Pornstar Sex Dolls Tested and Reviewed 2024

Pornstar sex dolls are in many ways the ultimate sex toy. You can use it for sex, blowjobs, anal sex, boob jobs, or simply just cuttle with it.

I’ve worked in the sex toy industry for more than a decade and I’ve tested my fair share of sex dolls during that time.

Below is a list of the best ones I’ve tried or one of my fellow sex toy testers have tried.

This is what they are judged on:

  • Realism
  • Features
  • Price
  • Support

Best Pornstar Sex Dolls 2024

#1 Eva Elfie Sex Doll – Best Petite Option

Eva has taken the adult video industry by storm and won several awards in her first 2 years including the new best European Starlet in 2020.

Eva Elfie is very popular on various hub sites and she is consistently among the top 5 most searched for pornstars on most platforms.

eva elfie sex doll


  • Brand – Silicone Wives
  • Materials – TPE body + Silicone head
  • Size – 163 cm. (5 ft. 4”)
  • Breast size – C-cup
  • Sold by –

My Personal Thoughts About the Eva Elfie Sex Doll

The Eva Elfie sex doll is well-made with a lot of nice details that makes it look very realistic. The fact that they spend over 2 years on development is a true testament to Silicone Wives determination to give you the most realistic looking and feel pornstar sex dolls.

I recommend the Eva Elfie doll if you’re looking for a very realistic and well-made pornstar sex doll.

#2 Romi Chase – Best Curved Option

The newest addition to this list is the Romi Chase sex doll that’s by far the most realistic pornstar sex doll you can get right now.

They used a 3D scan on her head and made the doll head an exact 1 to 1 with incredible details.

romi chase realistic pornstar sex doll


  • Brand – Only Dolls
  • Materials – TPE body + Silicone head
  • Beast size – 36H
  • Size – 160 cm. (5ft 4”)
  • Sold by –

My Personal Opinion of the Romi Chase Sex Doll

I was super excited when Only Dolls announced their new line of realistic pornstar sex dolls. The first one they release is the Romi Chase doll which looks amazing and so realistic.

Some are still available for preorder and you might be lucky to get the special release price if you’re quick.

I recommend the Romi Chase realistic pornstar sex doll if you’re into her work or body type and want to most realistic-looking doll right now.

#3 Stormy Daniels – Best Blond Option

Stormy Daniels has been in the adult movie industry since the early 2000’s but she is not as active anymore, but she is still gorgeous-looking.

She has been in the media quite a few times lately because of her lawsuit against Donald Trump because of an affair in 2006.

9 Stormy daniels sex doll


  • Brand – RealDoll Studios
  • Materials – Silicone
  • Size – 170 cm. (5ft 7”)
  • Sold by –

My Personal Opinion on the Stormy Daniels Sex Doll

I love this doll and it has become one of the best-selling pornstar sex dolls due to all the publicity she has gotten lately.

It’s the one to get if you’re after a busty blond pornstar and don’t skimp on quality. But be prepared to pay for it! You’re going to pay as much as a decent used car and the production time is 6-8 months, but it’s worth the wait in my mind.

I recommend the Stormy Daniels sex doll if you’re after a blond busty sex doll with lots of realistic features.

#4 Asa Akira – Best Asian Option

She is by far the most popular Asian pornstar and has acted in more than 500 movies and still going strong.

She has won lots of different adult awards in her career that started in 2007 and continues to this day for which we are very happy.

3 asa akira asian porn star sex doll


  • Brand – RealDoll Studios
  • Materials – Silicone
  • Size – 155 cm (5ft 2”)
  • Sold by –

My Personal Opinion About Asa Akira Sex Doll

There is no doubt that the Asa Akira sex doll is a great product, the material is very premium and feels great against your skin,

There is just one problem and that’s the price. Most sex dolls are made in China but RealDoll Studio makes their sex doll in the USA, which is very good but also very expensive. The price for a single doll is $6500 without any extra add-ons.

This is the same problem with the rest of the products on this list.

It’s a no-brainer if you have the money. Otherwise, you should pick one of the brands that are made in China.

#5 Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake have been staring in adult movies since her move from posing for magazines in 1999 and have never looked back.

