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The Megan Rain Fleshlight anal version is one of the best and tightest Fleshlights I’ve tried and trust me I’ve tried a lot!

The texture on the inside of the sleeve has a great mix of variety to make it interesting but not enough to make it feel weird.

Megan Rain Fleshlight review

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  • An amazing way to enjoy Megan Rain’s pussy and ass
  • A high-quality product
  • Good support and options for upgrading your experience later on

I recommend the Megan Rain Thunder Fleshlight

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Megan Rain is the latest pornstar to join the Fleshlight girls and I’m very excited to give her two love holes a try.

Let’s get to know who she is before we jump to the Megan Rain Fleshlight review and thoughts.

pornstar Megan Rain

Who is Megan Rain?

Megan Rain was born on June 13 1996 in Palm Spring California and has been an active adult performer since she turned 18.

She did more than 70 adult scenes in the first year alone which is makes her a very hard-working young lady.

You can follow Megan Rain on twitter here and get the latest and greatest news about her sexy life and a lot of nude photos, which we at Kinkycow love.

Where should I buy it?

You might find the new Megan Fleshlight on different adult toy websites but I would recommend that you buy it from directly so you’re 100% sure that you get the real deal.

There are unfortunately counterfeit Fleshlights in circulation the internet and the quality and feel are simply not the same.

Also keep an eye out for some great discounts on different bundles that include the Megan Rain Fleshlight, cleaning stuff and lubrication. You might be able to save quite a few dollars and avoid getting scammed.

Tips and tricks before you start using your new Megan Rain Fleshlight

To get the best possible experience from using your brand-new Megan Rain Thunder Fleshlight then you need to prepare first.

  1. Start by heating up the Fleshlight, this can be done in hot water or by using a sleeve warmer. You can read more about the Fleshlight sleeve warmer here.
  2. Use a healthy amount of lubrication, yes this feels like a real pussy but it’s not drooling with pussy juice so add plenty yourself.

Let’s have a look at the inside of the Megan Rain Thunder sleeve.

Megan Rain pussy Fleshlight texture

megan rain pussy fleshlight

The pussy sleeve is surprisingly tight the first 1 inch before you enter the first chamber where the inner walls is covered with jelly bean shaped things.

The first chamber ends after 3.5 inches where there is a narrow 0.5-inch part that let you into the “main chamber” where most of the sensation will come from. The inner walls of this part of Megan’s pussy is covered in diamond/lightning shapes (might be the reason for the Lightning texture name) and the area last all the way to 7 inches.

There is a very narrow part at around 8 inches but that’s about it for the “Lightning texture”.

What do I think about it?

I love the fact that the “Lightning texture” has such as tight entrance and the lightning/diamond patter in the second camber really did hit a sweet spot on my penis.

As I’m “only” 6.5 inches long I unfortunately did not have a chance to try the last part. But hit me up in the comment section if you’ve been lucky enough to give it a go.

Megan Rain anal Fleshlight texture

megan rain anal fleshlight

The Megan Rain Thunder texture as the anal version is called is very simple yet super detailed.

It has a small tight entrance and the entire inner sleeve has been divided into 3 sections of 3 inches that all have the same base texture of triangles and L shapes.

The first part has a thick layer of medium size nubs the cover the entire underside of the sleeve.

The second part has a lot of balls attached to the side

The last part has a bunch of squares in different heights.

What do I think about it?

I really love the “Thunder sleeve texture” since the texture take up a lot of space hence making it tighter. I don’t know about the last part of the Fleshlight but it looks kind of empty compared to the first 2/3 of it. But again, I don’t know how that part of the Thunder sleeve feels.

The Megan Rain Thunder texture gets a huge recommendation from me if your penis is 6.5 inch or shorter and love a good tight ass. You can also find her anal Fleshlight on our anal Fleshlight list.

If you wish this kind of texture in a pussy Fleshlight then take a look at my Vina Sky Fleshlight review.

Keep your Fleshlight clean and ready.

Clean it after each use

Keeping your Fleshlight clean is very important so you avoid any mad smell, mold and bacteria growth. You should clean it just after you’ve used to, this will make the cleaning process a lot easier.

  1. Just remove the sleeve from the case.
  2. Rinse under running warm water.
  3. Use a soap to clean of any lube
  4. Make sure it’s dry before you store it away.

I’ve made a more detailed cleaning guide that you can follow each two weeks just to make sure it’s nice clean and bacteria free.

My final thoughts about the Megan Rain Fleshlight

I love both of the Megan rains Fleshlight sleeve textures but if I would 100% go for the Thunder (anal) if I had to choose only one.

It’s tight all the way in and the inner textures felt phenomenon on my glans. It might not be the most realistic anal feeling but it definitely did the trick for me!

Take a look at our Fleshlight guide if you want to have a look at other pussy Fleshlight that might fit you better here.

I recommend the Megan Rain butt Fleshlight!


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I just got mine after reading your review. It’s a really nice upgrade to my hand 😉