Homemade Onahole Guide 2024

There are lots of ways to make yourself a homemade Onahole with normal household items.

All it takes is a bit of creativity and a good guide.

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homemade onahole

Below is a list of the most popular homemade Onaholes:

1 The Towel Onahole

This is such a simple and ready-to-make Onahole that requires very little skills and no tools but the results can be quite good.


  1. Place a latex glove with the entrance a couple of cm or an inch outside on a towel.
  2. Roll the towel up in a roll with the glove sticking out.
  3. Fold the glove entrance back over the towel roll and secure it in place with a rubber band or a piece of string.


  • You can use any soft fabrics that have a similar size/shape.
  • Soak it in warm water before use for extra realistic Onahole pleasure.

2 The Pringles Can Onahole

Another popular Onahole that you can make yourself is the Pringles Can Onahole. You can use any similar size can if you don’t have an old Pringles can lying around.


  1. Eat the Pringles 😊
  2. Get two soft sponges and press them into the can, one on each side so they form a channel.
  3. Press a latex glove or a large condom inside and leave the entrance out so it can be folded back over the edge of the can.


  • You can use a tea towel or a small towel instead of the soft sponges.

3 The Pool Noodle Onahole

Cut a piece of a pool noodle as long as you like, place a latex glove or large condom inside, and fold the edge back over the edge of the pool noodle.

The only downside of the pool noodle Onahole is that you can’t adjust the tightness unless you squeeze hard on it when you use it.

4 Bubble Wrap Onahole

This is the simplest of them all since you just need one item and that’s a large piece of bubble wrap that you can roll up.

You can always roll it tighter if you wish to make a tighter Onahole.

Bubble wrap becomes super slippery when you apply lube, so just use it a little and reapply if you feel it gets dry.

Use Your Own Imagination

These are just 4 simple ways to make an Onahole, but the methods are endless if you use your imagination. Most homemade Onaholes have a few things in common and that’s a soft material like a sponge, towel, or bubble wrap, you can easily find alternatives to replace them with.

Homemade Onahole vs. Cheap Alternatives

Okay, I know that you’ll be able to make your Onahole for less than a Dollar, but you can get super cheap Onaholes all the way down to $10 or even lower.

And I got to be honest a real one feels so much better compared to a homemade one. The only point where it makes sense to make a homemade Onahole is if you can’t buy one for various reasons.

-img homemade vs real-

Why does a real one feel better?

It’s all about the material and texture that are very hard to replicate with normal household items. Sure, you can make a tight Onahole that does the job, but it’s nowhere near the realistic feeling an even cheap Onahole will give you.

My Final Thoughts About Homemade Onaholes

I’ve made quite several different DIY Onaholes in my time and some of them have been more successful than others.  

But common for all of them is that they lack the realistic feel that you can get from a real Onahole. I would highly recommend you take a look at my Best Onahole guide – You’re going to love it!

If you’re still going to be making an Onahole then make sure you use a good amount of lube, this will increase the pleasure and make it feel more realistic.

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