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Review summary:

I just had the absolute pleasure of testing the new Sky Bri Fleshlight last week and it delivered what it should: Orgasms.

I found the slightly offset internal layout to be a nice change and it offered plenty of stimulation. The tightness is medium so look elsewhere if you’re after a very tight Fleshlight.

My only complaint about it is the way they have molded Sky Bri’s vagina; it looks pretty bad compared to what I’ve seen on video and pictures.

Overall, it’s a really nice Fleshlight that’s going to make a lot of men happy 😊

Sky Bri Fleshlight in hand

This is what I like about it:

  • It gave me an orgasm each time I used it
  • The level of stimulation is great
  • I can feel all the textures inside the Celestial sleeve
  • It’s quick and easy to clean

I recommend the Sky Bri Fleshlight if you’re a fan of her work or if you just want a freaking amazing pocket pussy.

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My Full Review of the Sky Bri Fleshlight After Testing it

I normally do a little introduction of the pornstar when I review their products, but who the fuck doesn’t know Sky Bri????

I feel like it would be a waste of my and your time – But if you’ve been living under a rock then go and follow her on Instagram or pay for her content on OnlyFans, it’s worth it!

How the Hell did Fleshlight Mold Her Vagina So Badly?

The general molding technique has gotten so good from Fleshlight in the last few years that it makes me want to cry when I see how they did Sky Bri’s vagina.

It looks like a shaved Pug dog face with huge wrinkles or are they extra sets of Labia?

Anyway, I’m not here to admire its outside but to pound the inside and we all know her vagina looks freaking sexy as fuck on video. I haven’t had the pleasure to see it in real life but I’m sure it looks even more amazing.

Let’s Give It a Try

All right, enough talk let’s get down to business and preheat it before giving it a try. You do preheat your pocket pussies, right? Well, you should because it makes it feel incredible compared to penetrating a cold hole, and think about how hot Sky Bri’s vagina is, it would be a shame not to enjoy that.

Just pull the Celestial sleeve (which is the name of Sky Bri’s vagina Fleshlight sleeve) out of the hard case and submerge it in warm water. I use warm tap water in a sink, all it needs is 15 minutes to get up to a nice temperature.

celestial sleeve in warm water

Put it back in the hard case and apply a bit of water-based lube on your penis and the first part of the sleeve. You can always add more if you feel any dryness, but it’s harder to remove if you get too much in there.

I’ve tested the Sky Bri Fleshlight 5 times this week and penetrating feels freaking nice every single time!

It’s not overly tight but has a nice soft feel and I can feel the different textures inside stimulating my penis from all sides.

It’s not the most advanced texture which I’m perfectly fine with, it’s much better to feel the different textures than to have too fine details that get lost in the pounding.

I’m a huge fan of the slightly offset chambers inside the Celestial sleeve which makes it feel tighter than it really is. It reminds me of Mia Malkova’s Fleshlight which has a slightly wave design.

I got a huge orgasm each time I used it and it’s hard for me to find things that I dislike about it. Sure, it’s not perfect and the vagina mold could have been so much better but the overall feel of it is amazing.

Overall, it is a nice soft stimulating Fleshlight that I’m sure you’re going to love.

Clean it with FleshWash

Or use a mild anti-bacterial soap without any added fragrance or whatever unnecessary shit companies put in their products.

Both the Sky Bri vagina and butt sleeves are open-ended which makes it easy to clean compared to closed-ended male masturbators.

Pull the sleeve out and rinse it through with warm tap water from both sides until the water runs clean. I can usually do this in 10 seconds with the Celestial sleeve but the Astral sleeve (Butt version) has a lot more fine details which roughly doubles the cleaning time. Still very easy and fast compared to other types of male masturbators. I recently tested a full-size hip masturbator which is freaking nice, but the cleaning process takes ages ☹

Now use a bit of FleshWash or soap on your fingers and massage it in from each end so the entire inside has been cleaned with it. Rinse it off from each side and you’re done cleaning.

Yes, It Works with the Fleshlight Universal Launch

If you want to get the most pleasure out of your new Sky Bri Fleshlight then use it in a Fleshlight Universal Launch which is an automatic stroker. There is a large strap on the Launch that goes around the Sky Bri Fleshlight and you now have the power to automate the stroking frequency and length.

It’s expensive and bulky and not necessary but a nice addition to level up your masturbation game. I certainly do love it but I find myself using it less and less because of the setup hassle and noise level.

Comparing the Sky Bri Fleshlight to the Competition

It would be natural to compare it to other Fleshlight Girls, like the Mia Malkova Fleshlight that I mentioned earlier in the review. But I’ve decided to put it up against different brands so we can see how their entire masturbator ecosystem compares to each other.


The first choice is the FeelStar masturbator which is similar in terms of design and features. And I’ve included a closed-ended product so you get an idea of how they perform compared to the open-ended ones like the Fleshlight and FeelStar.

 Sky Bri FleshlightFeelStar Skyler LoXTC Yandere Onahole
How realistic does it feel?9 out of 108 out of 109 out of 10
Build-quality7 out of 108 out of 106 out of 10
Accessories8 out of 107 out of 100 out of 10
Price5 out of 106 out of 107 out of 10
Features8 out of 107 out of 105 out of 10

A tiny win for the Sky Bri Fleshlight but it’s clear that the competition is catching up and the molding technique from Kiiroo (FeelStar) is on par with the Fleshlight.

What I Like and Don’t Like About It


  • I love the slightly offset internal chambers, they stimulate my penis in a nice way
  • You can adjust the suction power by twisting the back lid
  • It works with all your Fleshlight accessories
  • The open-ended design makes it easy to clean
  • You can get an anal version called Astral if you’re into Sky Bri’s anal scenes


  • Her vagina is molded like the face of a Pug dog
  • The hard case feels a little cheap
  • It does get sticky with time (Remember to buy Renewing powder)
  • At $80 is the most expensive manual pocket pussy

My Final Thoughts About the Sky Bri Fleshlight

A Sky Bri Fleshlight or any brand of pocket pussy has been on my wish list for a long time and it did not disappoint. I only wish they would have done a better job of molding her vagina so it didn’t look like a wrinkly face. The next pornstar on my wish list is Adria Rae, if anyone from Fleshlight is reading this… Anyone?

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Sky Bri’s work then you’re going to enjoy the Celestial Fleshlight, or if you’re after a nice pocket pussy to crank up your masturbation game.

It’s not overly tight so you don’t have to worry about that if you have a girthy penis but it’s still tight enough to stimulate you if you have a thin penis

I recommend the Sky Bri Fleshlight if you’re a fan of her work or if you just want a freaking amazing pocket pussy.

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