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Sex toys for men

Find the best sex toys for men

The sex toy industry has come a long way since I started working in it over a decade ago and this has especially been true for men’s sex toys.

You’re now able to get a wide range of products that didn’t even exist 10 years ago and the overall quality have gone up.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a male sex toy but haven’t pulled the trigger yet then it’s the right time now!

It’s such a shame that there still is a tabu surrounding sex toys for men because it prevents some from experience incredible orgasms that are unattainable without a toy.

Let’s take a look at the best sex toys for men.

Male masturbators

Male masturbators cover a wide range of different sex toys for men that all have one thing in common and that’s to no one’s surprise that they are used to masturbate with or in.

There are both automatic and manual male masturbators and the cheapest manual ones can be yours for as little as $10 while the automatic ones can go all the way to $500!

You should have a look at Kinkycow’s guide to the best male masturbators where you’ll be guides to finding the right masturbator for your need and budget.

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pocket pussy

Pocket pussies

A pocket pussy is a man’s equivalent to a women’s dildo but with one problem – They are far less popular than dildos. This is a shame because they are amazing toys that will seriously increase your pleasure compared to using your hands.

Pocket pussies are a great option if you’re looking for your very first male sex toy and don’t want to spend a fortune just to find out that you don’t like it (Don’t worry – you’ll like it!).

You should read our guide to the best pocket pussies if you wish to find one that suits your budget and preferences.

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Blowjob sex toys

There are only a few things better in this world than a well performed blowjob and we’re at a point now where blowjob sex toys are so good that they can be compared with the real deal.

But don’t expect that from any blowjob sex toy that you find, it is very tricky to get right and the technology is expensive so be prepared to pay a premium.

Blowjob sex toys can be divided between manual and automatic with the manual looking and feeling more like a pocket pussy with a mouth entrance.

If you got the money to spend than l would recommend looking at our list of the best blowjob machines for the best blowjob experience.

Blowjob sex toy articles:

Prostate massage

Prostate massage is one of those things that split the waters the most and a large portion of men will simply never even consider giving it a try.

It’s such a shame because prostate massage toys can be a world of fun and a way to get incredible orgasms that you’ll never know about.

Prostate sex toys can have a lot of features that will dramatically change how they feel to use, including vibration, pulsing, and electric stimulation.

Follow Kinkycow’s guide and find the best prostate massager and get some advice on how to use them for first time buyers.

Prostate massage toy guides on Kinkycow:

Male vibrators

What, male vibrators? Are you serious? Yep, why should all the vibrating fun be for women only when men can enjoy and benefit from it just as much!

No male vibrators are not even remotely as popular as vibrators for women but they are on the rise for a number of reasons.

I would suggest taking a look at Kinkycow’s guide to male vibrators and perhaps you might find one that you would love to try.

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male vibrators
cock rings

Cock rings

Cock rings are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom without breaking the bank or dealing with complicated sex toys.

Simply slide it over your cock and let it do its magic and boom, you’re ready to perform with your super hard cock.

Cock rings come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and with different features for extra pleasure. It’s also a very cheap and easy way to get into sex toys for men and it’s among the best-selling sex toys for men for that reason.

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BDSM toys for men

Most BDSM sex toys are aimed towards all sexes but there are a few BDSM sex toys for men only. They all focus on your penis and/or balls as you would expect.

BDSM is a combination of Bondage and discipline + Sadism and masochism which is a fairly wide range of styles so you’ll see a lot of different sex toys in this category.

I would suggest taking a look at our BDSM sex toys guide if you wish to dive a little deeper into this topic.

Articles about BDSM sex toys for men:

  • Chastity cages
  • Small Chastity Cages
  • Ball Stretchers
  • Male Chastity Belts
  • Penis Plugs
  • Ball Separators
  • Cock bondage

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are one of those sex toys that can take your sexual performance and crank it up a notch while still being super fun to use.

The market for penis pumps has been growing steadily and there are a lot more pumps to choose from than 5 years ago.

It’s a good idea to do your research before jumping in on the first penis pump you see because they can be so different and for a very specific use case.

Kinkycow has a great article with the best penis pumps for each use case that you should check out if you’re new to penis pumps.

Articles about penis pumps:

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  • Small penis pumps
  • Big penis pumps
  • Hydro penis pumps
  • Electric penis pumps
  • Cheap penis pumps
  • Vibrating penis pumps

Penis sleeves

Penis sleeves is a great way to improve your ability to satisfy a woman with whatever you feel like it needs. Some penis sleeves will simply increase the length and/or girth of your penis while others can add vibration and electric stimulation to it.

Finding the right size penis sleeve is very important for a good experience which makes it even more important to do research and not just buy the first penis sleeve you see.

Kinkycow got an ultimate guide to penis sleeves that you can follow and find the penis sleeve that suits your size and feature requirements the best.

Penis sleeve guides on Kinkycow:

penis extenders

Penis extenders

Penis extenders are pretty much self-explanatory and basically does what a penis sleeve do for your but permanently. This is hardly a sex toy for men but more of a way to become that man you’ve always wanted to be, which is not really a pleasurably journey.

There are a few different styles of penis extender design but they all work roughly the same way.

You should seriously research this topic before going into since it takes time and dedication – Start your research at Kinkycow’s penis extender guide.

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Sex dolls

Sex dolls are in many ways the ultimate sex toy for both men and women but they come with a lot of cons that you have to consider before making a full commitment and getting one.

I would suggest reading our ultimate guide to sex dolls and lean as much as you can about them before making a decision.

I’m not here trying to discourage you from getting one but they are expensive and require a lot of work. But it can also be the ultimate sex toy that can give you both sexual satisfaction and social comfort on an entire new level compared to other sex toys.

Follow our sex doll guides here for more info:

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Didn’t find a sex toy for you?

Don’t worry there are lots of different sex toy products for men that aren’t currently covered on Kinkycow. You should have a look around some of the biggest online sex toy stores and get inspired that way.

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