Aneros Prostate Massager Guide 2024

Aneros is the original prostate toy design that made prostate massage possible for a solo person.

Their products have won several adult awards for best product design and much more.

Aneros awards

Aneros has 10 different prostate massagers ranging from beginner to expert and I’m sure we’ll find one that fits you perfectly.

I’ll walk you through the different Aneros toys so you’ll get the best Aneros for your experience level and body type.

A perfect-fitting prostate massager can be the difference between reaching a prostate orgasm or not, so it’s super important that you get the right style of Aneros toy.

Let’s start with the best options for beginners.

Aneros prostate massager

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Aneros Prostate Toys For Beginners 2024:

I just want to make it clear that a “beginner” toy may fit you perfectly even if you’re an experienced user. It’s all about trying different things and finding that perfect massager for your anatomy and style.

The MGX Trident and MGX SYN Trident

The first and most beginner-friendly product is called the MGX and it comes in a classic Trident version and a new and improved SYN Trident version.

You’ll quickly notice the material difference between the two models if you have them next to each other. The New MGX Syn Trident is made of really smooth silicone which is ideal for men’s sex toys and it makes it easy to get in.

Aneros MGX Syn Trident

This is what you get:

  • Easy to insert due to thin design
  • Moderately focused stimulation
  • High-quality silicone

MGX Conclusion

This is a great beginner product that most users will find easy to use and manageable to get into without too much trouble.

The SYN version offers more stimulation for a little extra cost which I would personally recommend.

I recommend the MGX SYN if you’re after a great beginner prostate toy with gentle stimulation.

The Helix Trident and Helix SYN Trident

Your second-best Aneros beginner prostate massager is the Helix and the Helix SYN. The SYN version is made of high-quality silicone just like the MGX SYN. There is a $15 difference between the classic versions and the SYN versions but that’s well worth the extra money in my mind.

There are 2 main differences between the MGX and the Helix and that’s that the Helix is thicker and it’s at an angle that gives you a more powerful sensation.  

This is what you get:

  • A thicker beginner massager
  • Stronger stimulation
  • Very responsive (more focused stimulation)

Helix Conclusion

The Aneros Helix prostate massagers are a very versatile product that suits both beginners and more experienced users.

It’s one of the most popular choices and it’s not hard to see why and feel why.

I recommend the Helix if you want strong prostate stimulation without dealing with uncomfortably large prostate massagers.

Aneros Intermediate Prostate Massagers

The Progasm and Progasm Jr.

You’re looking at two different versions that look identical, but one is shorter than the other and has a more compact design.

The size of the Progasm makes it a bit more challenging to use and it’s not advised as a first-time buy.

But if you love the shape and being filled out then maybe consider the Junior version which offers the same features in a shorter version.

Aneros progasm classic
Aneros progasm jr

This is what you get:

  • Thick massager for intermediate users
  • Strong stimulation
  • Two size options

Progasm Conclusion

A great option if you want to take your prostate massage to the next level and try something a bit thicker and get filled more.

You’re going to love the strong stimulation that the Progasm offers and the fact that you can get a more compact version makes it a great buy for second-time prostate massager buyers.

I recommend the Progasm if you’re leveling up your prostate massager game and want to get filled.

The Maximus Trident

This is quite a large prostate massager as the name suggests and one that delivers a strong stimulation and will fill you up.

It’s a big size and narrow base makes it sit firmly in your butt with little chance of slipping out.

The head of the Maximus Tridents is softly rounded and the improved perineum and kundalini points are going to massage the right spots while you go for that amazing P-orgasm.

Aneros Maximus

This is what you get:

  • Large prostate massager
  • Sits firmly in place even when moving around
  • Strong stimulation

Maximus Trident Conclusion

A great choice for you if you’re an experienced prostate massager user who wishes to feel a little more filled up during prostate massage sessions.

I wish they would upgrade it to the new silicone material, but this is what we’re working with right now.

I recommend the Maximus Trident if you’ve used prostate toys before and ready for even more.

The Vice 2

The Vice 2 is the successor of Aneros’ very first vibrating prostate massager “The Vice”. The new and improved version has a lot of cool things going on, including dual vibrators and a remote control.

