Bathmate Prostate Vibe Review and Test 2024

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Review summary

The Prostate Vibe is Bathmate’s first attempt at making a prostate massager and they have gotten away with it pretty well.

It’s a great prostate massager for beginners or experienced users who prefer a smaller-size massager.

You can enjoy the 10-speed settings while you build up to the amazing prostate orgasm.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality prostate massager for beginners
  • 10-Speed vibrator bullet
  • Rechargeable with USB

I recommend the Prostate Vibe to all men who wish to try prostate massage for the first time.

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My Full Prostate Vibe Review Below

Prostate Vibe is made by Bathmate which is known for its high-quality water-based penis pumps.

They have launched a small sex toy collection that I’ve reviewed a few products from in the past.

Today I got the pleasure of testing their Prostate Vibe which is a beginner-friendly prostate massager.

prostate vibe by bathmate

My First Impressions

I’m the proven owner of several of Bathmate’s other products and they are all high-quality so my expectations are pretty high.

The quality of the different components feels really good right out of the box.

The Prostate Vibe uses a different approach than other prostate massagers that I’ve reviewed in the past. It uses a bullet vibrator that’s inserted in the base of the massage unit.

There is a cap included that you can screw on the vibrating bullet and use it as a normal vibrator bullet on your sex partner or yourself.

This is described as a beginner-friendly prostate massager and I have to agree with that. The insertable part of the Prostate Vibe is quite slim which is possible because it doesn’t contain a vibrating motor.

prostate vibe review

What’s Included In the Prostate Vibe Box?

  • The Prostate Vibe massager
  • Bullet vibrator including a cap
  • Charging cable (USB)
  • A storage pouch

Let’s Give It a Try

I’m not a prostate massage beginner so the Prostate Vibe is not directly for me, but I should still be able to enjoy it.

I’ll be using it with my trusty thick water-based lube, you can get Bathmate’s own anal lube which can be bought together with the Prostate Vibe.

The vibrating bullet is quite big and I’ve tested its power before inserting it in the massager part and its surprisingly powerful and should be enough for most guys.

This is how it’s done

  1. Charge the bullet with the included USB cable.
  2. Clean your butthole, you can use lube to get started.
  3. Screw the vibrating bullet into the massager part.
  4. Apply a water-based lube to the massager part and your butthole.
  5. Hold the Prostate Vibe with your thumb on the inside bent and your other fingers on the outside with the vibrating part upwards.
  6. Try to relax as much as possible when pushing it in. You can do it in small pushes where you relax between each push, and reapply more lube if needed.
  7. Turn on the Vibrator with a single push of the button on the back of the Prostate Vibe.
  8. Play around with the 10-speed settings, ramp it up the further you go until the climax.

My Personal Experience

The Prostate Vibe slid right in with a push and lots of lube and sat nicely. The diameter of the part that touches your hole is very small so it feels very comfortable to use.

It slides a little out from time to time and it’s hard to use it hands-free if you’re into that.

The vibrating bullet is very strong and I started slow and increased the speed as I got closer to orgasm. It does however feel more like a perineum stimulator since all the vibrating power is right against your perineum.

I would personally choose a prostate massager with the vibrator in the insertable part since the power delivery is much better. You can get prostate massagers that have dual vibrators which is by far my favorite.

You should take a look at my review of the Lelo Hugo which has both dual vibrators and it’s remote controlled. It is however in another price bracket and a great upgrade down the line if you go for the Prostate Vibe.

Overall a great beginner product that’s very easy to use and offers a decent amount of vibration for most guys.

Prostate Vibe FAQ

A: Only use a water-based lube, you can get a special anal lube from where you also buy the Prostate Vibe from.

A: Yes, the Prostate Vibe is waterproof so go ahead and have some fun in the shower.


A: Cleaning the Prostate Vibe is quite easy since it’s waterproof. Just use a mild soap and rinse it off with water.

You can get a special anal toy cleaner from but it’s not needed.

My Final Thoughts About the Bathmate Prostate Vibe

The Prostate Vibe from Bathmate is a great little prostate massager with good quality materials and is well-built.

Its main appeal is to beginners who want to give prostate massage a try at a fair price.

You can read Kinkycow’s guide to prostate massagers if you want a little more information before you jump ahead.

If you want something with a lot more power and features then I would suggest Bathmate’s new Bathmate Prostate Pro which is a very powerful remote-controlled prostate massager. You can read Kinkycow’s review of the Bathmate Prostate Pro here.

I recommend the Prostate Vibe from Bathmate to all beginners who wish to try prostate massage.

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