Hip Onahole Guide 2024 – Find the Best Onahip

An Onahip or Hip Onahole is an amazing way to improve your masturbation experience.

But they can be quite expensive.

Money and quality do not always go hand in hand so it’s important to do your research before buying one.

I’ve worked in the sex toy industry since 2010 and have a lot of experience with imported Onahips and sex toys from Japan.

I’ve used my expertise and made a list of the best Hip Onaholes that you can get right now.

The products are judged on:

  • The build-quality
  • Material-quality
  • Features
  • Price

The list below is updated when new and better Onahips are made and released.

Ereshkigal Cherry

$ 249
  • Full hip masturbator
  • Incredible quality
  • Realistic feel
The Best


$ 211
  • Dual Layer Material
  • Realistic feeling
  • Both vagina and ass

Inwaku Labyrinth

$ 132
  • Fantasy style
  • Dual hole
  • Dual material

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best onahip

6 Best Onahips 2024:

#1 Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip

The Ereshkigal Cherry is an absolutely stunning Onahip with all the features you need. It features both a vagina and butt hole, incredibly realistic details in a premium skin-like material.

It’s sold by Onahole.com which imports its products from Japan and ships it to you from their US warehouse.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip

This is what I like:

  • Premium quality material
  • Feels so realistic it’s hard to understand
  • It looks incredible with lots of details
  • Both vagina and butt hole
  • It feels like touching real skin


  • It’s on the expensive side (but well worth it)

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip Conclusion

This is by far the best Onahip I’ve ever come across – It’s not just the incredibly realistic-looking details but the premium material and overall build quality.

You’re simply not going to find a better alternative right now!

It is however quite expensive but it’s well worth the extra money compared to other similar products. It is also quite a bit larger than the other Onahips which is great for realism and it means that you can fuck it without holding it with your hands.

I recommend the Ereshkigal Cherry if you’re a no-compromise guy and simply wish the best of the best!

#2 Hobomeko Real Thing Sex Onahip

The Hobomeko Onahip is made in real size and has a special dual-layer design that makes it feel like real skin both inside and outside.

You can enjoy both the vagina and the butt with different textures and tightnesses.

This is perfect for hands-free masturbation since it’s 6 kg (13.2lbs.) and very stable when you enjoy it 😊

homobeko realistic onahip

This is what I like:

  • Real-size Hip Onahole
  • Dual layer design
  • Both vagina and butt
  • Feel very realistic
  • High-quality Japanese made
  • Including lubrication


  • Very expensive
  • Hard to clean the internal holes

Hobomeko Conclusion

There is no doubt that this is a high-quality Onahip that’s blowing most competing products out of the way.

It’s super realistic feeling dual material skin makes it easy to forget that you’re having sex with an Onahip and not a real girl.

Both the vagina and the butt hole feel amazing and will give you a widely different stimulation.

I only wish that it would have been cheaper, but Japanese quality directly imported does come at a cost.

Kinkycow recommends Hobomeko Onahip if you want the best of the best and are willing to pay for it.

#3 Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass

Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass is a thick Onahip that comes in at 37.5 lbs. (17kg) even with its lightweight core.

You’re getting a life-size hip masturbator with beautiful sexy curves and you can enjoy both her vagina and her butt. The vagina tunnel is almost 8 inches (20cm.) which is the longest I’ve seen on any Onahole.

Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass review

What I like about it:

  • Life-size chubby Onahip
  • Both the vagina and butt tunnel feels amazing
  • Fairly realistic details around the vagina
  • Easy to use hands-free, it does not move when placed on a table

What I don’t like about it:

  • The extra-long vagina tunnel is difficult to clean
  • The lightweight core material does reduce its bounciness
  • It’s close to $400 which is more than any other toy on this list

Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass Conclusion

I was surprised at how big the Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass was when I first opened it up. It’s truly life-size and perfect to place on a table or in your bed and enjoy hands-free without worrying about it moving/falling.

Both the vagina and butt hole feels amazing to use and I had amazing orgasms each time I used it.

The extra-long tunnels are perfect if you have a huge penis but it’s also nice for average to short guys.

Overall, an amazing chubby-style Onahip with some nice features, and the overall quality is pretty damn good. You don’t have a lot of options if you’re after a chubby masturbator, but this is the best I’ve ever tested.

Kinkycow recommends it if you’re after a chubby Onahip masturbator with all the curves you could wish for.

