Ultimate Squirting Dildos Guide 2024

A squirting/cumming dildo is an amazing way to enjoy the money shot if you play with it alone.

Or why not take the opportunity and cum all over your male sex partner?

The use options are many and so are the products.

Let’s take a look at some of the best squirting dildos and find one that suits you the best.

All the ejaculating dildos have been rated according to:

  • They build/material quality
  • Price
  • Features

Big Shot

$ 148
  • 7.5 inches
  • Vibrating
  • Suction cup

Squirting Cock

$ 90
  • 5 inches
  • Realistic
  • Suction cup

King Cock

$ 86
  • 7.25 inches
  • Realisitc
  • Curved for G-spot massage

Table of Contents

The Best Squirting Dildos 2024

#1 Vibrating Squirting Dildos

The Big Shot 8-inch Vibrating and squirting suction cup dildo has all the features that you could wish for.

It all comes in the form of a firm 8-inch-long silicone dildo with big veins down the shaft for extra sensation when used.

vibrating squirting dildo


  • High-quality 8-inch silicone dildo
  • Automatic squirting feature
  • Strong vibrator
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Suction cup for hands-free use


  • The squirting mechanism is loud
  • Only holds enough for one squirt
  • Expensive

Vibrating Squirting Dildo Conclusion

This is a unique design that lets it have both a squirting feature and a strong vibrator inside. This does however come with a hefty price tag but it’s all worth it in my opinion.

It’s quite firm so this is not something that you should get if you’re into super soft flexible dildos.

I love that they’ve managed to include the control buttons on the bottom of the dildo shaft which makes it easy to use. There are even lights under the buttons when they are active for ease of use in the dark.

I recommend the “Big Shot 8-inch” dildo to you if you want lots of features and are willing to pay for quality.

#2 Realistic Squirting Dildo From Doc Johnson

The Doc Johnson realistic-looking squirt dildo uses a syringe-style squirting mechanism, you simply press the syringe when you need the dildo to squirt.

Its relatively small size makes it a good beginner dildo or if you just prefer a smaller dildo.

Make sure that you get it from tootimid.com since they will ship it with the syringe and a bottle of fake semen. Not all sellers do that which leaves some buyers with a disappointing feeling.

doc johnson realistic squirting dildo



  • Made of Jelly/Rubber
  • Expensive for the material used
  • The “Splooge Juice” bottle is small

Doc Johnson Squirting Dildo Conclusion

This is a decent product that looks and feels nice but I don’t like the materials used.

The shaft is quite thick so make sure you’re ready to be filled out thickness-wise. It’s 7-inches long with only 5 of them being insertable.

I recommend the Doc Johnson realistic-looking squirting dildo if you love a thick squirting cock.

#3 Black Squirting Dildo X-Long and Thick

This extra-long black dildo with a squirting feature has been made to look like a real cock and they have done an amazing job.

It’s 9 inches long and you can enjoy more than 7 of them inside you or why not suck it off and squirt in your face or all over your body. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy this black-ejaculating beauty.

The design of the shaft is curved so it’s easier to hit the G-spot and there should be plenty of length to satisfy most users.


  • Big black squirting dildo
  • Looks and feels very realistic
  • Including 2 oz. bottle of Jizzle Juice
  • Very easy to use


  • Made of PVC
  • The ball pump might leak

King Cock Black Squirting Dildo Conclusion

This is one nice black squirting dildo that’s very easy to fill up with the included Jizzle Juice and enjoy. I just wish that they’d made it of silicone instead of PVC.

It does however look and feel realistic if that’s important to you.

I recommend the King Cock X-Long black squirting dildo if you want to be filled to the max and enjoy being cummed on.

#4 Lifelike Suction Cup Dildo That Squirts

It’s made by Pink B.O.B. which is known for its budget-friendly women’s sex toys of decent quality.

The entire thing is 7.5-inches long of which you can enjoy an insertable length of 5.4-inches. It’s made of TPE material that makes it super soft but also porous so make sure you clean it well after use and avoid being too rough with it.

beginner ejaculating dildo


  • Soft beginner-friendly dildo that squirts
  • Squeeze ball design
  • Easy to use and refill
  • Cheap


  • Made from TPE

Lifelike Dildo That Squirts Conclusion

The name of this dildo suggests that it’s lifelike, but I don’t know about that part. It looks more like a normal dildo with veins but very few details.

