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Kimmy Granger has been a great addition to the Fleshlight Girls group and I’ve looked forward to give them a good try.

They are both of very high-quality and they will last you 100’s of amazing masturbation sessions if you take care of them.

The Kimmy Granger vagina Fleshlight is super tight and fits very-well to men with a thin penis or to men who just love a really tight pussy.

The anal version was my favorite one, it’s still tight but you have a lot more room to experience the texture and build up to that powerful orgasm.

Kimmy Granger Fleshlight review

This is what you get with the Kimmy Granger Fleshlight:

  • Unlimited access to Kimmy’s butt or pussy
  • A high-quality product
  • Good support and service
  • Add accessories to take your masturbating to the next level

I recommend the Kimmy Granger anal Fleshlight

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Kimmy Granger joined the Fleshlight Girls in October 2018 and I’m finally ready to put her signature Fleshlight sleeves to the test and see how they perform.

But first here is a little background of Kimmy Granger.

Who is Kimmy Granger?

Kimmy Granger fleshlight review

Kimmy Granger was born in San Diego, California and started her adult career as a dancer in a club where she previously worked as a cocktail waitress.

She did her first adult scene in 2015 in Miami and has done 100’s of sex scenes since then for adult media companies like; Hustler, Mofos, Reality Kings and many more.

Kimmy joined Fleshlight when she was just 23 years old which makes her one of the youngest Fleshlight girls.

Let’s take a deep dive into the Rebel and Mischief -sleeves as they are called.

Kimmy Granger Rebel Fleshlight sleeve

Kimmy Granger rebel Fleshlight

The vagina version of her sleeves is called the Rebel texture and it’s a very basic sleeve with one long tunnel with different textures on the inside.

The first texture is medium size balls, this last for 2 inches and it’s taken over by a ring texture and a criss cross texture that last all the way to the 5 inch mark.

Then you’ll enter the last half of the sleeve which has a ring texture in the beginning and squares that point backwards in the end.

How does the Rebel sleeve feel?

The Rebel sleeve is not the most exciting Fleshlight sleeve I’ve tried but the overall tightness of the sleeve is a huge plus in my book.

I haven’t got the penis length to give the last part of the sleeve a try, but that looks a little more intense.

Comment below the review if you’ve got the length to test it and report back on how it feels.

I would go for Megan Rains vagina Fleshlight if you want a wider sleeve with more interesting texture.

Kimmy Granger anal Fleshlight sleeve

Kimmy Granger anal fleshlight

The Kimmy Granger Mischief sleeve starts off with a wide entrance and the inside in one long chamber with a threated texture trat runs along the entire inside.

There are a few parts that are a bit narrower and the depth of the texture varies along the inside.

How does the Mischief sleeve feel?

My hopes for the Mischief sleeve was not very high when I saw how simple it was but I was put to shame when I tried it the first time. It’s like a straight version of the Mia Malkova anal Fleshlight.

The texture is super nice and gentle against my glans but it has enough variation in it to make it interesting to use.

This is simply a plain design that works really well and it would suit most men perfectly.

Get your sleeves from

You can buy the Kimmy Granger Fleshlight on several websites including eBay and Amazon, but you should avoid buying it from any third-party sites like that. You can simply not be sure that you get an original Fleshlight product and some users even report getting used items.

You should only buy from trusted Fleshlight sellers or as I would recommend you to from they have the widest selection of Fleshlights and all the accessories that you could ever need.

You can save money if you buy a Rebel combo package

You’re also able to buy Kimmy’s pussy Fleshlight in a combo packages called the “Kimmy Granger rebel combo” which has a bunch of different products bundles together.

This is included in the Rebel combo:

  • The Kimmy Granger Rebel sleeve
  • An 8oz bottle of Fleshlube water-based lubrication
  • A Fresh and clean pack with anti-bacteria soap
  • Fleshlube sample
Kimmy Granger rebel combo pack

This package is an absolute no-brainer if you’re going to get the rebel sleeve anyway. The only downside is that you can’t get the Kimmy Granger anal Fleshlight as a combo package.

You can save around $20 of you pick this bundle up.

A beginner’s guide to Fleshlights

Is the Rebel or Mischief your first Fleshlight sleeve? Here are a few advised that you should take a look at to improve your experience:

  1. Make sure your new Fleshlight sleeve is warm, this makes the whole experience a lot more pleasant and feel more like the real deal and not just a cold plastic toy.
    This can be done with a “sleeve warmer” and cost $30 on You could also submerge it in warm water for 15-20 minutes before you use it.
  2. Use a good lubrication that works with your Rebel or Mischief sleeves, you should also preheat the lube for the best possible experience.
  3. Clean it as soon as you’re done – This will make it a lot easier to clean compared to after a few hours when the cum and lube has dried up inside the sleeve.

My final thoughts about the Kimmy Granger Fleshlight

Kimmy Grangers signature sleeves are both very tight and I usually prefer tight sleeves but the pussy sleeve is a bit too tight for me. This will however work really well if you’re into very tight girls or simply just have thin penis.

The Kimmy Granger butt Fleshlight is by far my favorite sleeve of the two and one that I’m definitely going to use later on. It has just the perfect amount of texture and variation in thickness to make it interesting and very intense to use.

You can find Kimmy Grangers Fleshlight on our list of the best Fleshlights here or find other Fleshlights that we’ve reviewed in the past. 

I recommend the Kimmy Granger anal Fleshlight

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  1. I just love Kimmy! I really want to try her Fleshlight, but they are a bit pricy… Any suggestions to an alternative?

    1. Hi James
      Yea, don’t we all 🙂
      I know that Fleshlights are on the pricy side, but they are a lot better than other cheaper alternative.
      I would strongly recommend that you avoid getting a cheap knock off version and save your money until you have enough for a real Fleshlight. It’s worth all the money!
      Best regards,

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