9 Best Fleshlights Tested and Reviewed 2024

I’ve tested most of Fleshlight’s products since they launched their first Fleshlight back in 1997.

Below is a list of the best Fleshlights I’ve reviewed over the years.

I’ve ranked them in several categories so there should be something for you.

Adriana Chechik

$ 79
  • Ultra soft
  • Amazing texture
  • Pussy style
The best

Ana Foxxx

$ 79
  • Dark brown
  • Tight design
  • Bumpy texture
Best black

Icy Lady

$ 79
  • Clear design
  • Amazing feeling
  • Easy to clean
Best clear
best fleshlights 2024

Table of Contents

Highest Ranked Fleshlights I’ve Reviewed

#1 Adriana Chechik Empress – Best All-around Pussy Sleeve

The Adriana Chechik pussy Fleshlight is called “Empress” and I guess that name fits perfectly with the number 1 highest-rated Fleshlight pussy.

Adriana began her porno career at the age of 22 and took the porn world by storm! She has pushed the porno industry’s limit with her wild style and her sexy natural body.

Adriana Chechik pussy Fleshlight

She won the Best Adult Performer in 2017 and has won lots of other adult awards in her career.

Her Empress sleeve is simple in texture but it feels heavenly when you enjoy it! The sleeve is not super tight but just perfect for most men and the texture makes you want to use it again and again.

This is what you get with Empress:

  • Enjoy Adriana Chechik’s amazing pussy
  • An amazing way to have huge orgasms
  • High-quality skin-like material
  • Good customer support and service

I recommend Adriana Chechik’s Empress Fleshlight to all men who want the best possible Fleshlight.

#2 Riley Reid Utopia – Best Soft Sleeve

Riley Reid is one of the most popular pornstars right now (2022) and her Utopia Fleshlight is one of the best-selling Fleshlights.

Riley Reid Fleshlight

The entrance of Riley’s pussy Fleshlight is very tight and it has 4 grooves in various depts that makes the entrance unique.

The second part is a wide chamber covered in long nubs that will tinkle your penis while it moves through that area. There is a narrow gap with 3 big pyramid shapes between the first and last chamber.

Finally, we have the last chamber which is a long chamber that gets narrower the further you get in. It has a coil design with a long row of small nubs and a ridge between the rows.

This is what you get with Utopia:

  • Enjoy Riley Reid’s pussy
  • Super textured sleeve with lots of surprises
  • High-quality materials
  • Great service and support

I recommend the Riley Reid Utopia sleeve if you’re into her.

#3 Eliza Ibarra – Twisting entrance and lots of fun

Eliza Ibarra is a new Fleshlight girl and the new and improved molding makes this the most detailed version of a Fleshlight.

Her pussy sleeve is called Ethereal and it’s an absolute must-try if you want some fun with Eliza Ibarra.

eliza ibarra fleshlight

The Sleeve starts with her beautiful butterfly labia and leads into a tight twisting channel that’ll squeeze every bit of juice out of your cock.

Your cock is going to thrust back and forth in the middle area where the texture will massage your penis head and make you climax in a matter of a few minutes. You can read my full Eliza Ibarra Fleshlight review if you want to get all the juicy details.

This is what you get with the Ethereal sleeve:

  • Enjoy Eliza Ibarra’s pussy
  • Intense male masturbator
  • High-quality product
  • Good support and service

I recommend the Ethereal Fleshlight sleeve if you fancy Elize Ibarra and wish to give her pussy a try.

#4 Veronica Rodriquez Caliente – Ultra soft and wide sleeve

The Veronica Rodriquez pussy sleeve is called Caliente which is Spanish for hot and that’s the feeling I get when I think about her.

Veronica Rodriguez Caliente

The Caliente texture is super soft and has a wideness that makes it even softer and you’ll be able to enjoy this Fleshlight sleeve for a long time before you climax.

2 main textures swirl their way up around the inside of the sleeve; one is a line of small balls and the next is a line of large soft ridges. None of the textures have sudden edges or narrow parts which makes this sleeve extra soft.