She is one of the most awarded female adult actresses so it’s no wonder that RealDoll Studios made her into a pornstar sex doll.

If you’re into blonds with big breasts then you have properly seen her quite a few times.


  • Brand – RealDoll Studios
  • Materials – Silicone
  • Size – 168 cm. (5ft 9”)
  • Sold by –

Frank’s Conclusion After Testing It

My experience with the Jessica Drake sex doll has been quite the adventure, one that many might be curious about. This isn’t just any sex doll; it’s a high-end model crafted to mirror the adult star Jessica Drake from her likeness to an uncanny level of realism. The doll’s design is so meticulously detailed that it feels like a vivid extension of the person it’s modeled after. Testing it out, I found there’s a substantial difference between this and your run-of-the-mill sex dolls, both in terms of physical appearance and the overall experience.

The tactile sensations of the Jessica Drake doll surprised me, to say the least. The creators seem to have gone to great lengths to replicate the softness and texture one would expect from human skin, and it shows. From the first touch, it was clear that the doll was crafted with an emphasis on an authentic feel.

Interacting with it felt strangely genuine, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. There’s an art to it, the way the doll responds to hold, touch, and movement – it’s not just about visual realism but also how it physically feels. For those looking for something that elevates their experience with sex dolls, this one undoubtedly sets a new benchmark.

#6 Kaylani Lei

Kaylani Lei is a tiny pornstar with a mix of Chinese and Filipino blood. She started her career as a dancer in Las Vegas but turned to adult movies for Wicked Pictures and have made over 200 adult movies since then.

5 kaylani lei sex doll


  • Brand – RealDoll Studios
  • Materials – Silicone
  • Size – 150 cm. (4ft 11”)
  • Sold by –

Steves Conclusion After Testing It

I’ve spent considerable time with the Kaylani Lei sex doll, an intriguing offering from Abyss Creations, the makers of RealDoll. My experience with this model has been quite an adventure, exploring the nuances of what many consider a pinnacle in the world of high-end, lifelike sex dolls. The Kaylani Lei doll is designed to emulate the adult film star it’s named after, and it has certainly garnered a lot of attention for its craftsmanship and realism.

Throughout this review, I’ve shared my personal insights on everything from the doll’s aesthetics to its tactile experience. There’s a lot to unpack about the level of detail that Abyss Creations has infused into their creation. From the feel of the skin to the articulation of the joints, each aspect has been crafted to enhance the user experience.

#7 Lupe Feuentes

Lupe Fuentes ended her porn career in 2010 and has started a successful DJ career that specializes in Latin-inspired house music.

Lupe Feuentes was ahead of her time in many ways and made her own amateur adult website in 2007 which launched her adult career.

She is not the most well-known pornstar but I’m very happy that they added her as an option to their selection.

6 lupe fuentes doll


  • Brand – RealDoll Studios
  • Materials – Silicone
  • Size – 150 cm. (4ft 11”)
  • Sold by –

My personal opinion about the Lupe Feuentes sex doll

This is one nice looking Latin sex doll that is perfect for any man/women who love the Latina look.

The doll is also quite small so it’s easier to move around and clean.

This is a recommendation from me

#8 Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint began her porno career in 2011, she stated that she did it out of curiosity. She has made movies with a lot of productions including Brazzers, Hustler Video, and Wicked Pictures where she started it all.

7 samantha saint


  • Brand – RealDoll Studios
  • Materials – Silicone
  • Size – 173 cm. (5ft 8”)
  • Sold by –

#9 Alektra Blue

Alektra Blue is one hot looking brunette that you should know about if you haven’t already enjoyed some of her action-packed adult movies.

8 alektra blue


  • Brand – RealDoll Studios
  • Materials – Silicone
  • Size – 173 cm. (5ft 8”)
  • Sold by –

#10 Reya Sunshine – Sold Out

Reya Sunshine is a very popular pornstar with her own huge social following on both YouTube (ReyaSunshineTV) and Instagram(reya__sunshine).

I would highly recommend that you follow her if you want some extra juicy details from her sexy life.

