Kayley Gunner Pocket Pussy Review and Test 2024

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Kayley Gunner is the newest FeelStar and it’s a banger of a stroker that has both tightness, softness, and strong stimulation!

It’s going to leave your penis drained of cum in a matter of a few minutes which makes it the perfect sex stamina training device. Kayley Gunner has made a stamina training video which would be ideal to watch while you enjoy her stroker.

I personally think it’s a winner and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it just as much as I do!

Kayley Gunner Stroker Review

This is what I like about it:

  • A molded version of Kayley Gunner’s pussy (What’s not to like?)
  • The quality is super high and it feels like a real vagina
  • It works with the automatic masturbator KEON
  • Good for sex stamina training

I recommend the Kayley Gunner Stroker if you’re a fan of her or simply just want an incredibly stimulation pocket pussy to take your masturbation game to the next level.

User Review
4.56 (9 votes)

For the men living under a rock for the past few years, here is a little about Kayley Gunner.

Who is Kayley Gunner?

Kayley Gunner is a striking blonde bombshell who has made waves in the adult entertainment industry. Before her career in adult films, Kayley served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army, showcasing her prowess as a beautiful face and a skilled machine gun operator.

kayley gunner

Born and raised in Hawaii, the sun and surf played an essential role in shaping her life as a vibrant beach enthusiast.

Since entering the world of adult entertainment, Kayley Gunner has quickly left her mark on the industry, garnering a loyal fan base who stand up and salute her captivating performances.

What is a FeelStar?

FeelStar’s Kiiroo’s lineup of male masturbators that are based on a pornstar or a similar adult performer’s vagina.

There are currently close to 20 different models to choose from and I’ve ranked the best FeelStar’s according to my taste (spoiler – Kayley Gunner is on that list!).

Let’s Take a Look at the Stroker

You get it in a brown cardboard box with no indication of the content on your box for your privacy. The inside reveals a pretty nice-looking box with pictures of the entrance and the internal texture.

kayley gunner stroker review

You’ll see Kayley’s glorious pussy when you pop off the top lid and you can pull out the sleeve to examine it if you like.

Feelstar kayley gunner stroker

Get the Most Pleasure Out of Your New FeelKayley Stroker

If you’re new to pocket pussies then this step-by-step guide is for you, you might even get some pro tips if you’re an experienced user.

This is how you use your new FeelKayley stroker:

  1. Fill a sink with warm water
    kayley gunner stroker in warm water
  2. Pull out the Kayley Gunner pussy sleeve and submerge it in the water, make sure you squeeze all the air out of the sleeve so it stays in the water.
  3. Leave it in the water for 15-20 minutes to heat up. You can also preheat your lube if you like, I personally do it all the time.
  4. Take the sleeve directly from the water and let it drip off for a few seconds before putting it back in the hard case.
  5. Loosen the back lid a few turns; this makes it a lot easier to penetrate it the first time.
  6. Put a water-based lube in and around the entrance of the stroker and spread lube all over your cock. (Try to avoid lube on both hands)
  7. You can now penetrate it; it might feel a little too tight in the beginning but it just needs to be expanded a few times to gain its full stretchiness.
  8. Use it while watching some of Kayley Gunner’s amazing work or use your imagination.
  9. You can adjust the suction power (how tight you feel it) by twisting the back lid. You’re getting maximum suction when you close it completely!
    hard case features

The mounting lock is for use in the KEON automatic masturbator (more on that later).

How Does it Feel?

I was very surprised at how tight the first part of the FeelKayley feels even when the back lid is opened up. It’s a nice kind of tightness that encloses around your cock with warmth and pleasure.

The middle part opens up a little while maintaining a strong stimulation just without the tightness.

I’m a huge fan of this design and I have a strong feeling that this might be the perfect choice for a lot of men.

Let’s Compare It Against the Competition

The FeelStar stroker that I love the most before the FeelKayley was the one with Skyler Lo which was pretty freaking awesome! Both of them are molded after their real vaginas and work with all the same accessories.

It’s easy to spot the difference in the material when you compare the two entrances to each other.

I personally like the look of the Skyler Lo better due to the darker material. It’s like it retains more details in the vagina parts but it’s nothing that I can feel when I touch them right next to each other.

It’s the same material that feels incredibly skin-like just with a slightly different color.

Looks are only a tiny part of the overall experience, all it comes down to is how it feels to use.

I love that the Kayley Gunner pocket pussy starts super tight and then loosens up the deep you go. The Skyler Lo stroker starts fairly loose but the middle part is super tight and it comes down to your personal preferences.

The Kayley Gunner is a winner in my book when it comes to hard punching stimulation and pure pleasure.

Keep It Clean and Dry

I know this isn’t the most exciting thing about using a pocket pussy but I can from personal experience tell you that it’s a very important thing. You don’t want to open up your Kayley Gunner stroker a few times and find it moldy inside because you skipped the cleaning part!

This is how it’s done:

  1. Pull the Kayley Gunner pussy sleeve out of the hard case.
  2. Put some mild soap on your fingers (without any type of scent) and massage the inside of the sleeve both from the front and back.
  3. Rinse the sleeve though with warm water from both sides as the internal texture might prevent cleaning from just a single side.
  4. You’re done when the water runs clean and you can even inspect the first and last part of the sleeve for any visible signs of dirt.
  5. Make sure you clean the lids and the hard case, they are a lot easier to clean due to the material and shapes.
  6. Make sure it’s completely dry before storing it away.

Pro cleaning tip: Clean it as soon as possible to avoid “stuff” drying inside the sleeve, which makes it 10 times as hard to clean!

Kayley Gunner Stroker as a Stamina Trainer

Strokers are a great way to train your sexual stamina and Kayley Gunner has even created a special training video. This might be the perfect sex stamina training combo to ever be created.

kayley gunner stamina training

Get yourself her stroker signup for the stamina training and get access to different training videos.

If you want to take things to the next level then pair your brand new FeelKayley stroker with the automatic stroker called KEON. All the products are made by Kiiroo which ensures perfect compatibility and an incredible experience.

You can get the different parts of this insane stamina training kit at www.feelstars.com/stamina-training.

My Final Thoughts About the Kayley Gunner Pocket Pussy

This is a next-level masturbation device that offers so much stimulation and pleasure that it’s hard to comprehend.

It goes above and beyond anything I have seen so far with the amazing connectivity with the KEON, stamina training video, and high quality. That’s why I’ve given it a spot on my best pocket pussy list which says a lot!

It’s still early in the year and I’m super excited for what else this year brings to the masturbation table.

I recommend the Kayley Gunner Stroker if you’re a fan of her or simply just want an incredibly stimulation pocket pussy to take your masturbation game to the next level.

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