I know it’s just a minor detail but it kind of pisses me off that they name their products misleading.

But to be fair – this is a nice beginner-friendly dildo with a squeeze ball design squirting feature.

I recommend the Lifelike suction cup dildo that squirts if you want to cheap beginner-friendly dildo that squirts.

#5 Squirting Strap-on Dildo

A squirting strap-on dildo including a harness for a budget-friendly price, yep that’s right. This is perfect if you and your partner want to enjoy some strap-on dildo action and still get that perfect money shot.

The dildo is 8.5-inches long and you can enjoy 6.5 of them both solo or by putting it in the included harness.

The harness fits up to a 60-inch waist and it includes 2 metal mounting rings so you can change the dildo anytime you like.

squirting strap-on dildo


  • Squirting dildo with strap-on harness
  • Can be used with other dildos
  • Squeeze balls for squirting action


  • Made of TPR

Squirting Strap-on Dildo Conclusion

This all-in-one kit is a great starter pack if you want to join the world of strap-on dildos and get some squirting action going on at the same time.

The harness comes with 2 locking rings so you can use it for other standard-sized strap-on dildos if you wish to expand your collection later on.

The dildo itself is firm yet flexible and it should be long and wide enough for most users. My only complaint about it is the choice of material which is TPR. I would always recommend silicone, but that does however also raise the price.

It works by filling up the balls with water closing it and then squeezing the balls when you want it to squirt.

I recommend the Natural Realskin squirting strap-on dildo if you want to enjoy strap-on sex and some squirting action.

How Does a Squirting Dildo Work?

A cumming dildo works by shooting out cum/water when you activate the pumping feature, it’s simply just a dildo other than that.

This is how it’s done:

  1. Fill the pump, syringe, or the base of the dildo with your preferred fluid.
  2. Use the dildo on yourself or a partner.
  3. Tricker the squirting mechanism once you want to enjoy that squirting action.
  4. Clean it properly after use.

What Kind of “Semen” Fluids Should I Use?

There are many options when it comes to semen-like fluids that can be used as cum in a dildo but not all options are suitable for all use cases.

Let’s divide the options into two different groups for the sake of simplicity.

Edible Cum Options:

  • Water – This might not have the same texture or look but it’s free and super easy to clean up compared to the other options.
  • Homemade cum – There are a few guides online that will teach you how to make your edible cum and it’s super fun to mix and match to your preferences.

Non-Edible Cum Options:

  • Splooge Juice – This is a water-based fake semen fluid made by Doc Johnson and it body safe but not edible.
  • Jizzle Juice – This stuff is made for King Cock and it looks and feels like real cum. it states that it’s body safe on the package but you should not consume it.

Tip: Preheat the fluid to body temperature so you avoid any cold shock or play around with it if you’re into temperature play.

Tip 2: You can mix any water-based semen fluids with water. This helps with cleaning and you get much more for your money. It also comes out of the dildo a lot quicker for a more powerful squirt.

Remember to Clean it

Cleaning your sex toys is always very important and a squirting dildo is no different. But there are a few key differences that you should keep in mind when cleaning it.

  • Body fluids/lubrication can get in the squirting channel and it can be very difficult to rinse it off as you would do with a “normal” dildo. Most squirting dildos are designed with an external pump that contains the semen fluid. Simply clean that first fill it with fresh water and pump that through the dildo until it’s clean inside. You might want to refill it a couple of times to make sure it’s completely clean.
  • Leave the different parts out so they can dry completely. The tube, pump, and dildo all contain small spaces where no towel can get to, so leaving it out to dry is your best option.

Final Thoughts About Dildos With Squirting Feature

Dildos are the oldest sex toy known to mankind and it has been around for thousands of years. It’s only in the last few decades that the dildo has evolved significantly so you’re able to get both vibrating and squirting dildos now.

I love the innovation that’s going on in the sex toy industry and I’m sure we’ll see even more feature-rich dildos in the coming years.

It has been super fun testing and reviewing the different ejaculation dildos that have been through the Kinkycow bedroom.

I recommend the Big Shot 8-inch vibrating dildo with an automatic squirting feature if you want the best quality squirting dildo that you can get right now.  

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