Elsa Jean Fleshlight Review and Test 2024

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Review Summary:

Elsa Jean has signed up with Fleshlight and made two awesome sleeves called Tasty and Treat.

I had a blast testing them the past few weeks and I was impressed with the performance and stimulation level.

Both of them feel great in their own way and you’re not going to be disappointed with either of them.

Elsa Jean Fleshlight review

This is what you get:

  • Enjoy Elsa Jean’s tight little pussy or ass
  • High-quality skin-like material
  • Super easy to use
  • Good customer service

I recommend the Tasty (pussy) if you’re after a tight pocket pussy and the Treat (butt) if you’re after a soft anal experience.

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My Full Review Below

Elsa Jean’s Fleshlight sleeves called Tasty and Treat where released in July 2018 and have since become one of the bestselling sleeves.

Let’s get to know Elsa Jean a little before we go on with the review of her lovely Fleshlight.

Who is Elsa Jean?

Elsa Jean Fleshlight Review

Elsa Dream Jean is from the USA born in 1996 in Ohio and has been making adult movies since she was 19 years old.

She quickly became a fan favorite and was ranked number 4 in the world of adult starts after just 3 years in the business.

It’s no wonder that she became so popular so quickly with her great personality, gorgeous petit body, and long blond hair.

Let’s take a look at her pussy sleeve first.

Elsa Jean Tasty Fleshlight Sleeve

Elsa Jean Tasty Fleshlight

Elsa’s vagina sleeve is called Tasty and it has a molded version of her pussy on it and her signature on the front.

The Tasty sleeve starts with a 1.5-inch-long narrow tube with small ripples on the inside. It then opens up in a 3-inch-long part with a bunch of small nubs and dents in different directions.

There are two wide areas with a swirly texture from 4.5-inch to 7-inch, this is going to be where most guys have their glans. The final stretch is dotted with balls on the outside ranging from big in the beginning to small in the end.

How Does the Tasty Sleeve Feel?

The entrance of the Tasty sleeve is quite tight and the rippled first part makes it feel even tighter.

It generally feels intense, and nice, and a lot is going on with the texture which makes the Tasty sleeve very exciting to use.

I’m 6.5 inches so I can’t say how the last part feels, but it does look nice and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you have the length to do so.

Let’s take a look at Elsa Jean’s anal sleeve.

Elsa Jean Butt Fleshlight Sleeve

Elsa’s anal sleeve is called Treat and it starts with a tight entrance that leads into a wide area with a crisscross pattern on the side.

The second part is tighter with a lot of raised nubs on the side that turns into a lot of small sections with a lot of different textures. Most notable is a tight spot at 5.5-inch.

The last part is fairly wide with a soft texture on the side.

How Does the Treat Sleeve Feel?

Elsa Jean’s butt sleeve is one hell of a bumpy ride and you’re never going to be bored with it.

You’ll get a completely different sensation from the first part to the second part.

It’s not the tightest Fleshlight sleeve so it’s a great sleeve if you love a softer sleeve or if you simply just have a massive cock.

Get Your Sleeves From Fleshlight.com

Buying your Tasty or Treat sleeves from fleshlight.com ensures that you get the real product and not a counterfeit one. Fleshlight does have trusted resellers that you can safely buy from, but please avoid buying from eBay or Amazon.

Fleshlight does not have any control over who is selling their products on those platforms which attract scammers that sell cheap knock-off products as real Fleshlights.

Rock the Tasty Combo Package

The Elsa Jean Tasty Combo pack has all the things you need to get started using a Fleshlight and maintaining it. You can also save a lot of money if you get the Tasty pack.

What do I get with a Tasty combo pack?

  • A Tasty sleeve + Fleshlight case
  • Water-based Fleshlube
  • Renewing powder
  • Anti-bacteria wash

I recommend that you get the Tasty combo pack if you’re new to Fleshlights since it will give you all the things you need to get started.

A Beginner’s Guide to Fleshlights

Just a tiny guide if you just got your new Tasty or Treat Fleshlight and have no idea how to get started.

  1. Put the sleeve in a sleeve warmer or submerge it in warm water for 15-20 minutes until it has warmed up.
  2. Put the Tasty or Treat sleeve in the case and put on the lit.
  3. Lube up your penis and the first part of the sleeve with your fingers.
  4. Penetrate the vagina or butt with your penis.
  5. Adjust the backlid if you want more suction, you can play around with it and find the tightness that feels best for you.
  6. Reapply lube if needed.
  7. Take out the sleeve once you’re finished.
  8. Rinse it in warm water and use an anti-bacterial soap.
  9. Pad the sleeve with a towel and leave it out overnight in an open space so all the water from the inside can evaporate.
  10. Put on some renewing powder and store it away.

You’re now ready to enjoy Elsa Jean’s pussy or ass again.

My Final Thoughts About the Elsa Jean Fleshlights

Both the Elsa Jean anal sleeve and her vagina sleeve feel good and they are not too tight/loose to not recommend to certain people.

The Tasty sleeve is the tightest of the two and the one you should get if you love a blond tight pussy.

I recommend both the Tasty and Treat if you love watching Elsa Jean’s sex scenes or simply just want an awesome pocket pussy.

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