This is what you get with Caliente:

  • Enjoy Veronica’s soft pussy
  • High-quality skin-like material
  • Good service and support
  • The ability to upgrade and enhance your experience with Fleshlight accessories

I recommend the Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight to men who love a soft wide pussy.

#5 Fleshlight Ice Lady or Butt

The Fleshlight Ice series looks like a normal Fleshlight that you would expect from the Fleshlight Girls but it’s transparent.

Fleshlight Ice Lady

This is a game changer that changed how I look at a good Fleshlight. It’s incredibly sexy to see your penis penetrate it and make its way through it.

The Fleshlight Ice and be bought in a vagina or ass version and they both have the same internal layout and texture.

It’s both tight and interesting to use with a super narrow part in the middle of it.

This is what you get with Fleshlight Ice:

  • A unique pocket pussy/ass
  • Look inside at the action
  • High-quality product
  • Good support and service

I recommended the Fleshlight Ice if you wish to spice things up and have a look inside.

#6 Ana Foxxx Silk sleeve – Best Dark Sleeve

Ana Foxxx’s Silk sleeve as her pussy sleeve is called is a super tight bumpy ride that I would love to take again.

Ana Foxxx Silk Fleshlight

I recently wrote an article about the best black Fleshlights and Ana Foxxx’s Silk sleeve took the first spot on my list.

This Fleshlight has a beautiful dark chocolate color and it comes in a pearl-colored case which looks good together.

The sleeve is super tight from start to finish and there is one bumpy texture all the way through.

This is what you get with the Silk:

  • Enjoy Ana Foxxx’s tight pussy
  • The best black Fleshlight
  • Awesome dark skin-like look and feel
  • Fantastic customer service

Do you fancy a stunning black beauty? Look no further, the Ana Foxxx Silk is the perfect Fleshlight for you.

#7 Kimmy Granger Rebel

Kimmy Granger’s pussy sleeve is called Rebel and that makes perfect sense when you watch her in action. She looks sweet and innocent as a child but she’s wild and furious once her clothes come off!

Kimmy Granger Fleshlight

She is still young and wild and I’m sure she has a long career in front of her. You can follow her on her OnlyFans if you wish to get more private videos from her.

The Rebel sleeve is ultra-tight and has very subtle textures that change during the entire length of the channel.

This is what you get with Rebel:

  • Enjoy Kimmy Granger’s wild pussy
  • Ultra-tight sleeve with subtle texture
  • High-quality skin-like texture
  • Good support and service

Kimmy Granger is a rising star and I can only recommend her tight Fleshlight sleeve.

#8 Valentina Nappi Dorcel Sleeve

Valentina Nappi’s pussy Fleshlight is called Dorcel which is an adult movie producer that makes high-class porno. Valentina has acted in a lot of movies and her Italian-curved body has fans all over the world.

valentina nappi Fleshlight

Her Fleshlight sleeve is only available in a pussy version even though she does a lot of anal scenes. This is a bit of a shame, but her pussy sleeve does a really good job.

The sleeve is full of exciting textures and narrow gaps that squeeze around your penis and makes it a very intense experience.

This is what you get with Dorcel

  • Enjoy Valentina’s Dorcel pussy
  • A very interesting Fleshlight
  • Super high-quality skin-like material
  • Good customer support

The Dorcel Fleshlight sleeve is an absolute no-brainer if you love Valentina Nappi – Buy it!

#9 Elsa Jean Tasty Sleeve

Elsa’s Tasty texture is a super popular Fleshlight sleeve and it’s not hard to understand why. This petite blond girl is ready to rock your world like nobody else.

Elsa Jean Fleshlight

Elsa Jean started her adult career as a stripper in 2014 when the Disney movie Elsa came out. She quickly got her nickname Elsa because of her similar look to the princess from the movie.

The Tasty texture is pretty tight and there are a lot of different textures that you can enjoy while playing around with it.

This is what you get with Tasty:

  • Enjoy Elsa Jean’s tight pussy
  • Lots of textures and an exciting ride
  • Super skin-like material
  • Good service and support

The Tasty Sleeve is a good choice if you fancy a petite blond girl with a tight pussy.

What is a Fleshlight?

