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  • Product selection
  • Prices
  • Support
  • Transparancy

Review summary:

Silicon Wives have over 200 sex dolls for sale in a wide range of categories. But you’re not going to find any cheap sex dolls since Silicon Wives only sell the highest-quality sex dolls.

Their support is good for North American consumers with both phone, chat, and email support than is very helpful and friendly.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality sex doll selection
  • Good support for North America
  • Few premade sex dolls for quick shipping
  • American based company

I recommend getting your next sex doll from Silicon Wives if you live in North America.

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Silicon Wives was founded in 2015 and is located in New York. Their main goal is to provide premium-quality sex dolls to men all around the world.

Silicon Wives

What sex dolls can I get at

Silicon Wives does not have a very big selection of sex dolls, but all their dolls are made by high-quality sex doll manufactures.

They have a little over 200 sex dolls for sale at the time of writing (May 2021) with the majority being TPE dolls and a small selection of silicone sex dolls, which is kind of ironic given the name of the shop.

You can check out their overall menu of sex dolls below.

sex dolls from Silicon Wives

I wish they would segment their sex dolls a little more so it would be easier to find the correct style of sex doll without being forced to scroll though pages.

They have a bunch of really nice fantasy sex dolls, but they are nowhere to be found in their menu….

How do you customize a sex doll on

The number of options is determined by the manufacture of the sex doll and can vary a lot. I would personally have preferred their options to be bigger so it would be clearer what you select and how it looks compared to the other options.

You should only browse Silicon Wives website on a laptop or desktop for the best experience. The options are very close to easy other on mobile and you might select the wrong option. Using a large screen device is generally a good idea with all large purchases online. 

The 3 customization options in the bottom are premium options that will add to the total cost of the sex doll. I personally love the “Extra soft TPE” option which makes the boobs feel super realistic and nice.

How do I pay?

You can buy products from Silicon Wives with all the most popular credit cards and the most popular crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

You also have the option to “Slice” the payment into smaller payments with Klarna, which is very useful since sex dolls aren’t exactly cheap.

Get a discount

Silicon Wives are running a promotion where you get 10% off your first purchase if you sign up to their mailing list. This is done with their popup or in the bottom of

Silicon Wives discount code

This could easily save you $200 or more and it’s super quick to sign-up, you can always unsubscribe after you’ve purchased your brand-new sex doll.

When can I expect to get my new sex doll from Silicon Wives?

Silicon Wives does have a few sex dolls ready for shipment which mean that you can order a new sex doll from Silicon Wives today and get it within 3 working days!

You can also order one of their many models that are customizable and it will be made to your specifications and shipped to you.

This process usually takes 2-3 weeks and even longer during busy periods and/or holidays. From clicking “order now” to getting your new sex doll from Silicon Wives could take up to 5 weeks with manufacturing, paper work, shipping, and customs.

Testing the customer support

Silicon Wives email support is fairly quickly in my tests and responded within 8-10 hours. I’ve tested their email support 3 times with an 8-hour delay to see how quick they would respond in different time zones/time of day.

They do have a live chat which was offline most of the time when I was online, this is most likely because I live in Europe and Silicon Wives is based in USA.

But their live chat is very helpful and Fraser (the guy I chatted with) was very friendly and quick to respond.  

You can also contact them on phone on 1-888-644-7592, it is answered between Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. They don’t mention what time zone that is but giving their location I would assume GMT-4.

How do I return or cancel a sex doll from Silicon Wives?

You can cancel an order from Silicon Wives within the first 24 hours and get all your money back. Orders after 24 hours can’t be canceled since manufacturing has already started.

All dolls are manually inspected before shipping to ensure the highest quality standards, but should your sex doll be damaged during shipping than contact Silicon Wives as soon as possible on [email protected].

Final thoughts about

Silicon Wives is quite a small sex doll shop which is perfectly fine. This allows them to have better control over the products they offer and ensure that they all meet their high-quality standards.

They do ship to most none-Muslim countries but there are better options if you live in Europe or Asia.

You can always find other sex doll shop reviews if you want to find an alternative that is closer to your location.

I would recommend you getting your next sex doll from Silicon Wives if you’re a North American buyer.

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