The Ultimate Onahole Guide 2024

An Onahole is a Japanese masturbation toy that comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing quite a few Onaholes during the last decade working in the sex toy industry.

Below is a handful of the best Onaholes that I’ve tried and I’m pretty sure you’ll find one that you like within your budget.

The products are ranked according to:

  • Build/material quality
  • Features
  • Price

Ereshkigal Cherry

$ 250
  • Full hip masturbator
  • Vagina and butt
  • Realistic size
Best hiphole

Panzer Girls

$ 50
  • 6.3-inches long
  • Realistic feeling
  • Dual layer design

La Vie en Roses

$ 45
  • 6.7-Inch long
  • Dual hole
  • Dual material

Table of Contents

Best Onaholes 2024

#1 Ereshkigal Cherry anal and vagina Onahole

The Ereshkigal Cherry is a hip, ass, and vagina Onahole that has all the features that you would want in a product like this.

The weight of it is 6 kg. (13.4lbs.) and it’s 26 cm long (10.6 inches) 40 cm wide (15 inches) and 18 cm thick (7 inches). This makes it ideal for several sex positions including hands-free masturbation, which the smaller pocket-size Onaholes don’t.

Remember to get yourself a hole warmer when you buy it. It’s just $20 and it will make your masturbation experience a lot better.

ereshkigal cherry onahole
Ereshkigal cherry onahole on table

This is what you get:

  • A high-quality Onahole
  • Both anal and vagina
  • Nice weight for hands-free masturbation
  • Real-life size for realistic sex
  • Okay price for what you get

What I don’t like:

  • It’s a little difficult to clean
  • No hole warmer included

Ereshkigal Cherry Conclusion

This is simply a nice masturbator that gives you both an option for anal and vagina penetration. The holes have different textures so you will get a different feeling depending on what hole you use.

The soft skin-like material feels amazing and you can slap the ass and it will vibrate like a real ass. I love the fact that it’s real-life size which makes it feel like having sex with a real girl.

I really love the Ereshkigal’s weight since it allows you to have sex with it hands-free without it moving too much around.

I recommend the Ereshkigal Cherry Onahole if you want the best dual-hole Japanese masturbator.

#2 Panzer Girls Onahole

Planzer Girls is a dual material layer Onahole which makes it feel extremely realistic to use. The second internal layer does add a lot of stimulation and a very interesting texture. It’s made with a special XTC material which makes it feel like real skin and makes it very durable and stretchy.

The inside is designed to give you as much sensation as possible and a strong suction that will drain your cock from all its love juices.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality pussy Onahole
  • Super soft texture
  • Dual material layer
  • Tight pussy with lots of sensation

What I don’t like:

  • A little more grip would be nice
  • It does not look that realistic

Panzer Girls Conclusion

This is such a simple and elegant design that feels amazing to use. The suction pulls you back in for more pleasure when you enjoy it.

Its size makes it feel even more realistic to use compared to some of the cheaper and skinnier products.

I love using it and can only recommend it if you’re after a simple pussy Onahole.

I recommend the Panzer Girls if you’re after a good simple pussy Onahole in a nice quality.

#3 La Vie en roses Onahole

The La Vie en Roses is formed like a body with small details like breasts, belly button, and a slim waist.

It’s made with a special “Magic Eyes Skin” that’s incredibly soft and flexible.

You’ll get a bottle of lube included which you can use on her rose-colored vagina and your cock.

This is what you get:

  • Good quality soft Onahole
  • Both pussy and ass
  • Very tight holes
  • Including lubricant

What I don’t like:

  • A little too tight if you have a girthy cock

La Vie en Roses Conclusion

The slim waist of the La Vie en Roses makes it very easy to hold on to when you enjoy it. It also makes you able to control the tightness a little if you want it super tight.

Its dual hole makes this little thing a great Onahole if you just wish to have one small all-round product.

The rose-colored labia are a nice touch and the material is so soft and nice to touch that it’s hard not to be carried away too much.

I recommend the La Vie en Roses if you’re after a small pussy and ass Onahole in super soft material.

#4 Makiko Nozaw Anal Onahole

Makiko Nozaw is called the Electric Shock Girl, but don’t worry she won’t shock you with electricity. She will however shock you with amazing vibration from the strong vibrator located at the top of the anal Onahole.