I’m glad you asked, a Fleshlight is a male masturbator also known as a pocket pussy that you can use instead of your hands. It will give you a much more intense and different masturbation experience compared to your own hands.

The most popular Fleshlight models are based on real pornstars so you can be jerking off with a replica of your favorite pornstars ass or pussy.

It’s also the most popular sex toy for men and they have sold more than 20 million Fleshlights since they launched in 1997.

Wow, that’s impressive, are there different kinds of Fleshlight or is it just a single product?

Different Kinds of Fleshlights

There are a lot of different Fleshlight product lines that all fall under the Fleshlight brand. Below is a short description of each product line and a link to a much more in-depth article about the products in that category.

Clear Fleshlights

Yes, my friends you can get transparent Fleshlights so you can see all the action. I personally found them very interesting to use and it’s such a big turn-on for me to use them.

clear Fleshlights

This might not be your thing but I can only recommend that you give them a try!

You can read my clear Fleshlight article right here and decide if it’s something for you or not.

Customize Your Own Fleshlight

You can even customize your own Fleshlight and make it a bit more personal. There are not a whole lot of options but you can still make one that fits your preferences.

custom Fleshlight

You can choose between:

  • 2 Case colors (A lot more if you choose a second case, I have no idea why anyone would want that…)
  • Vagina or ass orifice
  • 6 Different internal sleeve textures

A basic custom Fleshlight is just $69.95 which is $10 cheaper than any of the Fleshlight Girls.

I’ve written an article about making your custom Fleshlight here.


All the Fleshlight Girls are pornstars or have some kind of adult career that could be considered as an adult performer.

So, if you’re looking for a pornstar Fleshlight then simply take a look at my list of the best Fleshlights above and pick one of the Fleshlight Girls or go to my article about pornstar Fleshlights and read more about them.

There are constantly being added more Fleshlight Girls so if your favorite pornstar isn’t on the list yet then follow Fleshlight on Twitter (and Kinkycow) and get a heads-up when new girls join.

Super Tight Sleeves

Not all men prefer a tight pussy or ass, but most men do and that’s why I’ve dedicated an entire article to tight Fleshlights.

You can find Fleshlight sleeves in a lot of different tightnesses and it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that suits your preferences.

Fleshlight QuickShots

The Fleshlight QuickShot is a whole new line of smaller Fleshlights that are open-ended so you can penetrate them from both ends. They were originally intended to simulate oral sex but they have evolved to pussy, anal, and oral sex.

You can find them with:

  • Mouth and ass
  • Pussy and mouth
  • Ass and pussy

So, there should be something for everybody’s taste.

You can even get a QuickShot Launch which is a device that you put your QuickShot into and it will stroke it for you. There is even a phone holder on the end so you watch porn while it does all the work for you.

Just lube it up and put your penis inside, this is the ultimate QuickShot experience.

The only downside is the size and the price of the QuickShot Launch which makes this more of a single-guy device and not something you share with your sex partner.

You can read our full guide to Fleshlight Quickshots here.

Alright, let’s get back to the Fleshlight.

What is the Difference Between a Sleeve and a Fleshlight?

This is one of the most asked questions among men who are looking for guidance when making their first Fleshlight purchase.

A sleeve is the soft part of the Fleshlight that you put your dick inside. A Fleshlight simply refers to a sleeve and a case put together as one device. A sleeve alone won’t do much good for you since it would be hard to hold and there would be no way to control the suction in the sleeve.

You can replace or change the sleeve in your case so you can have multiple sleeves and just have a single case.

You can save quite a bit of money if you just buy the sleeves since they only cost $59.95 which is $20 less than a sleeve + case.

Let’s take a look at some different ways you and/or your partner can use a Fleshlight.

Ways to Use Your Fleshlight

You can get very creative when it comes to using your Fleshlight and a few searches on Google reveal countless ways men have tried it.

