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Alina Lopez is the latest pornstar to join forces with Fleshlight and have her own signature Fleshlight sleeve.

Both the Rose (vagina) and Blush (butt) sleeves have their strengths and weaknesses, but they are both really good.

You’re going to enjoy penetrating it and spending as much time at you can last in it.

Alina Lopez Fleshlight review

My recommendations:

I recommend the Rose (pussy) sleeve to you if your penis is around 5-inches long or shorter.

I recommend the Blush (butt) sleeve if your penis is not that sensitive as the texture creates a very strong sensation.

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Full Alina Lopez Fleshlight review below:

Alina Lopez is the first pornstar to get her own Fleshlight sleeves in 2021 and I’m really looking forward to giving both of her sleeve a try.

The last Fleshlight was with Autumn Falls and that was amazing so the bar has been raised for the new year. Let’s hope it’s as good as that or even better.

Let’s find out who Alina Lopez is if any of you out there have been living under a rock.

Who is Alina Lopez?

alina lopez fleshlight review

Alina Lopez is a half Latin and half European girl that has inherited all the best from both parts of the world.

Her natural beauty and amazing performances have landed her lots of porn awards in her relatively short adult career. Some of the most noteworthy ones being; “Hottest newcomer” in 2019 and “Best group sex scene” both by AVN and of cause the “Best actress” in the 2020 XBIZ Awards.

This is quite impressive when you consider that she made her very first adult scene in 2019.

You can find her work under productions like; Evil Angels, Girlsway, and Blacked Raw.

I suggest that you follow her on Twitter if you wish to learn more about her or on Instagram (Instagram is banning adult content left and right, so she might not be there once you read this.).

Alina Lopez Rose Fleshlight sleeve

Alina lopez rose sleeve

The Rose sleeve is Alina Lopez’s vagina sleeve and the front has a molded version of her real pussy and her signature.

Her Rose sleeve is divided into 3 different chambers which has different textures the further you get into the sleeve.

The first part is quite narrow with a crisscross of large ribs than create friction and a strong pulsating sensation.

The second part is a series of tight rings that that opens up into the last half of the sleeve. The last part has 3 revers funnels with a diamond patter on the side.

How does the Rose sleeve feel?

The material that it’s made of feels very soft and amazingly real to the touch. Putting a little water-based lubrication on the entrance feels great and you can play a around with it while you but some lube inside preparing for penetration.

The first 2 chambers feel soft with a nice pulsation sensation on the glans and the rings in the middle works like small suction cups pulling your back in.

The last part feels decent but I would have preferred the funnels pointing the other direction.

An overall good sleeve that will work really well for you if you’re penis length is around 5-inches or under.

Alina Lopez Blush Fleshlight sleeve

Alina Lopez blush sleeve

The Blush sleeve is the butt version of Alina Lopez and the design is simple yet sophisticated.

It has 4 small chambers where number 1 and 3 has the same texture and number 2 and 4 is identical. All the chambers have the same structure but with a slightly different texture.

How does the Blush sleeve feel?

The Blush sleeve has so many small details on the inside texture and it can feel a little overwhelming.

This is a great sleeve for you of your penis is not too sensitive and can handle a bit more.

In would personally much rather get the Mia Malkova “Boss Level” sleeve but that’s just my personal preference. You can also check out our other Fleshlight butt sleeves here.

The Rose combo pack

The Alina Lopez Rose Combo pack is a great Fleshlight starter kit with all the things you need for a great Fleshlight experience.

You do also save a bit of cash by getting the combo pack compared to all the products individually.

The following items are included in the Rose combo:

  • The Alina Lopez Rose Fleshlight
  • Fleshlights renewing powder
  • Anti-bacteria Fleshwash
  • 8oz Fleshlube water-based lube

I recommend the Rose combo if you’re new to Fleshlights and want a Rose Fleshlight anyway.

Why buy directly from

Fleshlights are sold on several sex toy websites and marketplaces like Amazon and E-bay, but you’re only going to find the newest Fleshlights, like the Alina Lopez Fleshlight, on

Please avoid buying your Fleshlights from Amazon or E-bay, this goes for all sex toys in general, as there are lots of counterfeit products.

They might look the same, but they could be made of unsafe materials that might leak chemicals and course a rash (or worse!) on your penis. 

My final thoughts on the Alina Lopez Fleshlight

Both of Alina Lopez’s sleeves have a place in the Fleshlight lineup and they deserve to be there.

You can read more Fleshlights review here if you wish to compare it to other Fleshlight products.

I would personally pick the Rose sleeve since the Blush sleeve feels too intense for me. But you might love that intense feeling that it gives.

I recommend the Rose sleeve if your penis is on the short side and the Blush if you love a very intense feeling.

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  1. HI
    I just got the Rose sleeve in the mail and my first few times have been really good. I only have two other sleeves to compare it with but it’s my favorte right now.

  2. I been looking for a nina hartley cougar sleeve and I can’t believe they discontinued it if you know where one is please direct me to the nina hartley cougar sleeve from fleshlight thank Rueben G

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