Oh yeah, did I mention the sweet dual-layer anal channel that can be all yours to enjoy?

electric shock girl makiko nozawa anal onahole
internal layout with vibrator

This is what you get:

  • Good quality anal Onahole
  • Interesting textures with lots of stimulation
  • The dual-layer makes it incredibly tight
  • Very cheap at just $25
  • The strong vibrator at the top makes it feel insanely good

What I don’t like:

  • No lube included
  • Too tight if you’re above average in terms of girth

Makiko Nozaw Conclusion

It was a pleasure testing this anal Onahole made after Makiko Nozaw. The different textures and tightnesses feel amazing and you’ll be coming back for another amazing masturbation session.

The vibrator adds another layer of stimulation and I enjoyed the trusting motion while being vibrated to orgasm!

It’s fairly cheap so anybody can enjoy it without thinking too much about their budget.

I recommend the Electric Shock Girl Makiko anal Onahole if you want an intense vibrating anal experience.

#5 AliceSoft Kirakira

The Dohna Dohna Let’s Do Bad Things Together KiraKira Onahole is made around the adult game called AliceSoft.

It’s a very simple pink pocket pussy style Onahole with a lot of different textures and a super strong suction.

It’s the cheapest Onahole on this list at just $29 and it should last you a decent amount of time if you take good care of it.

kirakira onahole

This is what you get:

  • Tiny Onahole
  • Very cheap
  • Pink material
  • Spiral structure
  • Including lubrication

What I don’t like:

  • Not super high-quality
  • Very skinny

Kirakira Conclusion

This is a nice little Onahole at a very cheap price and one that a lot of first-time buyers would love.

There are far better options but not at this low price point and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much.

I recommend the Kirakira if you’re after a cheap Onahole or love the adult game AliceSoft.

Websites That Sell Original Onaholes

You can buy real Japanese Onaholes in a few places that import Japanese sex toys directly from Japan. And then all the unoriginal products can be bought from more mainstream websites and marketplaces.

If you want true authentic Japanese products then you can get them from:

  • – Sex toys imported from Japan and distributed through their US-based warehouse. This ensures quick and cheap shipping and their customer support is amazing.
  • Kanokotoys – They import all their toys directly from Japan and sell them on their American website. They have a large selection of Onaholes, small Anime sex dolls, and hentai products.
  • Otonajp – One of Japan’s leading sex toy websites that ship internationally. You can find pretty much whatever you’re looking for in terms of Japanese-style sex toys and more Western-style products.
  • Motsutoys – This is a Dutch website that imports sex toys directly from Japan, they do offer worldwide shipping, but it’s going to be faster and cheaper if you live in Europe.

The Different Styles of Japanese Masturbators

Hentai Onaholes – This is a super popular kind of Onahole since Anime/Hentai has millions of fans around the world. They are often pocket pussy size and a decent one will cost you between $25 and $60.

Japanese porn star Onaholes – You can get a few torso products but most are them are the same size and price as the Hentai products.

Body hip ass Onaholes – These products often have both an ass and vagina to use and you can get them from very small to life-size products. They vary in price depending on the size and can be as much as $1000 and as little as $50.

You can read my guide to Onahips and find the perfect one for you.

Anal Onaholes – It’s basically just a normal Onahole but with a butt entrance for anal sex, there are quite a few different options, and it is always a good idea to read guides so you find the best anal Onaholes.

Blowjob Onahole – Again a very similar product to the normal Onahole, but hold on for a minute here because things have gone wild with blowjob Onaholes the last year. There has been a huge push in development and some of the newer high-end blowjob Onaholes are crazy good and feel so realistic that they in some cases feel better than the real deal.

I’ve taken a look at some of the options from $15 to $122 in this blowjob Onahole article.

Onacups – This is the cheapest and the smallest of all the Japanese male masturbator sex toys and you can read more about them in this Onacup guide.

Remember the Lube!

Using plenty of lube is important for your experience and the longevity of your Onahole.

You could use it with a small amount of lube or even a little spit, but you’ll properly damage it when you use it. The increased friction from a lack of lube creates small scratches in the material and they grow bigger and bigger with time until it completely breaks.