Some of the most popular ways are:

  • Hold it in your hand – Yep, the intended and also the most boring way to use your Fleshlight! But let’s be honest this does feel a little like just jerking off with something in your hands.
  • The mattress trick – Put your Fleshlight between two mattresses on your bed and enjoy it hands-free.
  • Shower mount – There is a special mount that you can buy from fleshlight.com which allows you to mount your Fleshlight on the tiles or glass in your shower and use it hands-free. This is a nice way to use it and you can rinse the Fleshlight as soon as you’re done.
  • The table top – Find a table that has a good “penetration height” and find some heavy items that you can place around and over your Fleshlight so it doesn’t move when you use it. Don’t use items that are too heavy and could damage the Fleshlight or even worse damage your penis.
  • Use a Liberator – Fleshlight has two different “Liberators” which is a kind of sex furniture where you can mount your Fleshlight and have sex with it. The first one is called “On a Mission” and it’s made for missionary positions as the name suggests, it costs $149.95. The second one is called “Top Dog” which is made for doggy-style sex, it costs $99.95. You can find both of the Liberators on fleshlight.com.
  • Fleshlight handjob with a sex partner – Let your sex partner use the Fleshlight on you while you lay down and relax, this is a great alternative to a blowjob or a handjob. You can use the QuickShot for this if you still want to cum all over her/him.
  • The thigh squeeze – Don’t your sex partner want to have anal sex? Then let her squeeze a butt Fleshlight between her thighs and you can enjoy it. This is properly too closest you can get to having anal sex without having the real thing.
  • Keon & Real feel Stroker – Fleshlight used to have a Fleshlight Launch that would let you mount your Fleshlight in a device that would pull and push in back and forth like having real handsfree sex, but they don’t have that anymore. There is luckily a good alternative in the Keon & Realfeel stroker from Kiiroo. This is a great way to enjoy your Fleshlight, but it’s also a bit expensive but is a really good investment that I can only recommend.

Find the Best Lubrication for Your Fleshlight

There are a lot of good and cheap lube available and most of them will work with your Fleshlight, but there are a few that you should avoid.

Avoid these lubricants:

  • Silicone-based lube – This is a big no-no and it can damage your Fleshlight if you use it. Clean it off immediately if you accidentally have used it, it should be fine if you use hot water and a good soap.
  • Don’t use lube with special features – Yep, you can buy a wide range of different lubes that have weird features like hot feeling, cold feeling, desensitizing, different flavors, and a lot more. Simply avoid them all!

Fleshlight has its lube series called Fleshlube and it’s a good product but also a very expensive one. The only reason why you should buy it is if you buy one of the packages that contain it.

Fleshlight Accessories and Mounts

You can buy a few different accessories, I have already mentioned some of them, but let’s take a look at some of the different accessories that you can get for your Fleshlight.

  • Sleeve warmer – A sleeve warmer is a device that will heat your Fleshlight sleeve before you use it. WARNING – The sleeve warmer has been known to break very easily and for no reason at all and they are currently “out of stock”. I hope that’s because they’re making a new sleeve warmer version that is more effective. But right now, I would not buy it, just heat your Fleshlight Sleeves with warm water in a sink. You can also get a QuickShot warmer which has the same flaw in the design.
  • QuickShot Launch – The QuickShot Launch is a device that you put your Fleshlight Quickshot in and it will stroke it for you so you don’t have to do anything except enjoy it. There is a phone mount on the top of the device so you can watch porno when you use it.
  • Shower mount – Put your Fleshlight in the Shower mount and press it against a smooth wet surface to mount it to a shower wall or glass. Enjoying your Fleshlight hands-free is a whole new experience and it’s a lot better than using your hand to hold it. The Fleshlight QuickShot does not fit in the Shower mount, but you can buy an adapter that makes it work.
  • Liberators – A Liberator is a huge mount that you put your Fleshlight in and it sits flush with the surface of the Liberator which allows you to have sex with it in a more natural position. You can buy 2 different styles, one for missionary position and one for doggy style.
Fleshlight accessories

There are other accessories that you can find on fleshlight.com but they are not worth mentioning here.

Keep It Clean and Always Ready for Action!

Keeping your sex toys clean is very important, this is especially true for Fleshlights since all the dirt is on the inside which can get nasty quickly.

