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What is an Onahole?

An Onahole or also known as Onaho is a Japanese version of a pocket pussy. The word itself is a short version of onanie (masturbation) and hole put together, so it’s essentially a masturbation hole.

There are a lot of Onahole subcategories that you can read more about in the guides below but I would recommend taking a look at our Onahole guide if you’re new to these Japanese male masturbators.

best cheap onahole

Cheap Onahole

Cheap Onahole Guide 2023 Getting cheap Onaholes is fairly easy, but getting one that’s both cheap and good is a lot more difficult. I’ve tested

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best anal onahole

Anal Onahole

Anal Onahole Guide The selection of anal Onaholes is very small compared to vagina Onaholes, but there are still some amazing products that are worth

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meiki onahola

Meiki Onahole

Meiki Onahole Guide Meiki Onaholes are a high-quality series of Onaholes from NPG which feels more realistic to use. I’ve done a lot of testing

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