Rhino Dildos Tested and Reviewed 2024

Rhino dildos are a very small niche, but there are a few products to choose from. I’ve used my decade of experience in the sex toy world to rate them, so you can get the best rhino dildo for your needs.

Not all dildos are created equal and it’s important to judge objectively so you get the rhino dildo you deserve.

I rate the products by:

  • Build-quality
  • Material choice
  • Features
  • Price

Let’s see what rhino dildo got the highest rating in 2022.

#1 Horny Rhino

$ 130
  • Handmade premium-quality
  • 5 Colors and 4 sizes
  • 2 Firmness options
The best

#2 Raging Rhino

$ 82
  • Massive 17.2-inches
  • Black or beige
  • Suction cup

#3 The Beast

$ 46
  • Very cheap
  • Suction cup
  • Dual density design

Table of Contents

Highest-rated Rhino Dildos:

#1 Horny Rhino

The Horny Rhino is a premium quality handmade dildo from Mr. Hankey’s Toys. They are known for their superior quality and it shows when you hold the Rhino dildo in your hands.

You can select between 5 different colors and 2 different silicone blends that have different firmness.

The Horny Rhino dildo is available in 4 different sizes and you can even buy it with a Vac-U-hole in the base.

What you get:

  • High-quality rhino dildo
  • Handmade with platinum cured silicone
  • Color and firmness options
  • 4 Size options


  • Very expensive
  • Even smaller versions would be nice

Horny Rhino Dildo Conclusion

This is by far the highest-quality rhino dildo you can get, but you’re also paying a premium. The “Small” version costs $130 and the biggest is $175 which is a lot for a dildo.

The colors look amazing and the details look so cool – The base is rather large and can easily be used to put on the flour and used as a sitting dildo.

I would personally recommend the medium firmness since the soft dildos tend to bend when used especially the bigger ones.

I recommend the Horny Rhino if you’re after the highest-quality rhino dildo.

*The link below leads to the front page of Mr. Hankey’s Toys – Just click on the shop and find the Horny Rhino dildo.

#2 Raging Rhino 17-inch

The Raging Rhino is a 17-inch-long dildo that can be bought in a jet-black or beige color. The insertable length of 35cm (13.7”) should be plenty for most users.

It’s 2.4 inches in width at the narrowest place and around 3.5 inches near the base. The veins stick out all along the shaft.

The base is a suction cup, but it’s a tiny bit too small which can result in loss of suction.

What you get:

  • The longest rhino dildo
  • Good-quality silicone dildo
  • Perfect for size freaks
  • 2 Different colors


  • The suction cup base is a little weak
  • It’s a little too soft
  • You need a massive budget for lube!

Raging Rhino Conclusion

The Raging Rhino is an absolute beast of a dildo that attracts size-hungry users who can’t get it big enough.

It looks kind of thin when you see it in pictures due to the long length, but don’t get fooled by it – It’s freaking massive!

The veins along the shaft can be felt down due to the huge girth.

I recommend the Raging Rhino 17-inch dildo if you can’t get it big enough!

*The button below contains an affiliate link to Amazon.

#3 The Beast

The Beast is a large rhino dildo with an insertable length of 21.5cm (8.5”) and it’s made of two types of silicone. The outer layer is soft and skin like while the inside is stiffer and firmer.

The base of the Beast is a suction cup that can both be used on a smooth surface or used as mounting in a strap-on harness.

It’s a Japanese product that you can’t normally buy in USA/Europe, but Kanojotoys (the seller) has specialized in selling Japanese sex toys to the wester marked.

beast rhino dildo

What you get:

  • Good-quality rhino dildo
  • Dual density materials
  • Very cheap
  • Including suction cup


  • Looks too much like a human cock

The Beast Conclusion

The Beast is not really a beast compared to the first 2 dildos on this list, but that’s the name of it and it’s still really big compared to other more “normal” dildos.

The dual-density design is a nice touch that makes it feel both soft and real-like, but also stiff enough to stand strong and to sit on without it bending.

You’re getting a lot of dildo for a small price and it’s well worth it if you’re on a budget.

I recommend The Beast Rhino dildo if you’re on a budget but still want good quality.

Are There Any Alternatives?

I know the selection of rhino dildos is very small but there are quite a few similar-style dildos that you should have a look at.

  • Horse dildos – There is a very large market for horse dildos and they look similar to rhino dildos so there should be a good chance that you can find one that you like. I’ve written a large guide to horse dildos before and made a list of the best horse dildos here.
  • Elephant dildos – Properly the closest you get to a rhino, but elephant dildos are also a very small niche so you’re stuck with a very limited amount of options. You can find my article about the best elephant dildos here.
  • Walrus dildos – Not the closest in terms of shape, but the size is very similar and they have a very special feel and look to them that might interest you if you’re already after a rhino dildo. I’ve created a list of the best walrus dildos here.

There are many different animal dildos with widely different styles and sizes to choose from. My guide to animal dildos might be interesting to you.

These are all very good alternatives that feel and look similar unless rhinos are your ultimate fantasy.


A: Rhino dildos are huge, so lube (and lots of it) is essential for a good experience. A good thick water-based lube is ideal, remember to reapply if you get any dry spots on the rhino dildo.

A: Use warm water and soap to clean it and make sure you get into all the small grooves. Pad it dry with a towel, never rub it dry since it can damage the material it’s made of. Once it is completely dry, store it away out of direct sunlight.

A: All the 3 products on our list can be used in a strap-on harness, but make sure you get one that’s wide enough to fit them. These are not “normal” size dildos, they do need extra support and a large ring mount to work.

A: The market is simply not big enough to justify the development costs of a vibrating rhino dildo, but we might see one in the future. I’ll be the first to review it and add it to this list.

My Final Thoughts About Rhino Dildos

Rhino sex toys are not super popular, but the quality of the few is pretty good and there is some for everyone.

I know that the Horny Rhino dildo is quite expensive, but I still recommend it. You’re going to love it and it will serve you well for years if you treat it well.

I recommend the Horny Rhino if you’re after the highest-quality rhino dildo.

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