Best Pregnant Sex Dolls Tested and Reviewed 2024

Find the best pregnant-looking sex dolls and live out your pregnancy fetish every day.

There are a lot of different stages of a pregnancy and some men are attracted to a specific stage. This makes it very limited and it’s hard to find pregnant women at the specific stage to have sex with.

A pregnant sex doll solves this problem since their pregnancy doesn’t progress which makes them ideal.

Below is a list of the best dolls that I’ve come across during my work in the sex toy industry.


$ 2899
  • Late-stage
  • Very Realistic
  • Vagina, butt, and mouth


$ 160
  • Ultra soft
  • Easy to handle
  • Vagina and butt


$ 1600
  • Middle-stage
  • Realistic
  • Vagina, butt, and mouth

I recommend buying from JoyLoveDoll:

They are a US-based sex doll company that offers high-quality sex dolls and has amazing, friendly, and helpful support.

You can browse their website and see all their different pregnant sex dolls here.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pregnant sex dolls in different stages.

best pregnancy sex dolls

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What is the Best Pregnant Sex Doll 2024?

#1 Emer – Best Late-stage Pregnant Sex Doll

Emer is sold by SiliconWives and made by Irontech Doll which is known for their high-quality Asian style TPE sex dolls.

They offer a wide range of custom options if you have any special preferences. I would personally recommend the full-body heating system which makes a lot of difference.

Emer is in the late stage of her pregnancy and is perfect for that kind of fetish.

emer late stage pregnancy sex doll

This is what you get:

  • Late-state pregnancy
  • She has the common vertical stretchmarks for a realistic pregnancy look
  • High-quality materials that feel like real skin
  • You can customize her with Lots of addons or change the way she looks
  • Good customer support, quick response time, and friendly

The body spec:

  • Height – 158 cm. (5ft 2”)
  • Weight – 43 kg. (94 lbs.)
  • Breast size – D-Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, mouth, and ass

Emer Conclusion

Emer is a great option if you’re into late-stage pregnancy. You can choose a different silicone head for her; most are Asian style, but there are a few more Western-looking ones.

I personally love the way she looks and the realistic features that make it a very immersive experience when you have sex with her. The small red vertical stretchmarks are typical of a late-stage pregnancy which is a nice touch.

I recommend Emer if you’re after the best late-stage pregnancy sex toy with lots of realistic details.

#2 Botebara Pregnant Belly Onahole

I’ve reviewed 100’s of Onaholes in the past and just had the chance to review the Botebara Pregnant Belly Onahole.

It’s sold by which is a US-based company that imports sex toys directly from Japan so you don’t have to deal with import taxes and all the waiting time.

I’ve dealt with them several times and they have never disappointed, quick and friendly responses from their support and low prices.

Botebara Pregnant onahole

This is what you get:

  • Late-stage Pregnant belly Onahole
  • Anime-style masturbator
  • Very cheap compared to a full-size sex doll
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Both butt and vagina holes with dual material for extra stimulation

The body spec:

  • around the belly (23.5 inches)
  • long (8.2 inches)
  • 3kg. (5lbs.)
  • Dual material TPE

Botebara Conclusion

It’s not a full—size pregnant sex doll but I’ve included it because it’s a great alternative to the others. I would highly recommend it if it’s your first sex doll and you don’t know if you’re ready to take the full step.

You’re not going to pay a fortune for it and you’ll get an idea of how the real thing would feel and if it’s something for you.

I’ve used mine several times and it feels amazing to fuck but it doesn’t have all the added benefits that a full-size doll has.

Overall, a great beginner pregnant sex doll that’s fairly cheap and easy to handle by far the best pregnant Onahole.

#3 Niamh – Best Middle-Stage Option

WM Doll has made this middle-stage pregnant love doll called Niamh. The regular readers of Kinkycow know that I’m a huge fan of WM Doll’s products and stand behind their quality.