#4 Inwaku Labyrinth Hip Onahole

The Inwaku Onahip has some amazing-looking art on the box which is inspired by a Japanese woodland fairy creature.

The inside of the box reveals a decent size Onahip in dual material design and a lot of extra stuff. It’s 3.8 kg. (8.4lbs.) size makes it a roughly half-size Onahip and perfect for most users.

inwaku labyrinth onahip

This is what I like:

  • Budget-friendly Onahip
  • Lots of different vagina and butt textures
  • High-quality dual-layer materials
  • Including storage case and lube
  • Dual hole design


  • Not full-size

Inwaku Labyrinth Conclusion

Wow you’re getting a lot of fun for a small price with the Inwaku Onahip. Both of the holes are super textured and the stimulation is very strong and feels really good.

I love that they’ve included a lot of extra stuff even though the price is pretty low for the size and the quality.

It’s such a good value that I’ve put it in the top 3 best Onahips as the best budget option.

Kinkycow recommends the Inwaku Labyrinth Hip Onahole if you want a good value option.

#5 Maga Kore 7zu7 – Sold Out

The Maga Kore 7zu7 is a half-size Onahip with full legs and feet that are based on Hentai. It’s made in a dual-material layer design which gives the pussy and butt hole a different texture and a bit more durability.

You can enjoy both of her holes and there is even some lubrication included so you’re ready to enjoy it as soon as you get it.

It’s 3.8 kg. (8.4lbs.) so it’s quite a bit smaller compared to the Hobomeko Onahip but that does also make it a little easier to store away and move around.

maga kore 7zu7 Onahip

This is what I like:

  • Hentai based Hip Onahole
  • Full legs/feet
  • Dual hole design
  • Dual material layer design
  • Including lubrication


  • Expensive
  • Hard to reach the vagina in doggy-style position

Maga Kore 7zu7 Conclusion

The overall quality of the Maga Kore 7zu7 Hip Onahole is very good and you’re getting a premium masturbation device that’s going to last you a long time if you take good care of it.

Its folded-up legs and feet make it good for doggy-style sex if you place it on a table or something similar.

You’re going to love it if you have any kind of foot fetish, but you don’t have to and it’s such a great Hip Onahole in so many ways.

Kinkycow recommends the Maga Kore 7zu7 Onahip if you’re after a full leg/feet Onahip.

#6 Mari Takasugi Momojiri Peach Onahole hip – Sold Out

Mari Takasugi Momojiri is the first Onahip on this list that’s made like a replica of a real person. Mari Takasugi is a Japanese adult video star who has performed many adult videos over the years.

She is super popular and one of the reasons why you can buy a molded version of her sweet little pussy and her butt. The Onahip comes with a bottle of her specially branded lubrication and her autograph on the Onahip itself.

mari takasugi onahip

This is what I like:

  • High-quality real looking Onahip
  • Including Mari Takasugi themed lube
  • Double hole design
  • Dual material layer
  • Full-size


  • Expensive

Mari Takasugi Conclusion

It’s always nice when I test products that are based on adult stars because I can enjoy them while watching them. This adds a whole new level of realism to the masturbation experience and one that I really enjoy.

The product is high-quality but I would wish that it would have been slightly bigger especially when you consider the high price.

Kinkycow recommends the Mari Takasugi Onahip if you want a replica product of a real adult star.

#7 Kizuna Sakura Bijiri – Sold Out

This is another Onahip that’s made from a mold of a real person, this time the super sexy Kizuna Sakura.

YouVenus has created this masterpiece and they are known for their excellent quality and realistic feel.

The Kizuna Sakura Bijiri Onahip is 3 kg. (6.6lbs.) and full-size so you get a realistic feel of her body while you use it.

kizuna sakura bijiri hip onahole

This is what I like:

  • Full-size realistic feeling hip and waist
  • Dual hole design
  • Double layer material for extra stimulation and durability
  • Fair price for the quality and size
  • Including Kizuna Sakura themed lube


  • I wish it was a little heavier

Kizuna Sakura Bijiri Conclusion

Bijiri means nice ass which is very suitable for this Onahip and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when you touch it and give it a little grab on the butt cheeks.

Kizuna Sakura has made lots of porno and it would be a shame not to enjoy it while you enjoy her masturbator and some of the included-themed lube.

It’s an overall great product that’s going to give you plenty of love if you love it back and take good care of it.

Kinkycow recommends Kizuna Sakura Bijiri if you love her adult work and wish to give her pussy and butt a try.