1 Reya Sunshine porn star sex doll


  • Brand – YourDoll Generic
  • Materials – TPE body + Silicone head
  • Size – 165 cm. (5 ft. 5”)
  • Sold by –

My personal opinion of the doll

The Reya Sunshine sex doll is really well made and YourDoll Generic has done a great job of making it look sexy as hell! This is a full-on recommendation from me.

#11 Jessa Rhodes – Sold Out

Jessa Rhodes is one beautiful blonde girl with gorgeous breasts and a lot of things going on for her. She started working with Reality Kings and have since then works for more than 10 different adult companies and made a ton of movies.

2 Jessa rhodes porno star sex doll


  • Brand – YourDoll Generic
  • Materials – TPE body + Silicone head
  • Size – 170 cm. (5ft 7”)
  • Sold by –

My personal opinion of the Jessa Rhodes sex doll

This in one of my favorite blonde sex dolls of all time and it’s highly recommended if you’re more of a blond girl type of guy.

Customize Your Doll to Fit Your Needs

All the products on our best pornstar sex doll list can be customized in a huge number of ways so you can make the perfect sex doll for you.

You might not want to change anything about the body shape/size since you’re looking at a replica of a pornstar, but there are a lot of small things that you can change.

You can change the:

  • Eye color of your doll
  • How the breasts feel
  • Body tan
  • Pussy color
  • Hair/no-hair
  • Nipple size and color

There are more features that you can change when you select the pornstar doll you prefer.

Don’t you want a life-size pornstar sex doll?

There is fortunately a large selection of different sizes of pornstar sex toys. Let’s have a look at some of your options:

Mini pornstar sex doll – This is simply a scaled-down version of a life-size model, most of them are around 80 cm. (2 feet 7.5 ins) long and are way more manageable.

They can be bought online in different stores and are a very popular alternative the full-size dolls.

You can find some good mini-sex dolls.

Pornstar torso sex doll – Having only the torso makes it much easier to have sex with a sex doll since there are more space and no arms/legs that get in the way. You are left with all the important stuff, head for oral, breasts, vagina, and ass.

Pornstar pocket pussyThis is the smallest version and not a sex doll, but I still find it important to show you that they are available. I’ve made an article about Fleshlight pornstar pocket pussies here.

Why You Should Pick a Life-Size Pornstar Sex Doll

Now that you know that there are smaller pornstar sex doll options available, then why should you pick an expensive hard-to-move-around life-size doll?

Well, there are certainly advantages to the smaller options, but nothing comes close the having a full-size pornstar sex doll to your service all the time. It feels way more natural to use it compared to the smaller versions.

Sexy Clothes for Your Doll

It’s very easy to buy sexy underwear or dresses for your doll when it’s life-size. You can find all the measurements where you bought it from or measure it yourself and buy whatever you find attractive.

Is there anything I should know when I’m having sex with it?

  • Before – I recommend using a sex doll heater for heating your pornstar doll before you have sex with it. The warm feeling of the doll’s skin makes it feel so much more realistic compared to having sex with a cold doll.
  • Underuse – Use a healthy amount of lubrication, I would recommend an oil-based lube since water-based lubes tend to evaporate rather quickly. Make sure you reapply if you use a water-based one. 
  • After – Make sure you clean your pornstar sex doll when you’re finished with it, you should follow the cleaning instructions that you got with your pornstar sex doll. A clean and well-maintained sex doll is going to last you a long and happy time.

Final thoughts about Pornstar sex dolls

This is a very popular category of sex dolls for a lot of reasons and one that most men and relate since we all have watches porno and have our favorite pornstar.

If you’re ready make a sex doll purchase then make sure you buy one from a good company that uses tested high-quality materials and one you want to trust your details with.

You’re safe if you pick any of the products in our best product lists, they are all sold by companies with great track records that you can trust.

Just go ahead and do it! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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  1. It has been a while since Only Dolls released the Romi Chase doll, do you know if they plan on any more 3D scanned sex dolls like that?

    1. Yea I know. I think they planned on more releases but they properley ended up not selling that many Romi Chase sex dolls. There is a huge amoung of research and development going into making a custom sex doll like that and I don’t think it’s worth it for them.
      But I’ll send my Only Dolls contact an email, she might have something to share. I’ll keep you updated.

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