Small scratches are also very hard to clean so mold and other nasty stuff will grow in them if you’re not careful enough when you’re cleaning it.

A Good amount of water-based lube will make you’re experiencing much smoother and more pleasant.

Please avoid using silicone-based lubes because it’s super hard to clean off and you might damage the material that it’s made of.


A: A nice warm and moist hole is a lot more pleasant to put your dick in compared to a cold one. There are a few options for preheating it before sex, one is to use a USB Onahole Warmer, you can get one at Kanojotoys for just $10. Simply put it in while plugged into a usb port and let it heat up for at least 5 minutes.

You can also submerge it in warm water for 15-20 minutes if it’s a pocket pussy size Onahole. Don’t do this if it’s a large one with hips and ass.

A: It’s very important to clean your Onahole after each use. Use warm water with mild anti-bacteria soap and try to get the soap in all the small places where cum and lube might get stuck. You can get a hole brush if you’re fingers are too short to get all the way in. Try not to turn it inside out when you clean it since it can damage the material.

Make sure that you dry it off completely before storing it away. You can put a tiny bit of corn starch on the outside of the Onahole once it’s dried. This will help it from getting sticky and improve your toys longevity.

A: There are lots of different products in the male masturbator category, the most well-known is the Fleshlight. You can read more about Fleshlights here and pocket pussies in general here.

A: Most Onaholes are med of TPE, which is super soft and skin like, but its weakness is that you can only use water-based lubrication since other products might ruin your sex toy.

A: It’s hard to put them up against each other for a lot of reasons. The main difference between them is the price. A Fleshlight costs $79.99 and a good Onahole can be yours for around $30. Fleshlights does have some advantages including a hard case and the ability to adjust the suction in them, plus all the accessories.

But if you’re into Anime/Hentai then there is nothing like a real Japanese Onahole.

A: Yes, you can make a homemade Onaholem but you’re way better off getting a simple cheap Onahole. But I’ve made a guide to homemade Onaholes if you really wish to give it a try. 

Meiki Onaholes are very high-quality Onaholes from NPG. I’ve made a full guide to Meiki Onaholes here.

A: You generally get what you pay for with Onaholes, so a cheaper Onahole is much more likely to be worse than an expensive one.

But there are exceptions and I’ve explored some great options in my guide to cheap Onaholes.

The smell of another person can be enough to turn you on and it’s proven that scent is one of the most powerful senses that we have.

Sex toy materials does normally not have a very pleasant scent and it can be a barrier to cross that make it less enjoyable to use sex toys.

There are however options to prevent the off smell from sex toys.

Avoid bad smelling sex toys

Always wash your brand-new sex toys before using them, this has a lot of advantages which should not be underestimated.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should wash you sex toys:

  • Other people might have touched your sex toy during production.
  • There is often a bit of powder that reduces moisture on the toy itself.
  • You get rid of some of the off smell that comes from the sex toy materials.
  • It might have been in a pack for more than a year before you get it.

What can I do to improve the smell?

There are a few perfume products that are made very specifically to sex toys and are safe to put on your soft body parts.

I personally recommend the Hole Perfume which has been specially developed to be used inside male masturbator sex toys such as Onaholes and pocket pussies.

This is how you use it

Simply clean you Onahole or pocket pussy with warm water and a bit of mild soap and let it dry off. Once dry take it with your hand and expand the entrance with 3 fingers and use the spray a couple of times both inside and outside.

It’s might sound like a lot but it makes a huge difference especially with brand-new Onaholes and pocket pussies.

I recommend the Hole Perfume

I personally love the Hole Perfume as mentioned before and it’s a great value since you only use a tiny amount each time you use it.

Buy it where you get your favorite Onaholes.

Final Thoughts About Japanese Onaholes

The rise of Japanese pop culture in the West has sparked a huge interest in Japanese sex toys, especially in Hentai Onaholes.

You can now buy authentic Japanese Onaholes in America and Europe without dealing with imports from Japan.

You can get nice Onaholes for as little as $30 and some amazing hip and ass products in the $200 range.

I hope I’ve helped you decide what Onahole you should get and you’ll be happy with your new Japanese sex toy.

You can always check out all the Onahole reviews we’ve done on Kinkycow.

I recommend the Ereshkigal Cherry if you want all the best in a single Onahole.

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