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Sex toys for Women

Find the best sex toys for women

Sex toys for women have a long history compared to the male side of things but the development of new and exciting product has been stagnating for a long time.

But things are changing and new technologies like sonic waves and ultra-small and powerful vibrators have changed sex toys for women a lot in the last few years.

The rise of clit suckers which way not even invented when I started working in the sex toy industry over a decade ago has become one of the most popular sex toys for women.

Let’s take a look at the best sex toys for women.


Dildos is almost synonymous with sex toys for women and its history starts 1000’s of years ago and is by many considered to be the very first sex toy humans have used.

You would maybe think that a dildo is just a dildo, but there are 100’s of smaller subcategories of dildos that each try to achieve something unique.

Dildos are very affordable sex toys unless you go for the ultra-realistic triple material ones with incredible details that go for as much as $500 for a single dildo.

If you’re looking for a wide range of different dildos then head over to Kinkycow’s list of the best dildos which has a bit of everything.

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Vibrators is by far the second most popular sex toy for women and it’s in many ways a modern dildo that everybody knows how to use.

You can get vibrators with a lot of different features and shapes to suit your needs.

Many women find it hard to get an orgasm without the help of a vibrator which makes them popular to use while having intercourse.

You can find the best vibrator for you with Kinkycow’s guide that will walk you through the most popular vibrator options.

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  • Vibrating panties
  • Clitoris vibrators
  • Rabbit vibrators
  • Bullet vibrators
  • Remote control vibrators
  • Wand vibrators
  • Egg vibrators
  • Anal vibrators
  • Finger vibrators
  • Small vibrators
  • Tongue vibrators
  • Cheap vibrators
  • Pink vibrators
  • Thrusting vibrator
  • Butterfly vibrators

Double penetration sex toys

Double penetration sex toys can be used just by you and/or some of them can be used with a sex partner depending on the design.

The most popular double penetration sex toy for women is the double dildo which can only be used by one at a time.

You can read more about double penetration sex toys here if you want to learn more about the different types of products there is.

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double penetration sex toys
fucking machines

Fucking machines

Fucking machines for women covers a wide range of categories all the way from a $100 thrusting dildo to several $1000 machines that literally fuck you as hard and fast as you wish.

You can get a lot of different styles of fucking machines; some require you to lay down on all 4’s and take it doggy-style while.

The most popular style of fucking machine is the saddle style which you sit on while it does its magic.

If you’re looking for a great first-time purchase then head over to Kinkycow’s list of the best fucking machines and find one for your budget and style.

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  • Dildo machines
  • Portable fucking machines
  • Sex saddles machines
  • Sybian machine
  • Hismith sex machine
  • Lovebotz
  • Motorbunny
  • Shockspot sex machine
  • Sex machine chair
  • Thrusting dildos
  • Tremor sex machine
  • Cowgirl sex machine

BDSM sex toys for women

There are a few specific BDSM toys for women but the vast majority is for all sexes. You can follow Kinkycow’s guide to BDSM toys if you want a little inspiration in the of BDSM.

The female specific BDSM toys if mainly based around your clitoris, nipples, and vagina as you would expect. But one of the beautiful things about sex toys is that they can be used in a lot of different ways if you’re a little creative.

BDSM sex toys articles for women:

  • Female chastity belt
  • Clit clamps
  • Nipple clamps
  • Labia spreaders
pussy and clit pumps

Pussy and clit pumps

Pussy and clit pumps are kind of a different category compared to the other sex toys for women since they act more as a pre-sex toy.

You can increase your sensitivity dramatically with the use or either a clit or a pussy pump making you much more likely to achieve an orgasm when you have sex or play with other sex toys afterwards.

It’s not super popular and it’s really a shame because of the huge benefits you can enjoy while being “pumped”.

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BDSM toys for men

Most BDSM sex toys are aimed towards all sexes but there are a few BDSM sex toys for men only. They all focus on your penis and/or balls as you would expect.

BDSM is a combination of Bondage and discipline + Sadism and masochism which is a fairly wide range of styles so you’ll see a lot of different sex toys in this category.

I would suggest taking a look at our BDSM sex toys guide if you wish to dive a little deeper into this topic.

Articles about BDSM sex toys for men:

  • Chastity cages
  • Small Chastity Cages
  • Ball Stretchers
  • Male Chastity Belts
  • Penis Plugs
  • Ball Separators
  • Cock bondage

Sex dolls for women

There are 1000 of different female sex dolls but in recent years the number of male sex dolls have grown quite rabidly.

Things are finally changing so you’re now able to get yourself a super sexy realistic looking male sex doll. Guess what the best part it? You can upgrade to a bigger penis if you wish and it’s always hard and ready for you.

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  • Torso dildos
  • Black sex dolls for women

Didn’t find a sex toy for you?

There are plenty of other options to explorer and we constantly add more to our list of guides. On top that, the sex toy industry is quickly adapting new technology and we’re seeing an increase in new sex toy product types which is wonderful.

You can always check out the latest reviews and guides on Kinkycow to stay updated.

If you wish to explorer some other options then head over to some of the world’s most popular sex toy websites and browser their incredibly large selection of sex toys for you.

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