Niamh has a Western-style look with a set of B-Cup breasts ready for your disposal. WM Doll has some of the best custom options so you can pretty much style her the way you like.

Niamh pregnant doll

This is what you get:

  • Middle stage pregnant love doll
  • Western style look
  • High-quality TPE
  • Lots of custom options

The body spec:

  • Height – 158 cm. (5ft 2”)
  • Weight – 41 kg. (90 lbs.)
  • Breast size – B-Cup
  • Love holes – Vagina, mouth, and butt

Niamh Conclusion

Niamh is the perfect base model to customize your own pregnant sex doll to fit your desire. Or you can simply get her the way YourDoll (the seller) has made her look.

You’re getting a great love doll for a good price either way and one that I’m sure you’ll be happy with and spend lots of time with.

I recommend Niamh if you want a middle-stage pregnant love doll with a huge number of custom options.

#4 Lono – Blond Asian pregnant girl

Lono is built on the same base model as Jeniece and has some of the same features as her.

She is a great match for lots of men who are into pregnancy sex with her cute little face and large belly.

It’s not hard to imagine being with her night after night with endless fantasy sex just the way you love it.

Lono pregnant sex doll

This is what you get:

  • Pregnant blond Asian doll
  • Large belly
  • High-quality details
  • Good support

The body spec:

  • Height – 160 cm. (5ft 3”)
  • Weight – 50 kg. (110lbs.)
  • Breast size – E-Cup
  • Love holes – Mouth, anal, and vagina

Lono Conclusion

What more do you want? A blond Asian girl that has all the features that you love and she can be all yours to enjoy.

My only complaint is her kind of sad/confused look which is a bit strange but I’ll take it. 

I’m pretty sure she’s going to make a lot of men happy.

I recommend Lono if you’re into pregnant blond Asian girls with an innocent smile and face.

The Downside of a Pregnant Body

There are a few downsides to a pregnant body that you need to consider before getting your pregnant dream girl and that’s:

  • The weight – A pregnant body especially at a later stage is heavier than a normal body. This is also true for sex dolls with pregnant features which are often 25-30% heavier than their non-pregnant counterparts. This requires a bit more work to get set up and that’s why I recommend a removable vagina so you don’t have to move it to clean it after each use.
  • Reduced flexibility – You’re simply not going to be able to enjoy as many different sex positions as with a non-pregnant sex doll. But that’s a part of the whole pregnant sex thing, I just want to be sure that you know it beforehand.

These are just a few downsides, but nothing to worry about if you’re really into pregnancy sex and want to be able to experience it regularly.

Pregnant or Impregnant?

There is a huge difference between the two fetishes and the impregnation fetish can be done with any sex doll that you wish.


A: I wish there would be at least a few good pregnant silicone sex dolls but there is none that I’m aware of. I think it has something to do with the price of the material and the fairly limited buyer base.

But we might be able to make it happen if we put a bit of pressure on the sex doll sellers so they can put pressure on the manufacturers. You can do that by tweeting at them and making sure you add @kinkycow_com to your tweet. Let’s do this together.

A: You have to take extra care when you clean your doll if it’s one with a large belly since it’s hanging down creating a fold where dirt and body fluids can sit. Make sure you wipe it clean before storing it away.

A: I good thick water-based lube is what you’re looking for. Do not use silicone-based lube since it can damage the TPE material if you’re unlucky.

A: Not at the moment, but if you choose one of the dolls from WM Doll then you can customize it with black skin and pick a head with dark skin color.

Final Thoughts About Pregnant-Looking Sex Dolls

There is no doubt that the industry has come a long way in the last decade and you’re now able to get quality pregnant-looking sex dolls.

But there is still a long way to go and we still need a high-quality silicone option with a super realistic paint job.

Pregnancy porn popularity is on the rise so there is a chance of a bigger buyer base for pregnant-looking sex dolls so we might see more options shortly.

I recommend Emer if you want the best quality pregnant sex doll for your sexual desires.

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