What is a Hip Onahole?

There is no official standard for the different product names and manufacturers do stretch it a bit too far sometimes. However, the vast majority of the men’s sex toy industry agrees that Hip Onaholes focus on the hip area and do not have stomach and/or legs.

It is a bit of a definition question and there is a large middle area between a Hip Onahole and a Torso sex doll.

It’s just a definition and it should not matter and dictate what product you get.

What Side Should I Choose?

Hip Onaholes can have a wide range of shapes and sizes but there are three distinct types which are:

Back facing

A back-facing Hip Onahole is made with a flat area that lets it sit nicely with the butt cheeks and butthole facing upwards. The flat area makes it very stable and you can enjoy it hands-free if you place it on a flat surface.

It’s ideal for you if you love doggy style and/or anal sex and wish to grab the butt cheeks while you penetrate.

Front Facing

A front-facing Hip Onahole has flat butt cheeks and back so you can give the front all the attention. It’s also very stable and is easy to enjoy hands-free.

There are not that many front-facing Hip Onaholes, but I’ve included some of them in the list of the best Hip Onaholes.

Full Hip

A full Hip Onahole has no flat spots and can be used as you like, it makes it a little more unstable, but also a lot more versatile.

You can still enjoy it hands-free, just make sure that you get some of the bigger models. A small Onahip can be pushed when you thrust your cock in and out of it, which is super annoying.

Onahip vs Onahole vs Onacup

They are all Japanese masturbation sex toys for men – you’re getting the same results but in a smaller and smaller product.

The Onacup – Is very small and cheap, but it might not last you more than a couple of masturbation sessions. It’s super easy and handy to use and it’s perfect for bringing with you want you’re traveling. It can be folded together and put in a pocket if you wish.

I’ve tested a lot of Onacups and made an Onacup guide if you wish a super small version of an Onahip.

Onahole – You would call this a “pocket pussy” in the English-speaking part of the world, but with a Japanese/Hentai twist.

They are by far the most popular of the 3 and there are hundreds of different Onaholes to choose from. I’ve tested and reviewed several of them and love most of them – You can read more about Onaholes here.

Onahips – Also called Hip Onaholes which are a much larger version of the Onahole that included the entire hip and parts of the legs and stomach.

You’re also getting access to both vagina and anal play with most Hip Onaholes which is super nice.

Onahips has an advantage over the Onacups and Onaholes when it comes to hands-free use. They are quite heavy so you can place them in bed or on a tabletop (or any flat surface) and enjoy it without it moving around. This feels amazing and gives you a much more immersive sexual experience.  

So, which one should I get?

I would personally go for the Onahip if you have the cash to spend and don’t travel with it. It simply gives you a much better sex experience.

Get an Onacup if you travel a lot and have an Onahip at home, that would be perfect.

Take Good Care of Your Hip Onahole

Onahips and similar products are made of porous material that needs care and love to stay in good condition.

It’s super important that you clean your Onahip right after use and don’t let anything dry up in or on it. Warm water and a mild soap are plenty to keep it clean, stronger cleaning products might even damage the material that it’s made of.

Cleaning and Caring Tips:

  • Clean it ASAP after every use
  • Dry it completely before storing it away
  • Use cornstarch or sex toy powder on it when it’s dry
  • Don’t store it right next to other sex toys since the materials can melt together
  • Use plenty of water-based lubrication, this will enhance the experience and prevent tearing

-img of water-based lube + pros-

My Final Thoughts About Hip Onaholes

Hip Onaholes are super popular in Japan and we don’t quite have the same quality and quantity in the west. So, it’s great that we live in a global world where importing exotic sex toys is as easy as ordering a Café latte at your local coffee shop.

You might be able to find some imported stuff on Amazon, e-Bay, or any of the other third-party sellers, but you might end up with a cheap knockoff version from China. You really don’t want that since they break so easily or even worse, they might leak toxic chemicals.

I’ve dealt with Kanojotoys many times before and have only good things to say about them and the product they sell, so that’s why I recommend products from them. They import directly from Japan which ensures great quality and body-safe tested materials only.

I really wish that you found an Onahip that you like – There are constantly being developed new sex toys and they have plenty of other options if you wish to browse around a bit before buying one.

You can find a great selection of Onahips and Onaholes at Onaholes.com and Kanojotoys.com

Kinkycow recommends Eleshkigal Cherry Onahip if you want the best of the best and are willing to pay for it.

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