XTC Yandere Onahole Test and Review

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Review Summary:

I’ve used the Yandere Onahole 10 times in the last few weeks and I’ve gotten an amazing orgasm each time. It has never felt boring or bad in any way which is freaking wild when you think about the small price tag.

I’ve tested much more expensive products that feel boring and lame after a few tries, but not this one.

I would highly recommend it if you love the Yandere characters in Hentai movies or if you just want a nice Onahole that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Yandere Onahole in my hand

This is what you get:

  • Beautiful authentic Yandere-themed Onahole
  • Dual material design gives you more stimulation
  • Tight vagina entrance and amazing internal texture
  • It’s fairly cheap at just $30

Overall, a surprisingly nice Onahole for a low price that’s going to serve you well.

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Okay, let’s get some background information about Yandere before getting down and dirty with this beauty.

What is a Yandere?

A yandere is a character archetype often found in anime and manga, characterized by a person who is initially loving and affectionate to a love interest but becomes increasingly obsessive and violent to the point of being mentally ill to protect or be closer to the object of their affection.

The term “yandere” is derived from the Japanese words “yanderu” (meaning mentally ill) and “dere” (meaning affectionate or loving). These characters may appear sweet and kind at first but can become aggressive and dangerous, particularly in scenarios involving their love interest and perceived rivals or threats to their relationship.

Yandere types are very popular in Hentai so it was a surprise when I researched different sex toys that I was only able to find this single one.

So, let’s get down to business and see how it does in tests and compare it to competing products.

Buy it From Onahole.com

I bought mine from onehole.com which is located in the USA and ships to North America within a couple of days.

It arrived in a brown cardboard box with no indication of what was in it, nice 😉

yandere box
yandere onahole review

There is some nice art on the box and you can even get a sneak peek of the internal texture and layout. It’s designed to have a real vagina feeling to it with a tight spot around 1/3 in and plenty of variation in the texture.

entrance of the Onahole with dual material inside

A peek inside the entrance where you can see a little of the dual material design. It’s a lot easier to see when you hold it in your hand compared to a picture of it.

yandere size compared to a coca cola can

I’ve placed it next to a Coke can with 330ml (11.15oz.) so you can get a better idea of the size.

red paint

One of the few downsides is the low-quality paint that has been used on the Labia. It’s not a problem when you use it but the red color fades away quite quickly when you wash it after each time.

You can even see the red paint on the bag that it comes in which also highlights the importance of cleaning it before using it for the first time.

Preheat it For the Most Pleasure

Yanderes can be a little cold-hearted but nobody likes to penetrate a cold hole, even a Yandere. I bought an Onahole warmer together with the XTC Yandere but you can just use warm water to preheat it.

yandere and the kyo heater

I put a tiny bit of lube on the heating rod and slide it inside the Yandere Onahole and plug the USB cable into a charger. There is a sensor inside the rod that turns it off so it doesn’t get so hot that it damages the Onahole.

The warmer that I got also has an anti-bacterial UV light inside which can prevent bacteria and mold growth. Slide it back in and leave it on for 10 minutes. This should kill 99.99% of all bacteria and I’ve never had any trouble with bad smell after I started using it.

You can get the KYO Onahole warmer from Onahole.com which is the same place where I got the XTC Yandere.

Incredible Stimulation

I’ve been testing the Yandere Onahole for the last few weeks and have had an amazing time doing it. It did not let me down a single time and I had amazing orgasms each time I used it.

I don’t mind the single-hole design but a second hole for anal would have been nice. It is however incredibly stimulating and I would much rather have one nice hole compared to two mediocre ones.

Another great feature is the thick design which prevents your cock from stretching the material too much and damaging it. This is a common problem with cheap Onaholes and pocket pussies in general, but not the Yandere Onahole.

The internal material is a little different compared to the outer layer which makes it easier to feel the internal texture with your cock.

You’re going to feel a lot of suction when you thrust and pull back, this is due to the closed end which does not allow air to get in from the back. That does make it hard to adjust the tightness of it but I don’t mind the tight feeling one bit.

All in all, er really nice feeling Onahole that did not disappoint me a single time!

Want it Tighter?

Are you into extra tight holes then add a couple of elastic bands/hair bands around the Onahole which will make it tighter. You can add more bands or use smaller ones for extra tightness, adjust, and give it a try until you find something that gets you off.

hair bands around yandere

It’s a little hard to put them near the entrance but that’s a great way to increase how tight it is to penetrate it.

Clean it With Mild Soap

Cleaning the Yandere Onahole is a little more challenging due to the closed end which prevents you from just rinsing it through with running tap water. That’s one of the reasons why I got the UV heating/anti-bacterial rod, just to make sure I kill all the nasty stuff that might get stuck in there.

I found the best way to clean it is by opening the entrance up with two fingers and letting water run in, this will get rid of most of the cum and lube. Now put a bit of soap on two fingers and massage it in from different angles. Now open it up again and rinse off any soap left behind, I rinse it until the water that comes out is clear.


Pad it dry with a towel and now is the time to use the UV stick if you have one, but you can also just leave it outside for a couple of hours to dry off completely.

yandere with heating and UV rod

Comparing it to a Fleshlight and Other Onaholes

I know it’s a bit of an unfair comparison, especially against the Fleshlight because it costs $70 while the Yandere Onahole can be yours for just $30. But I think it makes sense to put it up against the golden standard of pocket pussies.


I’ve also put it up against a similarly priced Onahole which is a direct comparison between the two.

 Yandere OnaholeViolet Meyers FleshlightCheap Onahole
How realistic does it feel?9 out of 109 out of 103 out of 10
Build-quality7 out of 107 out of 104 out of 10
Accessories0 out of 107 out of 100 out of 10
Price9 out of 104 out of 108 out of 10
Features5 out of 108 out of 103 out of 10

The Fleshlight does come out slightly ahead of the Yandere Onahole but when you purely look at how good it feels to use without any accessories then it’s a tie—a clear win for the Yandere when you consider the price difference between the two.

I don’t like the other Onahole because of the poor quality but it still costs roughly the same as the Yandere, this just shows how much you’re getting for your $30.

My Final Thoughts About the Yandere Onahole

Yandere characters are very popular in Hentai which made it a big surprise to me that I was only able to find a single sex toy based on it. It is however an incredible product that feels so good to use and it did not disappoint a single time.

I’ve properly used it close to 10 times in the last few weeks and it felt interesting each time. This is a no-brainer if you’re into Hentai and love the Yandere characters.

I bought mine from onehole.com which also sells the KYO UV heating stick that I talked about in the review.

I recommend the Yandere Onahole if you’re into Hentai and want a truly amazing Onahole for your Yandere fantasy.

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