It’s such a game-changer to be able to control it with the remote control. The LELO Hugo 2 has a similar design and it cost almost $250. So, the $150 that the Vice 2 costs seems a little better when you take that into account.

Aneros Vice 2 review
Aneros Vice 2

This is what you get:

  • High-quality prostate massager
  • Quite large
  • Dual vibrators
  • Remote controlled

Vice 2 Conclusion

This is quite a thick massager and one that will be hard to insert unless you’re a little experienced. But it’s not impossible with a little training, so if you’re into vibrating prostate massagers then the Vice 2 is it!

You are however going to pay a hefty price for it but you’re also going to get a high-tech prostate massager that’s going to massage your prostate in a whole new way.

I recommend the Vice 2 vibrating prostate massager if you want good quality from Aneros and automatic vibrations.

Aneros Advanced Prostate Massagers

The Eupho and Eupho SYN Trident

Eupho and Eupho Syn are a special couple of prostate massagers since they are good for both complete newbies and advanced users who have tried it all.

The reason for that is the super slim design that makes it very easy to insert for newbies but at the same time offers a way more focused stimulation to a smaller area which requires more technique.

I would personally recommend the MGX SYN for beginners but the Eupho’s design is even slimmer if you’re worried about that.

Aneros Eupho Syn

This is what you get:

  • Super slim prostate massager
  • Available in 2 options
  • High-quality
  • Perfect for high experienced users

Aneros Eupho SYN TridentConclusion

You’re able to massage a very tiny spot with the Eupho massager, but you’re able to do it very precisely which gives a very strong stimulation.

Other massagers are built to massage a large area and simply hope to hit the right spot, which is perfect for beginners and less experienced users.

I recommend the Aneros Eupho SYN Trident if you got the experience and know where your own speciaæ spots are.

How Should I Use It?

There are several different ways to use an Aneros prostate massager, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can enjoy it.

Make sure you clean yourself properly before any anal play!

  • Solo play – This is fairly straightforward and the most common way to enjoy it if you’re a first-timer.
    Lube up in and around your asshole and simply work the Aneros massager in. This might take some time if it’s your first time but don’t let it discourage you.
    Move it around and get a feel for what feels nice and what doesn’t and start massaging when you hit the right spot, you’ll know it once you’re there.
    Simply continue until you get a prostate orgasm or stop whenever you don’t feel like it anymore.
    There is no guarantee for an orgasm the first few times, it does require a bit of training.
  • During sex – The Aneros massager toys are super nice to wear while you have sex and it adds a whole new level of pleasure to an already super pleasureful activity.
    I would recommend that you give it a try solo a few times so you’re more comfortable with how to get the Aneros in and sit in the right place. You don’t want to ruin the mood by spending 10 minutes trying to get it in.
  • Daily routine – Why not spice your normal daily routines up a notch and wear your Aneros while you go shopping or while sitting watching a movie? The thinner designs (Eupho and MGX) are ideal for this type of usage.

But at the end of the day, it is all up to you how you use it and there are countless ways to enjoy your Aneros products.

Aneros FAQ

A: I’m a huge fan of the new silicone that’s used in the SYN versions of the Aneros products. They are $15 more expensive but it’s well worth it.

A: Don’t do that, there is no point in sleeping with one in your butt.

A: You should stick to thick water-based lubes since they offer the most lubrication without damaging the toys.

A: There are a few things that you can do to make it more comfortable to insert and that’s; Make sure you lube plenty of lube, use a beginner-friendly massager, take it easy and slow, and don’t let failure discourage you from trying again.

A: No, you don’t have to, but it’s highly recommended for your own sake. There are plenty of tools that are designed to do that, or simply use a mild soap and your fingers.

A: I’ve written quite a few prostate massager reviews over the years and you can find them at Kinkycow’s prostate massager reviews.

My Final Thoughts About Aneros

Aneros offers so many different styles of prostate massagers and you’re likely to find a perfect match for you.

Give the beginner-friendly prostate massagers a try if it’s your first time or why not try some of the more advanced products if you’re a more experienced user?

I personally love the Aneros MGX SYN Trident which is nice and easy to insert and offers good stimulation.

You’re always welcome to contact me if you have any questions about Aneros products or prostate massagers in general.

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