Alien Fleshlight Review and Test 2024

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Review summary:

The Alien Fleshlight is a fun masturbator for you if you love to put your cock into the unknown and experience what space has to offer.

Its color and design make it a truly unique Fleshlight sleeve that you can’t find anywhere else.

You’re going to love the exciting pop it makes when you penetrate it and take you to outer space.

Alien Fleshlight review

This is what you get:

  • Alien pocket pussy
  • Unique design and color
  • Amazing texture
  • Strong stimulation

I recommend the Alien Fleshlight if you would love to take your masturbation to space.

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3.75 (4 votes)

Table of Contents

Full Alien Fleshlight Review Below

Let’s get a few things straight before we continue with this review – Yes this is a real-looking alien pussy that’s made from a molded version of an alien vagina.

The Alien is called Illa and was captured in 1978 by an FBI agent John Smith and lives a happy and peaceful life in a basement in Kansas City.

She, unfortunately, declined when asked by Fleshlight to pose for some pictures to promote the Alien Fleshlight.

Warning – Illa is over 1300 years old and we’re aware of her wild past so you aren’t exactly looking at a fresh virgin alien vagina here.

take your masturbation to outer space

Let’s Have a Look at the Inside of the Alien Fleshlight

The Alien Fleshlight sleeve starts with a wide chamber full of raised swirling lines along the side of the chamber.

alien fleshlight inside

You’re greeted with a tight spot at the end of the first chamber which should give you a popping sensation when you penetrate it because of the special design.

The last 2/3 of the Alien sleeve is a long narrow channel with balls on the inside walls that’ll massage your cock head and shaft when you use it.

Giving It a Try for the First Time

I’ve tested over 30 different Fleshlights mainly from their Fleshlight Girls series and the Alien Fleshlight does standout in so many ways.

The shiny metallic-looking blue is so far from any skin color that you can imagine, it’s completely out of this world😊 The triangular orifice looks pretty sweet and not too far off a human vagina.

alien fleshlight entrance

Speaking of the triangular entrance – It sort of acts like a funnel for your cock and it’s super easy to penetrate even when used hands-free with a shower-mount or whatever you do to make your Fleshlight experience hands-free.

The first part of the sleeve is soft and easy to penetrate without too crazy stuff going on, but that all changes when you try to enter the long narrow last part. The popping effect feels good and it acts as a very strong stimulator.

It’s not the most interesting sleeve design that I’ve tried but it has some nice spots and the overall look makes it a must-have sleeve for Fleshlight fans.

Oh yeah – Don’t forget plenty of water-based lube that you also can get from or use whatever you have lying around.

Get the Shower Mount

As mentioned earlier in this review the Alien Fleshlight is really good for hands-free masturbation and especially if you love the feeling of pulling your cock out and back in again multiple times.

The entrance is perfect for that and a shower mount is a must-have if you love that penetration feeling.

You can get it from for $30 or a few other resellers might have it in stock.

It is however not advised to get it from eBay, Amazon, or any of the other stores that allow 3rd party sellers since you risk getting non-genuine products that do not have the quality that Fleshlight stands for.

My Final Thoughts About the Alien Fleshlight

I love what Fleshlight has done with their Fleshlight Freaks series and I’m not alone. The Alien Fleshlight is super popular and a great alternative to the standard pocket pussies that we all love and enjoy.

They keep developing new and exciting products and last year we were blessed with a new version called the Alien Queen Fleshlight that you can buy here.

If you’re into the unknown or simply just want a different masturbator for men then the Alien Fleshlight is a great choice that’s going to get you off in a fun and different way.

I recommend the Alien Fleshlight if you want to take your masturbation level to space and back.

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