Here is my Fleshlight cleaning guide:

  1. Pull out the sleeve from the Fleshlight case and rinse away any cum/lube or whatever is on your Fleshlight case. The case can be dried with a towel and stored away immediately after since it’s made of hard plastic which prevents mold and bacteria growth.
  2. Rinse the sleeve under warm tab water and use a couple of fingers to open of the entrance.
  3. Apply anti-bacterial soap on the sleeve make sure you get it in and give it a good rub with your fingers and rinse off the soap with warm water.
  4. Pat it dry with a towel – DO NOT rub it dry, this can damage the sleeve material.
  5. Let the sleeve dry in the open air for 24 hours, it’s important that air can circulate it and let the remaining water evaporate.
  6. Use a renewing powder or corn starch on the visible part of the sleeve to prevent stickiness. Don’t put it inside the sleeve since it will clump up when you apply lube and become a huge mess.
  7. You can now safely store your Fleshlight away and be ready for action.

I would give it a hot bath once every 5 times I use it just to make sure that I get all the things out of the sleeve. Boil 6/10 water and add it to 4/10 tap water to make it the right temperature. Submerge the sleeve in it with soap and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and dry + powder it.

This does sound like a lot of work but it should not take you more than 5 minutes after you have used it.

Why is Fleshlight so Expensive Compared to some Alternatives?

Yep, we can all agree that Fleshlights cost a lot more than some competing pocket pussies, but why are they so expensive?

Well, let’s first make it clear that most well-known sex toy brands with their own pocket pussies’ cost around the same as Fleshlights if not even more.

But we have all seen those $10 pocket pussies and wondered if they were any good? I’ve done my fair share of research and tried a lot of different pocket pussies and none of them come close to the quality of Fleshlight.

Some of the very cheap products are made of materials that haven’t even been tested for harmful chemicals. I’ve tried getting a rash on my penis from using such a product and trust me it’s not worth the risk!

Developing new skin-like materials is also expensive and takes a long time.

My advice would always be to save up money for the real thing rather than risk it with a cheap counterfeit product.

A: All the Fleshlight Girls products cost $80 but some of their cheaper masturbators cost as little as $35.

A: You can buy them at any of their official resellers both online and offline. But fleshlight.com has the biggest selection of them all.

A: It will be shipped to you discreetly if you buy a Fleshlight directly from fleshlight.com and there is no indication of what you just bought on your bank statement. Fleshlight does a lot to ensure your privacy so you can order their products without anybody knowing.

A: 100% but that’s my personal opinion (and their millions of happy customers).

A: It does feel like penetrating a vagina/ass especially if you’re preheated it and used a lot of lube.

A: No, please don’t do that as it can melt it or damage the material.

A: I’ve seen people recommend doing that to clean them, but I would highly recommend NOT to do that. TPE (the material used) does not handle high heat that well and it can weaken the stretchability and structure of the product.

A: It depends on a lot of variables including; the model you have, your penis size, the amount and kind of lube you use, how tight you’ve screwed the suction cap. You’ll never hear if somebody uses it in the shower or underneath their duvet but it does make noise if its quite and you give it a good go.

A: No, they are simply just a tool to increase the pleasure you get from masturbating.

My Final Thoughts About Fleshlights

I’ve tried and reviewed my fair share of pocket pussies during the last decade working in the sex toy industry and there is no doubt that Fleshlight makes the best pocket pussies.

You can find more of my Fleshlight reviews here if you want more options.

You can get a lot of great Fleshlight accessories to enhance your masturbating experience and there is a huge Fleshlight group on Reddit that is always ready to help a brother out. You can also send me a message and I’ll gladly help you out and share my expert advice.

Finding the best Fleshlight for you is a very personal matter and nobody knows your preferences better than yourself. My advice is to take a look at the top-selling Fleshlights at the top of this article and select the one with the features that you normally prefer.

If you’re more of an anal guy then I have a whole article about the best anal Fleshlights right here.

I hope you’ve learned something here and are better equipped to make a good decision when you’re shopping around for the best Fleshlight.

I personally recommend the Adriana Chechik Empress Fleshlight

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      But in short:

      • Get the Blake Blossom Bombshell sleeve if you’re after the best tight Fleshlight sleeve.
      • Get the Sky Bri Celestial sleeve if you’re after a softer sleeve that still packs a punch.

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