Bathmate Prostate Pro Review and Test 2024

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Review summary:

I was super excited to give the new Bathmate Prostate Pro a try and see if the quality was up to their standards and I was not disappointed.

It’s very easy to use and the remote controller makes it easy to control when it’s inside.

The shape of the massager is just right for me and the vibrators have more than enough power to give me spine-shivering prostate orgasms.
Bathmate Prostate Pro

This is what you get:

  • A high-quality powerful prostate massager
  • Remote controlled
  • 3 Vibrating motors
  • Shaped well for prostate orgasm
  • Including a perineum vibrator
  • 30 Different vibration settings
  • Great for experienced users and for first-time users

I recommend the Bathmate Prostate Pro if you want a strong and versatile prostate massager at a fair price.

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My Full Review Below

I was super excited when Bathmate first announced their new line of sex toys in their Bathmate Pleasure series.

I’ve been a huge fan of their Bathmate penis pumps for a long time and still have the very first one that I bought over 10 years ago. I hope they put as much effort and quality control into their Pleasure series and I look forward to giving their Bathmate Prostate Pro massager a test.

bathmate prostate pro review

Table of Contents

What’s in the Box?

Ordering sex toys online can be a little scary for first-timers due to privacy concerns but the vast majority ships in neutral boxes with no branding or indication of what was in it.

That is exactly how Bathmate ships all their products which is nice.

Opening up the box reveals a sturdy hard case for easy storage and carrying with zippers that hold all the content.

This is what you get:

  • The Bathmate Prostate Pro massager device
  • A remote control
  • A USB charging cable
  • Instructions
  • Storage/travel case
prostate pro box

Bathmate Prostate Pro Specifications

Let’s have a look at some measurements and features of the Prostate Pro.


  • Insertable length 4.3” / 11cm.
  • Largest circumference 4.1” / 10.5cm.
  • 3 Vibrators
  • 10 Vibrating patterns with 3 speeds each
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Rechargeable (USB)
  • Remote controlled
  • Made with body-safe silicone

Getting started

I’ve made a “Getting Started with the Bathmate Prostate Pro” video that you can see or follow the instructions below the video.

How to Get Started:

  1. Insert the power cable in the back of the device and the other end in a USB port on your computer or phone/tablet charger.
    charge power
  2. A red LED should flash on and off while charging and turn green once full. A full charge from 0 takes around 2 hours and gives you around 1 hour of playtime depending on the speed and vibration pattern.
    bathmate prostate pro charging
  3. Take the remote control and use a coin to twist off the battery cover on the back. Remove the paper below the battery and put the battery back in and the cover back on. The cover can be a little hard to get back on, make sure you align the locking mechanism the right way.
    remote paper
  4. You’re now ready to turn it on and that’s done on the massager itself on the bottom. A green light indicator turns on and it gives you 2 short vibrations after pressing the button for 3 seconds.
    bathmate prostate pro on
  5. Give the remote control a try before you insert the Prostate Pro and get familiar with the settings selection and how to turn it on/off. It’s a lot easier to do while it’s out in the open.
    remote control
  6. Apply water-based lube on the massager and yourself. You mustn’t use silicone lube since it will ruin your toy. Remember to clean yourself before inserting it, I recommend an anal douche which you can learn more about if you’re unfamiliar with that (you can buy one in the same place as the Bathmate Prostate Pro).
  7. Slowly insert it by relaxing and pushing it in a bit at a time. Relax, push, relax, push until it’s in.
  8. Now you can turn the vibrators on with a single push on the remote’s on/off button. Press the on/off button again for the next vibration pattern and use the + and – buttons to adjust the speed and power of the vibrations.
  9. Hold the on/off button on the remote for 3 seconds to turn it off.
  10. Slowly pull the Prostate Pro device out and remember to turn it completely off by pressing the button for 3 seconds on the device itself.
  11. Clean it after each use and store it safely away in the included storage box.

How Does the Bathmate Prostate Pro Feel?

The overall feel of the quality and material choice is really good and the smoothness of the silicone is amazing which is a must for any anal sex toys.

It feels amazing to use and there are so many different vibration settings and levels that it’s hard not to find anything you like.

But just a small warning, some of the vibration modes are very strong and it might be too much for you. Please take the time to get comfortable with the different settings and how to control them.

The dual (insertable) vibrators are very powerful and the shape of the insertable part is just right which increases the chance of getting that elusive prostate orgasm.

You might need a few tries before you succeed but consistency is the key to great prostate orgasms.

The Bathmate Prostate Pro is certainly capable of delivering a great and powerful prostate massage.

Not Just a Prostate Massager

Oh, and don’t forget the 3rd vibrator that sits against your perineum and vibrates it for extra pleasure. You can even select a vibrating pattern that only vibrates your perineum if you’re into that (you should be, it’s amazing).

What do I Think About It?


  • Massages both your prostate and perineum
  • I love the soft silicone feel that it’s made of
  • 100% Waterproof (IPX 7) for easy cleaning and shower play
  • It has a lot of vibrating patterns that can be adjusted in power level
  • It’s very easy to use
  • The storage case is nice and great for travel


  • It’s a little big for beginners
  • The battery cover on the remote is hard to screw on
  • The tactile feedback of the remote buttons is a little mushy
  • It’s not possible to turn the massager on from the remote

I generally think that it’s a great prostate massager that delivers a lot of power to the right places. It’s priced at $130 which puts it right in the middle between the super expensive LELO Hugo and the cheaper brands.

I do wish they would do something about the feedback from the buttons which feels a little off. This might have something to do with the waterproofness of the Bathmate Prostate Pro.

Is the Prostate Pro for Beginners?

It’s in a bit of a weird spot when we’re talking beginner friendliness. The base of the massager is narrow and perfect for beginners but the girth of the insertable part is a little big for first-time users.

It’s however not something that should scare you away but you just have to be prepared to give it a few tries and a lot of lube before you can comfortably insert and enjoy it.

Cleaning is Important

Well, you know that already – Especially with a toy that’s designed to go in your ass.

But did you also know that you should clean it before you use it? Silicone tends to be a dust magnet and a quick rinse before use is a great idea.

The Prostate Pro is IPX 7 certified which means it’s waterproof and thereby a lot easier to clean. You can use a special sex toy cleaner product or simply use a mild soap without any added fragrance. 

Pad it dry with a towel or let it dry off before putting it back in the storage case.

bathmate prostate pro

My Final Thoughts About the Bathmate Prostate Pro

I love what Bathmate has done with their brand-new Prostate Pro massager. They have put as many features as they possibly could without compromising size and quality. And yet priced it competitive with well-known brands that offer a lot fewer features at that price point.

To be fair, it’s not perfect and a little more work on the remote would be appreciated but it’s hardly anything to complain about.

I’ve put the Bathmate Pro at the first spot on Kinkycow’s list of the best prostate massagers because of the massive value and amazing performance of this new prostate massager.

Just remember to take it slowly if you’re new to prostate massagers and use lots of lube!

I recommend the Bathmate Prostate Pro if you want a strong and versatile prostate massager at a fair price.

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