Mini anime sex dolls

Mini Anime sex dolls have become very popular the last couple of years and the demand for more has pushed the quality and variation to new heights.

This is something we all benefit from.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of small anime sex dolls and maybe find the best product for you.

mini anime sex dolls

Here is my list of the best small anime sex dolls based on quality and feel

The best mini anime sex dolls 2022

#1 Sanhui Naruto

I’ve put the Sanhui Naruto on the first spot due to the quality of this mini sex doll and all the different features she has.

She is sold by Silicone Sexy Doll which has some of the best small anime sex dolls on the market right now and offers worldwide shipping.

sanhui naruto

Sanhui Naruto has a lot of beautiful things going on for her and you can enjoy both her mouth, little ass and her sweet little pussy.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality mini anime love doll
  • Realistic features
  • Customization options available
  • Style her in Anime like clothing

I recommend Sanhui Naruto if you got the money to spend on a high-quality mini anime sex doll.

#2 Anime sex doll torso

I know that an anime torso doll isn’t the same as a mini anime sex doll but I just want one on this list since its such a great product and roughly the same size as a mini sex doll.

You can get this amazing silicone anime torso doll that looks super realistic. The full-size body really makes a big difference while still maintaining that small size as a mini doll.

mini anime sex doll torso

I know that this is an expensive option but it’s worth the money and having sex with it is amazing.

Another great advantage to this doll is that fact that it uses real size clothes so it’s much easier to find anime style dresses and sexy underwear for it.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality Japanese style sex doll
  • Very realistic looking and feeling
  • Long lasting platinum cured silicone
  • Easy to clean and maintain

I recommend the Anime sex doll torso if you want full-size features in a mini size package.

#3 Patricia

Patricia takes the last top 3 spot on my list of the best mini anime sex dolls because of her many beautiful features and good quality.

The doll is 80 cm. (2ft. 7.5”) long and her weight is 4.5 kg. (10lbs.) which makes her easy to handle and have fun with.

mini patricia

The only thing that I don’t like about this doll is the missing anal and oral holes which would have been nice.

You can also customize the doll if you wish some more/other features.

I recommend Patricia if you want a small and light anime sex doll with large eyes.

#4 Blandine

Blandine is a large breasted beauty that would fit most men’s anime fantasy and it would be wonderful to enjoy all her 3 holes every night.

She is a little taler compared to the top 3 but the larger body size makes her way more customizable. You can change a lot of her features and looks to make her fit your anima fantasy perfectly while still being small enough to move around easily.

You can enjoy discreet worldwide shipping if you buy her from Silicone Sexy Doll which I recommend.

#5 Ninie

Ninie is a cute medium short haired girl with big beautiful eyes that look deep into you mind when you have sex with her.

Ninie is the smallest full sex doll on this list and her total body length is just 65cm (2ft 2”). The small size does make it impossible to include anal and oral holes, but that’s okay with a tiny anime doll like this.

tiny anime sex doll ninie

The base of Ninie is made by WMDolls which are known in the industry for making high-quality sex dolls at a good price and the tiny Ninie sex doll fits right in that description.

I recommend Ninie if you’re after a tiny anime sex doll and want the best of the best.

#6 Cecily

Cecily has long hair and beautiful shiny eyes that looks so innocent and sexy at the same time. Cecily is made on a 6YE Doll base which features a metal skeleton that can bend just like a real human body.

Her details are hyper realistic and you can enjoy both her mouth, pussy, and ass.

Cecily is 100cm (3ft 3”) long and weighs 12kg (26lbs) which makes her ideal guys who are looking for medium small anime dolls.

Her massive F-cup boobs is another strong selling point of Cecily and something that makes her very popular.

I recommend Cecily if you’re after small anime love doll with large breasts.  

Why should I pick a small anime sex doll?

There are many reasons why you would want a tiny anime sex doll compared to a life size anime sex doll. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

  • Price – Everything about a smaller product makes it cheaper compared to a larger one. The material cost is lower, the time it takes to make it is shorter, the shipping cost is cheaper. Many high-quality small dolls are priced around $500-$1000 and their full-size counterparts are around $1500-$3000. This is a huge difference that can determent if you can afford one or not.
  • Weight – A 80 cm (2 feet, 7.5 ins) small anime sex doll weigh around 6 kg. (13.2 lbs.) and can easily be moved around and placed in different positions. A life-size one at 155 cm. (5 feet 1 ins) comes in at 32 kg. (70.5 lbs.) this is a huge difference and it can be hard to move around if you for an example want to give it a bath before having sex with it. Or just moving it from where you store it to your bed.
  • Hard to store – This is yet another problematic thing about the bigger models, they are really hard to store away and they take up a lot of space. There are special hangers designed to store them but it’s not as easy as with a small hentai sex doll.

There are lots of different sex dolls and a lot of mini dolls. You can read our ultimate sex doll guide here.

I want an even smaller anime sex doll, what are my options?

There are some even smaller versions of Japanese anime sex dolls but they are torso versions. I’ve found 3 very well-made options for you if you want this option.

Best 30 cm Anime sex doll

#1 Moe ViViDoll

The Moe ViViDoll is a high-quality sex doll torso made in a Japanese style. The doll has both a vagina and anus that you can enjoy. The torso is just 30 cm (11.8”) long and weights 3.6 kg (8 lbs.).

1 moe vividoll 30 cm anime sex doll

The 30 cm anime sex dolls are very popular in Japan and they are starting to get a lot more interest in the rest of the world. Kanojotoys import them from Japan and they handle all the import stuff and deliver them straight to you.   

#2 Ayaka ViViDoll

Aykaka is made by the same company as Moe and it’s sold by the same company so all the features and quality is the same.

If you want a 30 cm anime sex doll with big boobs then this is the best option for you.

#3 Gokutoro Mashumaro

The Gokutoto Mashumaro anime torso doll is a curvy masturbator with both anal and vagina holes for your pleasure.

3 gokutoro mashumaro 25 cm anime sex doll

This anime sex doll come with lubrication and 100% discreet worldwide shipping.

And the smallest option – Onaholes

There is always the option of going with an Onahole which is basically just a pocket pussy in a Japanese style. They are even smaller, cheaper and easier to hide away, this might be a good solution if you live with other people that you don’t want to know that you have sex toys.

You can read my Onahole guide here if you want to give it a try, this is also a good “entrance” to getting into sex toys as its cheap and easy to use. It’s one of the best sex toys for men to begin with and it will give you a taste of other sex toy types.

Online shops that sell tiny anime sex dolls

There are a lot of different online shops that sell small anime sex toys and most of them are legitimate shops that you can safely order from.

But there are unfortunately a few websites that you should stay away from. I’ve made a list of the best places to buy small hentai, manga and anime sex toys from.

Best places to buy small anime sex toys:

  • Zlovedoll.comThey have 20 different small anime sex dolls that you can select from and they are all customizable. I recommend them.
  • Is a Japanese company that has specialized in exporting Japanese sex toys around the world. You can find all sorts of weird stuff on their site that are normally not available in the US/EU.

My final thoughts

Getting a mini anime sex doll is an awesome way to emerge yourself into the world of hentai and live out your sexual fantasy. You can find different fantasy sex dolls here if you want other kinds of fantasy sex dolls.

I’ve also written a guide to Japanese sex dolls if you wish to give them a try or want to lean more about them.

It’s also a great way to get into sex dolls without committing several thousands of dollars to it.

My advice to you would be to just do it! Live out that fantasy and try something new, you might fall in love it like so many before you.

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