Melrose Michaels Stroker Test and Review

Melrose Michaels Stroker Test Score:
  • How does it feel?
  • Tightness
  • Product quality
  • Price
  • Customer support

Review summary:

The FeelMelrose Michaels Stroker has a tight rippled internal layout which creates a strong stimulation when you use it.

I especially enjoyed the first couple of inches which gives a popping sort of sensation which feels so good!

Overall, a really nice pocket pussy that gave me a huge orgasm each time I used it, and I don’t see a reason not to get it if you’re a fan of Melrose Michaels work.

The only reason you shouldn’t get it is if you’re after a soft and loose pocket pussy, because this isn’t that.

Melrose Michaels Fleshlight review

What I like about it:

  • Nice popping entrance that feels so good
  • Tight tunnel from start to finish
  • Strong stimulation from all sides
  • High-quality product in life-like material

What I don’t like about it:

  • Not great if you’re looking for a soft and loose pussy
  • The back lid rattles a little when used
  • It’s a premium product, which comes with a high price

I recommend the FeelMelrose stroker if you’re a fan of her or just want an amazing tight-pocket pussy.

My Time with the FeelMelrose Stroker

It’s always a great day when I get new sex toys in the mail, especially when it’s from Kiiroo because I know it’s going to be good.

I just had the pleasure of giving the new Melrose Michaels a good run for the money the last couple of weeks and this review is the result of that.

melrose michaels fleshlight

Table of Contents

Design and Features

The Melrose Michaels masturbator is part of Kiiroo’s FeelStar series which is male masturbators based on pornstars. There is a molded version of Melrose Michaels vagina on the front and it has her signature on it as well.

The stroker has two parts, a soft sleeve part, and a hard plastic case with a lid at the back. The hard case makes it mountable in the Kiiroo Keon which is an automatic stroker machine. You can also mount a PowerBlow device on the back which can automatically create a sucking motion.

You can also adjust how tight it feels by twisting the back lid which opens up a series of holes that allow air to get in from the back. This reduces the suction and it will feel looser when you use it.

adjust suction

Sleeve Size and Design

The internal sleeve is 8.25” (20 cm) long which should be enough for most guys but it’s about an inch shorter than a Fleshlight sleeve.

melrose sleeve insertable length

Melrose’s vagina looks smaller compared to similar pocket pussies (see the picture in the comparison) and it’s raised much more. I wasn’t familiar with Melrose Michaels before testing her stroker so I have done some research (the joy of being a sex toy reviewer😉) and can see why they’ve made it like that.

You can see the internal layout of the sleeve on the box so you know what your penis is about to experience.

Let’s get ready for penetration.

Lube With Water-Based Lubes

Any type of water-based lube will work, there are only minor differences between cheap and expensive brands.

I’ve tested my FeelMelrose with 5 different products and I’ve yet to find one that is better or worse.

Just make sure it’s water-based and NOT silicone or oil-based, which can damage the skin-like material it’s made of.

Preheat for a Better Experience

It’s a must to preheat it if you live in a cold country, which I do. My preferred method is to submerge the Melrose stroker sleeve in warm water for about 20 minutes but a USB heating stick works if you got one.

It’s an extra step that’s not necessary but it’s well worth the wait in my opinion.

It’s finally time to give it a try – How does it feel to use?

A Nice Pop and Strong Stimulation

I’ve been testing the FeelMelrose sleeve for the last couple of weeks and there are a few feelings that keep coming back each time I use it.

The most notable internal feature is the kind of pop the front makes when you penetrate it. It’s not the very first thing you feel but around an inch in (2.5cm). I love this feeling and it’s especially nice because you can get it every time you thrust if you pull your penis almost out each time.

The second thing is the feeling of your penis moving over a soft rippled material which stimulates your penis head. The sensation is quite strong and is further increased due to the sleeve being quite tight. I’m not talking about the Dainty Wilder Stroker tightness (The tightest pocket pussy I’ve ever tested) but it’s up there among the tighter pocket pussies.

Overall, a pretty sweet pocket pussy that did not fail to deliver strong orgasms each time I used it.

Let’s Compare It to the FeelTanya

I’ve recently tested the FeelTanya and the feeling of using it is fresh in my mind which makes it the ideal choice for a comparison.

Stimulation level:HighLow
Entrance tightness:MediumLow
Internal texture feeling:RipplesSoft and bumpy
Labia size:SmallMedium
feelmelrose vs feeltanya

Both masturbators are great in their own way and you can pretty much choose the pornstar that you like the most.

My Final Thoughts About the Melrose FeelStar Stroker

FeelMelrose is yet another quality male masturbator from Kiiroo which works with all their accessories. You can turn it into an automatic masturbator if you pair it with the Keon or into a blowjob-style masturbator if you use it with their PowerBlow.

I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve spent with it while testing it for this review and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it as well.

Who should buy it:

Buy it if you’re a fan of Melrose Michaels or if you’re after a nice tight-pocket pussy with a satisfying pop to it when you penetrate it.

Who shouldn’t buy it:

Don’t buy it if you’re after a loose-feeling pocket pussy without much stimulation.


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