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2024 Update: Lelo just released a new version of the Hugo and I had the pleasure of testing it. You can read more about it in my Lelo Hugo 2 review or you can save money on the now discounted original Hugo.

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Review summary:

The Lelo Hugo is a luxurious prostate massager with a hefty price tag but that all makes sense when you see and feel the product.

The remote controller offers lots of settings and a hands-free experience which makes it a dream to use.

You’re going to enjoy Hugo’s dual vibrators that pack a punch and most likely result in amazing P-spot orgasms.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality Lelo Hugo massager
  • Remote controller for hand-free pleasure
  • Long battery life and rechargeable
  • Waterproof

I recommend the Lelo Hugo if you’re after a very high-quality prostate massager with lots of cool features that’ll make you life a whole lot more fun.

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I got into prostate massage over a decade ago and have had my fair share of products with a wide range of price tags.

But I’ve never mustered up the courage to spend over $200 for a prostate massager.

That all changed when I got the Lelo Hugo and my expectations were super high.

My First Impressions

It feels like a very luxurious product right out of the box or the box itself feels super nice with a leathery look and feel.

Lelo Hugo prostate massager

The Hugo itself is made of platinum-cured silicone which gives it a silky-smooth finish and it has a shiny metal base matching that of the remote controller.

There is a small silicone part that goes into the metal part, this can be lifted and reveals the charging port.

The Lelo Hugo has a nice shape to it with a pointy end and the butt part is shaped like a butt plug which ensures that it stays in place during use.

It’s supposed to be beginner friendly prostate massager with its medium size and I can only agree.

The remote looks super cool and nothing like other sex toy remotes that I’ve tried in the past.

What’s Included With the Lelo Hugo Massager?

The Hugo comes in a nice leathery box that contains the following:

  • The Hugo massager itself
  • Remote control
  • Batteries + remote opener
  • Charing cable
  • Storing pouch

I can’t wait to give this guy a test run and see if it can live up to its hype.

Using It For the First Time

The Lelo Hugo prostate massager is described as a medium-sized prostate massager suitable for beginners and more experienced users.

This part is for the beginners who bought the Hugo prostate massager as their first prostate toy and want a little guidance.

How to Use Lelo Hugo

Make sure that the device is charged and there are batteries in the remote controller before you start.

It’s a good idea to test the different settings before you use it so you’re more comfortable with how everything works.

  1. Clean yourself the best you can to avoid any surprises, this is after all going in your ass.
  2. Bring tissue (just in case) and lots of good-quality thick lubrication!
  3. Lay down on a bed and try to relax as much as possible as this makes it a whole lot easier.
  4. Apply a good amount of lube on the insertable part of the Hugo and in and around your butthole.
  5. Hold the Hugo so the shiny gold part is in your palm and the perineum massager part in between your thumb and your index finger.
  6. Gently press it against your butthole and try to relax as much as possible (I know it’s super hard the first several times).
  7. Push it in a little further when you relax and wait until you tighten up again. Repeat this process until it finally slights in and you’re finally good to go. Remember this is something you’ll get both physically and mentally used to and it will get a lot easier with time.
  8. Turn on the Hugo by pressing the “+” button on the remote and wait for a connection between the Hugo and the remote.
  9. Use the different modes to control the speed and intensity.
  10. Do it for as long as you like, a prostate orgasm is not a guarantee and it’s something that you’ll get to with time.
  11. Remember to pull it out slowly once you’re done and put it on some tissue to avoid getting stuff on your bed.
Lelo Hugo remote controller

My Personal Experience With the Lelo Hugo

My Hugo had a little charge right out of the box but I decided to give it a full charge before venturing any further. This is done by plugging it into the included USB charger and using a laptop port or wall-to-USB outlet.

The charging time to play time is roughly 1 to 1 and a full charge from zero takes around 2 hours.

It’s easy to turn on both the remote and the Hugo and let them connect.

I took my time getting used to the different operation modes that the remote controller offers.

It’s fairly intuitive and it shouldn’t take you long to figure out how it works, but there are a few settings that you should memorize to get the best experience.

There is no lubrication included but any high-quality water-based lubes should work perfectly. I just used a pretty thick lube to avoid it running off or evaporating too quickly.

It’s fairly easy to get in as an experienced prostate massager user but I can imagine it does take a little time to get used to if it’s your very first time.

Turning it on and playing around with the different vibration settings reveals a powerful dual-motor system that should make most guys cum.

The insertable part has a vibrator in it that makes the pointy part connect with my prostate glans in a truly amazing way. This is something that separates the cheap massagers with a bullet vibrator from the next-level products like the Lelo Hugo.

The other motor is placed in the perineal massager part which is a super nice touch that makes it way easier to reach climax.

I got the most wonderful P-spot orgasm after 10 minutes of use and it was nice to simply be able to turn it off with the remote and relax a few minutes to fully enjoy the experience.

The dual vibrator system combined with the remote makes this an absolute killer product that’s going to take prostate massaging to the next level.

lelo hugo 4 colors

Lelo Hugo FAQ:

A: Yes, completely draining the battery in your Lelo Hugo will reduce its battery lifetime.

A: You need a high-quality water-based thick lube. None of the watery stuff that just runs off or evaporates in a matter of seconds.

A: From 0% to 100% takes roughly 2 hours, but try to avoid draining it completely.

A: No, you still have the option of using some of the preset vibration modes on the Hugo itself. There is a button on the massager where you can cycle through the different programs and turn it on/off.

You have to turn off the remote for this to work.

A: The Hugo is the better of the two for beginners as the insertable part is shorter and should require less practice to insert and use.

This is however very individual and it’s super hard to get the right fit for first-time buyers.

My Final Thoughts About the Lelo Hugo

The Lelo Hugo prostate massager sex toy is in a league of its own in terms of quality and features.

Its unique remote-control operation makes it so much better to use compared to messing around with small buttons on the massager itself with lube all over the place.

It’s made for all experience levels which does come with a few compromises such as a little thicker design than most pure beginner massagers. This is however only a problem the first few times you’re going to use it and you’re going to love the extra girth with time as you get more experienced.

There is a reason why the Lelo Hugo made it to the top of our list of the best prostate massagers.

You’re always welcome to take a look at our other prostate massager review here if you wish to find a prostate massager in a different price range.

I know that spending over $200 for a prostate massager feels like a little crazy but it’s all worth it in my mind.

I recommend the Lelo Hugo prostate massager if you want the best quality that money can buy!

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  1. I brought this the other day and used it for a full two hours on a low power constant rumbling, My wife and children were out (she has no idea of my like of porstate play). I had six prostate orgasms over two hours and wanted more before it died, each orgasm seemily getting stronger each time. First time I came a huge amount close to 100ml as I wore a condom to collect (condom play is a huge kink of mine), the orgasms were 4-5 times more stronger than penile stimulation and went though my whole body and lasted up to two mins of my body shaking the last time only a few seconds and no come, it was amazing. Sex does not come close to the statisfaction I got through this. I am waiting to get a momnet of no one hme as you need time and space.

    But do not touch your penis at all it will be worth it.

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