlight Review

This is what I love about it:

  • It feels like a real vagina
  • The entrance is nice and tight
  • The material feels like real skin
  • It works with all Fleshlight accessories

I recommend the Luna Star Fleshlight if you’re a fan of her, Latina girls, or simply just a fan of amazing orgasms.

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Full review below

Fleshlight announced the newest Fleshlight Girl on 30 of May 2022 and it’s none other than Luna Star. I got a chance to play around with both her Glimmer (vagina) and Gleam (butt) Fleshlights which I’m super stocked about.

Before I start the review let’s get to know Luna Star a little just in case you don’t know who she is.

Who is Luna Star?

luna star

Luna Star is a perfect representation of what most men love about Latina girls; She has a big beautiful butt, large breasts and a cute face with big brown eyes.

She was born in 1989 in Havana, Cuba where she was raised until she moved to Miami to pursue a non-adult career.

But she quickly realized that her body was made of something special and she shot her first porno scene in 2012 and haven’t looked back since.

Luna Star has worked with most of high-end porno productions in her 10-year adult career (and still counting). She has been nominated to quite a few awards and won some of them including “Best Anal Performer of the Year” which I can 100% vouch for!   

Alright enough talking, let’s take a look at the goodies.

Luna Star Glimmer Fleshlight sleeve

luna star pussy fleshlight

The Glimmer sleeve is based on a molded version of Luna Star’s vagina which looks absolutely stunning.

Her signature is on the side for that personal touch which I love.

How does the Glimmer sleeve feel?

The entrance to the Glimmer sleeve feels nice and tight and you’re greeted with a wide range of internal stimulating textures from the first part to around 5-inches (12.5cm) in.

There is a very narrow gab at 5-inches (12.5cm) and it kind of feels like you’re penetrating a butt which isn’t a bad thing in my mind 😊

The suction cap at the end does really make a huge difference and you can set the suction level to what ever you like the most.

I personally love to start with a loose cap which creates very little suction and then tighten as I go.

Overall, a really good sleeve that meets all my expectations for a premium pocket pussy like this.

Luna Star Gleam Fleshlight sleeve

Luna Star’s butt version is called Gleam and it’s a molded version of her butt hole with her signature on the side.

How does the Gleam sleeve feel?

I was super excited about giving the Gleam sleeve a try because I love Luna Star’s anal porno and it would be the perfect time to enjoy some of her work while giving it a try.

And holy f**k I wasn’t disappointed!

The internal layout might look boring from a cross-section view but the continues wide-narrow-wide-narrow texture was way better than expected.

Just tighten up the end cap if you’re after a super tight anal experience or leave it open and feel every single texture on your hard cock!

I love it!

Where the Hell can I get it?

The Luna Star Fleshlights is only available at which is also the safest place to buy your Fleshlights.

You 100% sure to get a genuine Luna Star Fleshlight and not some cheap ass knockoff product that you might get if you buy from 3rd party websites like eBay and Amazon.

Your first Fleshlight – Get the Luna Star Combo Pack

Getting the Luna Star Combo Pack is a great way to get started with your first Fleshlight. It contains all the essentials that you need to get the best experience and take care of your new toy.

The Luna Star Glimmer Combo includes:

  • The Luna Star vagina Fleshlight
  • A bottle of water-based lube
  • A special Fleshwash to clean it
  • Renewing powder to avoid stickiness
luna star glimmer combo pack

I recommend the Glimmer Combo Pack if it’s your first Fleshlight and wish to get the most out of your new toy.

Or why not go Completely Nuts and get the Universal Launch Luna Star Pack

Just a small warning about the Universal Launch Luna Star pack – It’s bulky and expensive!

But it also gives you a unique handsfree masturbation experience that’s hard to come by.

This package is clearly not for everyone but if you take you masturbation seriously and want the best of the best then this is it!

This is what you get:

  • The Luna Star Fleshlight (Glimmer version)
  • A bottle of lube
  • The Universal Launch automatic masturbator
universal launch luna star pack

I recommend this pack if you’re not afraid to pay for the absolute vest masturbation experience with your new Luna Star Fleshlight.

My Final Thoughts About the Luna Star Fleshlight

It’s been a while since Fleshlight last had a new Fleshlight Girl and it’s no surprise that it’s a Latina girl. Latina girl Fleshlights like the Autumn Falls Fleshlight are very popular and Luna Star has a huge fan base which is going to love her Fleshlight.

But this is not just for her fans, both the Glimmer and Gleam sleeves are really good and you don’t need to be a fan of her to enjoy her new Fleshlights.

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